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Caroline Matilda Langston (Wall) MP (1833 - 1915)

In 1854 ep. John Langston married Caroline Matilda Wall, who also graduated from Oberlin College. From North Carolina, she was the emancipated daughter of an enslaved mother and a wealthy white planter...

Charles Henry Langston MP (1817 - 1892)

Charles Henry Langston (1817–1892), was an American abolitionist and political activist born free in Louisa County, Virginia, the son of a wealthy planter who provided for his education and en...

David Isaac Langston MP (1916 - 1965)

Birth: Jun. 12, 1916 Death: Oct. 27, 1965 Family links: Spouse: Elizabeth O. Hall Langston (1918 - 1995) Burial: Fair View Cemetery Franklinton Franklin County North Carolina, USA Edit ...

Elizabeth Danvers (Langston) MP (c.1432 - 1482)

Elizabeth Langston Born: abt 1432 Culworth, [parish], Northamptonshire, England Died: Feb 1482 Cropredy Church, [parish], Oxfordshire, England Chldren: Margery Danvers b: 1449 in Culworth, No...

Elizabeth Lee Oakley Langston (Hall) MP (1918 - 1995)

Birth: Apr. 11, 1918 Death: Dec. 9, 1995 Family links: Spouse: David Issac Langston (1916 - 1965)* Calculated relationship Burial: Fair View Cemetery Franklinton Franklin County Nor...

Elizabeth Boteler (Langston) MP (1450 - 1482)

'John BUTLER Born: 1448, Great Badmington, Gloucestershire, England Died: 7 Jan 1524, Great Badmington, Gloucestershire, England Father: William BUTLER Mother: Margaret PERS 'Married: Elizabe...

Gideon Langston-Quarles MP (1809 - d.)

Harriet Langston MP (c.1808 - d.)

John Jesse Langston, III MP (1710 - 1790)

DAR Ancestor # A069011 Red Flagged: "FUTURE APPLICANTS MUST PROVE CORRECT SERVICE". Apparently some people list John as John Jesse Langston, VI due to other John Langston ancestors many generations...

Rep. John Mercer Langston (R-VA) MP (1829 - 1897)

Together with his older brothers Gideon and Charles, John Langston became active in the Abolitionist movement. He helped runaway slaves to escape to the North along the Ohio part of the Underground R...

John Langston, III MP (c.1406 - 1506)

Lucy Jane Langston MP (1780 - c.1834)

One of Lucy's sons wrote of her background: "Her surname was of Indian origin, and borne by her mother, as she came out of a tribe of Indians of close relationships in blood to the famous Pocahontas....

Maria Powell (Langston) MP (1806 - d.)

Mary Langston MP (c.1806 - d.)

Mary Sampson Langston (Patterson) MP (1837 - 1915)

Mary Langston was Langston Hughes's grandmother, one of the most significant single influences on the poet's life. She was born in 1837 in Fayetteville, N. C., where her father, James Patterson, was a ...

Mary Hartley (Langston) MP (1784 - 1861)

Nancy Ann Bearden (Langston) MP (c.1750 - 1783)

Possible alternate birth location: Isle of Wight, VA. Nancy Ann (Langston) Bearden was the aunt of Nancy Wynn (Langston) Bearden who married John's son Eli(jah) W. Bearden. Nancy Ann & John William...

Solomon Langston, Sr MP (1732 - c.1825)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for SOUTH CAROLINA with the rank of LIEUTENANT. DAR Ancestor # A069025 Langston Guardian To Bennet. Know all men by these presents that we SOLOMON LANGSTON, Fra...

Unknown Indian Mother Langston MP (deceased)

William Langston MP (1811 - 1886)

Langston (deceased)

"Brown" Langston (deceased)

"Jessie" Laura Jane Langston (Iliff) (1874 - 1945)

Carl Langston (deceased)

(unknown) Langston (Foust) (deceased)

... Cassidy (Langston) (c.1722 - d.)

