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Agnes Lamont (Stewart) MP (1579 - c.1636)

2nd laird of Knockdow Allister Lamont MP (c.1424 - c.1474)

Duncan (of Knockdow) Lamont MP (1610 - 1646)

Ned Lamont MP

Edward Miner "Ned" Lamont, Jr. (born January 3, 1954) is founder and chairman of Lamont Digital Systems, which provides video and data services to hundreds of college campuses across the country, and...

Gilbert Lamont, Baron McGorrie of Knockdow MP (b. - 1646)

John Lamont, Baron McGorrie, the red baron, of Inverchaolain and Knockdow, b. @ 1540-83, acquired Toward-nuilt, innellan and strondharaig; bailie of Glaic and Inverneilberg. June 3, 1646, Clan Lamont...

3rd laird of Inverchaolain Godfrey Lamont MP (1460 - c.1525)

Lord of Inverchaolain Godfrey Lamont MP (c.1370 - c.1431)

1st Laird of Inverchaolain witness at the John the Baptist feast of June 24th 1431 when Swene McEwen of Otter sealed a charter at Inverchaolin, doubtless on the "knoll of worship" by the heather that...

Isabella Mary Campbell (Lamont) MP (1318 - 1364)

John Lamont, 5th Laird of Knockdow MP (c.1520 - c.1583)

Red Baron of McGorrie acquired Toward-nuilt, Innellan, Strongharaig; Baile of Glaic and Inverneilberg Instrument of resignation by John M'Gorre elder of Knockdow, of the lands of Invellan and Towart Al...

John Iain Lamont, II MP (c.1330 - d.)

Scottish Clans - Clan Lamont Of Scotland Published 27 August 2008 Scottish Clans The Clan Lamont is one of great antiquity and held considerable lands in Argyllshire, Scotland. An early name of...

John Lamont MP (1619 - 1646)

June 3, 1646, Clan Lamont (pronounced Lamb-it) having been under siege by Clan Campbell in its two castles, Toward and Ascog. signed a peace treaty that guaranteed the Lamonts safe passage from the cas...

John McGorrie alias Lamont, of Inverchaolain and Knockdow. MP (c.1523 - 1604)

John McGorrie alias Lamont, b. @ 1523-31, of Inverchaolain and Knockdow.

Malmory (Malcolm) Lamont, Second Laird of Clan Lamont MP (1250 - c.1294)

Giollacolium mic Malcolm Lyon' of COWALL In the 13th Century Duncan, chief of Clan Lamont and his nephew Laumon, made a gift of Kilfinan Church to Paisley Abbey, along with fishing and land rights ...

Marion Lamont (Stewart) MP (deceased)

Marjory Lamont (Campbell) MP (c.1557 - c.1601)

Marshall Leonard Lamont MP (b. - 1917)

Mary Goss (Lamont) MP (1768 - 1844)

Sir John White Lion Lamont MP (1290 - 1353)

He supported the MacDougalls of Lorne against Robert the Bruce at Bannockburn, and died in disgrace at Kilfinan in 1353 Eoin mic 3rd laird 1295-1353 John (Sir) the White' LYON In the early 1300s, c...

William Alfred Lamont MP (b. - 1917)

LAMONT (deceased)

Lamont (deceased)

Lamont (Unknown) (deceased)

1 Sister Lamont (deceased)

6 Brothers Lamont (deceased)

<private> Lamont (deceased)

<private> Turnwald Lamont (Peach) (deceased)

<private> Lamont (deceased)

<private> Elms (Lamont) (deceased)

<private> Lamont (Beadle) (deceased)

? Lamont (1820 - 1883)

? Lamont (Self) (deceased)

? Lamont (Buzby) (deceased)

? of Gillibrede (Lamont) (c.1100 - d.)

?? Grenier Lamont (deceased)

???? McCutchan (Lamont) (deceased)

A Lamont (1814 - d.)

