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? Landau (Dakter) MP (1690 - d.)

Agnes Elizabeth Landau (Lefever) MP (1897 - 1974)

Chana Twersky (Landau) MP (deceased)

Chaya Landau (Babad) MP (1695 - 1740)


Edmund Georg Hermann Landau MP (1877 - 1938)

Edmund Landau was born in Berlin. His father was Leopold Landau, a gynecologist and his mother was Johanna Jacoby. Landau studied mathematics at the University of Berlin and received his doctorate in...

Ester Landau MP (deceased)

Fradle Maas (Landau) MP (b. - 1796)

Frederika Landau MP (1820 - d.)

Henriette Landau MP (1848 - 1905)

Ida Fink (Landau) MP (1921 - 2011)

אידה פינק באתר מקבלי פרס ישרא�...

Isaac Landau MP (1830 - 1895)

Jacob M. Landau MP

Jacob M. Landau פרופ' יעקב לנדאו באתר פרסי י&#x...

Jesse Jise Landau Ochsen MP (b. - 1601)

Johanette Landau MP (1828 - d.)

Josef Landau MP (c.1770 - d.)

It is said that Joseph / Josef Landau was: - the son of Scholem Szachna (brother of RabbiShaul of Krakow - the son of Jakob Shmuel (buried in the old cemetery of Krakow - the son of Rabbi Shaul - R...

R' Judah Leib Landau, A.B.D. of the Federation of Synagogues of the Witwatersrand MP (1866 - 1942)

Juliet Landau MP

Juliet Rose Landau (born March 30, 1965)[1][2][3][4] is an American actress and ballerina best known for her role as Drusilla on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its spinoff show Angel, the latter appear...

Leonhard Landau MP (1773 - d.)

Lev Landau, Nobel Prize in Physics, 1962 MP (1908 - 1968)

Lev Davidovich Landau (Russian language: Ле́в Дави́дович Ланда0...

Liba Landau - MP (1720 - 1789)

Liebe Landau was the wife of the Chief Rabbi of Prague.

Martin Landau MP

Martin Landau (born June 20, 1928) is an American film and television actor. His career started in the 1950s, with early film appearances including a supporting role in Alfred Hitchcock's North by No...

Barbara Bain MP

Barbara Bain (born September 13, 1931) is an American film and television actress. Bain was born Millicent Fogel in Chicago, the daughter of Russian-Jewish immigrants.[1] She graduated from the Uni...

Moshe Landau MP (1912 - 2011)

נולד ב-29 לאפריל 1912 ,בדנציג.בין השנ&#x...

R' Naftali Herz Landau MP (deceased)


Nechama Sarah Landau (Ashkenazi d.#6?) MP (c.1697 - 1771)

Husband died before they had children and she never remarried

R' Joseph Landau, ABD Apt, Zolkiew and Brody MP (deceased)

Was mentioned in the Apt Community Records from 1716 to 1756, where he was head of the Klaus.

Noda B'Yehuda - Landau הנודע ביהודה - לנדאו MP (1713 - 1793)

יחזקאל לנדא - יידיש הרב יחזקאל ...

Rabbi Yitzhak Segal Landau , ABD Cracow & Lwow MP (1688 - 1767)

Regina Landau MP (1813 - 1893)

Rosa Rothschild (Landau) MP (c.1777 - 1802)

2 possible death dates are; 20 March 1802 or 20 November 1802

R' Samuel Folkenfeld, A.B.D. Bilgoraj, then Tarnopol and then Przeworsk and finally Posen MP (1737 - d.)

Author of Teshuvos Beis Shmuel Acharon and Beis Shmuel Acharon al HaTorah

Samuel (Schmuel) Jesaias (Jischai) Landau, zum Ochsen MP (b. - 1575)

was he also called Schemaja?

Sara/Raitz Landau (Hakohen) MP (b. - 1572)

Sarah Landau (Segal Oettingen) MP (1646 - d.)

Shmuel Landau MP (deceased)

R' Samuel Landau, A.B.D. Prague MP (1756 - 1833)

One of three brothers who moved to Austria-Hungary and changed their last name from Landau to Engelman.

Tzvi Hirsch Witteles Landau, (Charif) MP (1643 - 1714)

--------------------R' ZVI HIRSH VITESH WITELES (CHARIF) LANDAU (1643 - 1714) WAS MARRIED TWICE. HE WAS A DELEGATE TO THE COUNCIL OF THE FOUR LANDS. Witeles means charif which is the hebrew word for wi...

R' Ezekiel Landau MP (1687 - 1747)

Was mentioned in the Apt Community Records of 1711-1731.

R' Judah Landau, Parnas of the Council of the Four Lands MP (1672 - 1737)

--------------------R' YEHUDA (JUDAH) LANDAU (B.1672 HILDESHEIM- D.1737, on the 13th day of Kislev, in APTOW) - CHAYA - (D.1740). THEY WERE THE PARENTS OF THE NODA B'YEHUDA. CHAYA WAS THE DAUGHTER OF E...

Yossel Israël Joseph Yechiel Israel Landau MP (c.1615 - c.1680)

ou Joseph Yehiel WORMS il s'établit probablement à Metz à l'époque de son mariage avec Marie, vers 1639 le couple quitte probablement la ville peu après 1651-----...

Levy (landau) (deceased)

Landau (1899 - d.)

Landau (deceased)

Landau (Weiss) (deceased)

Levy (Landau) (deceased)

Landau (deceased)

Landau (deceased)

of Kurenets (Landau of Kurenets) (deceased)

Landau (deceased)

Landau (deceased)

Landau (deceased)

LANDAU (deceased)

LANDAU (c.1934 - c.1935)

Lev (Landau) (deceased)

(son) Landau (1881 - 1881)

(son) Landau (1843 - 1843)

(Unknown) Landau (deceased)

יעקב Landau (b. - 1985)

מרים טעלצא Landau (Funk) (deceased)

שמחה בונים מאיר Landau (deceased)

שרה פרידמן (לנדאו-landau) (1879 - 1911)

Itta Landau (b. - 1863)

Abraham Zaddik of Ciechanow, one of the famous chassidic saintly men who influenced the Jewish community of Plotzk during the first half of the 18th century, was descended from simple folk.His father, ...

------ Landau (deceased)

1 Landau (deceased)

1st wife Landau (deceased)

2 Landau (deceased)

2nd wife Landau (deceased)

3 Landau (deceased)

? Landau (deceased)

? Landau (?) (deceased)

? Landau (Apolda) (deceased)

? Landau (Schwarzschild) (deceased)

? Landau (deceased)

? Landau (deceased)

? Landau (deceased)

? Landau (deceased)

? Landau (deceased)

? Landau (deceased)

? Landau (?) (deceased)

? Landau ( Ginzig) (deceased)

? Landau (deceased)

? Landau (deceased)

? Halberstadt (Landau) (deceased)

? Landau (deceased)

? Chayos (Landau) (deceased)

? Landau (deceased)

? Schoenberg (Landau) (deceased)

? LANDAU (deceased)

? Landau (deceased)

? Shmuel (Landau) (deceased)

? Landau (Friedman) (deceased)

? Land or Landau (b. - 1941)

? Landau (deceased)

? Landau (deceased)

? Rubinstein (Landau) (deceased)

? Landau (deceased)

? Landau (deceased)

? Landau (Klatbad) (deceased)

? Landau (deceased)

? Landau (deceased)