84. Unknown Langston (deceased)

85. Unknown Langston (Unknown) (deceased)

<private> Trenton (Langston) (deceased)

? Langston (deceased)

? Langston (1760) (deceased)

? Katherine Langston (Mountford) (deceased)

??? Langston (deceased)

??? Langston (deceased)

A j Langston (1801 - d.)

Abraham Langston (deceased)

Abraham Langston (1820 - d.)

Absalom Langston (1732 - 1783)

Absalom Langston (deceased)

Absolom Watters Langston (1869 - d.)

Absolom Starling Langston (1785 - d.)

Absolom Langston (c.1730 - c.1783)

Granville County, North Carolina, Tax Records - 1750 JOHN LANGSTON & his son ABSOLEM ABSALOM LANGSTON deed to Samuel Hambrick, also signed by CHRISTIAN LANGSTON, 12 Dec. 1770. [KINFOLKS OF GRANVILL...

Absolom Langston (deceased)

Absolom Langston (1787 - 1802)

Absolom "Ab" Watters Langston (deceased)

Ada Jane Hightower (Langston) (1894 - 1971)

Ada Langston (deceased)

ADA Langston (TURNER) (1872 - d.)

Ada Langston (b. - 1951)

Ada Harris (Langston) (1894 - d.)

Ada Langston Roberts (deceased)

Adair Langston (deceased)

Addie Langston (1863 - d.)

Addie Langston (deceased)

Addis Alexander Langston (1905 - 1952)

Agatha Maria Sophia Kekewich (Langston) (1799 - 1836)

Agnes Caroline Langston (gibbs) (1936 - 2006)

Agnes Langston (c.1751 - 1820)

Agnes Langston (deceased)

Agnes Langston (housch) (b. - c.1981)

Agnes Maughan (Langston) (deceased)

Agnes Maughan Langston (deceased)

Agnes Roberts Langston (deceased)

Ailsey Alexandra Wright (Langston) (1767 - 1852)

In various places listed as Alcea, Alcy, Alsey or Ailsey with the middle name of Aexandra or Alexandria. Listed as both Alsey and Ailsey in her father's will.

Albert Langston (deceased)

Albert Langston (deceased)

Albert Langston (deceased)

Albert Langston (deceased)

Albert Bryan Langston (1879 - 1946)

Alberta Pearl Taylor (Langston) (1885 - d.)

Albertha Langston (Boyd) (deceased)

Alexander Hall Langston (1851 - 1931)

Find-a-Grave Memorial: 1900 Census - Bayou, Ozark Co., Missouri 1910 Census - Bayou, Ozark Co., Missouri 1920 Census - Dawt, Ozark Co., Missouri

Alexander M. Langston (deceased)

Alexander Langston (1849 - 1929)

Alfred Langston (c.1842 - d.)

Alfred Langston (deceased)

Alice Ann Langston (1865 - 1936)

Alice Langston (Lassiter) (deceased)

Alice Langston (Lawrence) (deceased)

Alice Lee Jones (Langston) (deceased)

Alice Langston (1876 - d.)

Ruth Langston (1919 - 1998)

Alice Mary Langston (c.1883 - d.)

Alice Maub Langston (Hall) (deceased)

Alice Evelyn Kee (Langston) (1881 - 1929)

Alice Langston (deceased)

Alice Evelyn Langston (1881 - 1929)

Alice J Towns Langston (deceased)

Alice V. Langston (Clayton) (deceased)

Alison Langston (b. - 1902)

Allen Langston (1883 - 1883)

Allen Langston (deceased)

Allen Langston (1832 - d.)

Allie Langston (deceased)

Allie Donie Langston (1880 - d.)

Allie Langston Berryhill (1890 - 1971)

Alma Langston (deceased)

Alma W. Langston (1882 - d.)

Almon Langston (deceased)

Almon Langston (deceased)