Abbie L.M. Lamont (1890 - 1951)

Abraham Lamont (deceased)

Abraham Lamont (deceased)

Abram S. LaMont (deceased)

Abrum LaMont (c.1832 - d.)

Ada Elizabeth LAMONT (1900 - c.1901)

Adelaide Louise Lemont (1885 - 1886)

Adriana Maria De Waal (Lamont) (1936 - d.)

Adriana Maria Lamont (Ferreira), e2f3 (1859 - 1933)

Agnes Baken (Lamont) (1904 - 1985)

Agnes Augusta Lamont (Burgess) (1883 - d.)

Agnes Lamont (MacDonald) (deceased)

Agnes Campbell (Lamont) (1463 - d.)

Agnes LAMONT II (1860 - d.)

Agnes Lamont (McIver) (deceased)

Lady Agnes Lamont (1585 - 1636)

Agnes Lamont (1850 - 1916)

Agnes Bridget Lamont (Cathcart) (c.1862 - 1928)

Agnes MCMILLEN (Lamont) (c.1770 - 1856)

Agnes Shanline (Lamont) (deceased)

Agnes Lamont (1864 - d.)

Agnes O'Kane (Lamont) (1926 - 1992)

agnes tait (lamont) (1796 - 1844)

Agnes Lamont (Meldrum) (deceased)

Agnes Lamont I (c.1823 - d.)

Agnes Black Jones (Lamont) (1827 - 1914)

Arrival: (19 Sep 1833 — Age: 6) Port Jackson, New South Wales* Marriage to Rowland Jones: (14 Sep 1846 — Age: 19) Sydney, New South Wales, Australia* Departure: Liverpool Via Hobart Town*...

Agnes Lamont (1787 - d.)

Lily Lamont (1914 - d.)

Agnes Ann Cassidy (Lamont) (1869 - 1956)

Marriage to Joseph Cassidy: (1888 — Age: 19) Orange, NSW, Australia* Residence: (1930 — Age: 61) Darlinghurst West, East Sydney, New South Wales, Australia** Updated from Ancestry Genealo...

Agnes Lamont (Campbell) (1863 - d.)

Agnes Clara Ferguson (Lamont) (1861 - 1928)

Agnes Laura Groves Lamont (1880 - 1936)

Agnes Brock Hill (Lamont) (1841 - 1883)

Agnes Shanline (Lamont) (1859 - 1937)

Agnes Lamont (Leitch) (c.1808 - c.1873)

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Agnes Lamont (1864 - 1890)

Agnes Lamont (Leitch) (deceased)

Agnes Katherine Lamont (Nordine) (deceased)

Agnes (Nancy) Lamont III (1868 - 1952)

Agnes Lamont (deceased)

Agnes Nancy Graham (Lamont) (deceased)

Aileen Elizabeth Lamont (Fisher) (deceased)

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Alan Lamont (deceased)

Alan Lamont (deceased)

Alan Lamont (deceased)

Albert Lamont (deceased)

Albert Lamont (deceased)

Albert Lamont (deceased)

Albert Lamont (deceased)

Albert Charles Lamont (deceased)

Albert Lamont (deceased)

Albert John Lamont (1903 - 1972)

Albert Lamont (deceased)

Albert Lamont (deceased)

Albert Lamont (deceased)

Aleatha Releafy Lamont (Bennett) (1889 - 1963)

Aleta Cornelia Marais Duminy (Lamont) (1926 - 2015)

alex lamont (1923 - d.)

Alex W Lamont (deceased)

Alex Lamont (c.1824 - 1915)

LAMONT, ALEX (CAPTAIN)/Source: Alton Evening Telegraph, January 2, 1915 Old Time Steamboat Captain Dies in Upper Alton [IL] Capt. Alex Lamont, aged 89, died at his home in Upper Alton Thursday evening ...

Alex Lamont (deceased)

Alex Lamont (deceased)

Alexander Lamont (deceased)

Alexander Lamont (1846 - d.)