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James Phillips Lardner MP (1914 - 1938)

James Lardner was a journalist who enlisted in the Abraham Lincoln Brigade to fight against Franco's rebel forces in Spain. In March of 1938 Lardner traveled to Barcelona and after observing the war fi...

Jessie Jolly (Lardner) MP (1828 - d.)

Ring Lardner MP (1885 - 1933)

The famous author, Ring Lardner, was born on March 6, 1885 in Niles, Berrien county, Michigan. His name was derived from the last name of a family friend. A great baseball sportswriter, he is mainly ...

Ring Lardner, Jr. MP (1915 - 2000)

Ringgold Wilmer "Ring" Lardner, Jr. (August 19, 1915 – October 31, 2000) was an American journalist and screenwriter blacklisted by the Hollywood movie studios during the Red Scare of the late 1...

Adeline Lardner (1864 - d.)

Albert E Lardner (1866 - d.)

Alex Lardner (deceased)

Alexander Lardner (deceased)

He married Sarah A. Crisler on 24 December 1873 in Philadelphia. They had four children: James Lawrence, Lloyd, Jennie, and Mildred. Alexander married another Sarah on 10 October 1894 after the first h...

Alexander Lardner (1786 - d.)

Alfred J Lardner (deceased)

Alyce Lardner (deceased)

Amy Elizabeth Semmes (Lardner) (1889 - d.)

Ann Lardner (c.1802 - d.)

Ann Lardner (1843 - d.)

Ann Lardner (Sheppard) (c.1773 - 1811)

Ann-Marie Lardner (deceased)

Anna Lardner (Gibbon) (1833 - d.)

Anna Blanch Lardner (b. - 1975)

Anna Tobin (Lardner) (1882 - 1863)

Anna Lardner (deceased)

Anna Boswell Lardner (Tennant) (deceased)

Anna Tobin (Lardner) (b. - 1967)

Anne Lardner (deceased)

Anne Mahoney (Lardner) (deceased)

Anne Elisabeth Schiller (Lardner) (1941 - d.)

Annie Lardner (Gibbon) (deceased)

Annie Lardner (Parkins) (deceased)

Benjamin Lardner (1717 - 1764)

Bernard J. Lardner (b. - 1960)

Bridget Lardner (deceased)

Caroline Lardner (1869 - d.)

Carrie Stamps RICE-Lardner (RICE) (1914 - 1944)

Catherine Gibbon (Lardner) (deceased)

Catherine Breck Lardner (deceased)

Catherine Lardner (Lawrence) (deceased)

Clara (Bennet) (Lardner)Giese (1925 - 2014)

Clare Evelyn Lardner-Burke (Gordon-lennox) (1946 - 2006)

Constance Lardner (deceased)

Daphney Hope Lardner-Burke (deceased)

David Ellis Lardner (1919 - 1944)

A movie and night club reviewer and an occassional 'reporter at large' for the New Yorker. A war correspondent, he died in surgery on occupied German soil in 1944, the victim of a mine explosion.

Delia Sullivan (Lardner) (1864 - d.)

Denis Lardner (deceased)

Dennis Bulter LARDNER, I (c.1912 - d.)

Desmond William Lardner-Burke (c.1909 - 1984)

Dionisius Lardner (1862 - d.)

Dionysius Lardner (1793 - 1859)

Dionysius Lardner (3 April 1793 - 29 April 1859) was an Irish scientific writer who popularised science and technology, and edited the 133-volume Cabinet Cyclopedia. Early life in Dublin His ...

Donald Stephen Lardner (1945 - 1991)

Dorothy Eigine Francis Wasson (Lardner) (1915 - 1990)

Edmund Colpoys Lardner-Burke (deceased)

Edmund Maurice Lardner-Burke (deceased)

Edward Lardner (c.1862 - d.)

Edward Lardner (1785 - d.)

Eileen Jackson (Lardner) (1929 - 2012)

Eliza Lardner (1856 - d.)

Elizabeth Norris (Lardner) (1729 - d.)

Elizabeth Lardner (deceased)

Elizabeth Lardner (Oakes) (1693 - d.)

Elizabeth A. Lardner (c.1849 - d.)

Elizabeth Lardner (Branson) (deceased)

Elizabeth Lardner (Wilmer) (deceased)

Elizabeth Lardner (Dixon) (deceased)

Elizabeth Branson Lardner (deceased)

Elizabeth Lardner (Branson) (1720 - 1763)

Elizabeth Lardner (1863 - 1865)

Elizabeth Lardner (c.1777 - d.)

Elizabeth Lardner (1863 - 1865)

Elizabeth Lardner (deceased)

Ella Lardner (Swaltzer) (deceased)

Ellen Lardner (Wilmer) (deceased)

Ellen Lardner (deceased)

Ellis Lardner (Abbott) (deceased)

Ellis Lardner (Abbott) (deceased)

Bernetta Lardner SSND (deceased)

Frances O'Brien Lardner (1907 - d.)

Frances Lardner (deceased)

Frances Lardner (c.1793 - d.)

Frank Lardner (deceased)

Frank Arthur Lardner (deceased)

frederick james lardner (deceased)

Fredrick Andrew Lardner (deceased)

Genevieve M Lardner (1912 - 1994)

George Lardner (1860 - d.)

George Breck Lardner (deceased)

George Lardner (deceased)

Gerard Joseph, William Lardner (1921 - 2005)

Gerard Lardner (deceased)

Gerard Lardner (deceased)

Gerard J.W. Lardner (1921 - 2005)

Hannah Kent (Lardner) (1905 - 1975)

Hannah Penn (Lardner) (c.1710 - d.)

Hannah Lardner (Moore) (deceased)

Hannah Lardner (deceased)

Hannah Lardner (c.1797 - d.)

Harriet Lardner (1801 - d.)

Harry Lardner (deceased)

Helen Wells (Lardner) (deceased)

Henry Lardner (deceased)

Henry Lardner (deceased)

Henry Lardner (1804 - 1862)

He was born in February 1804 in Philadelphia. He married Mary Ann Keya and then moved to Michigan, like his cousin, William Lardner Jr., below. He died in Michigan on 9 August 1862.

Henry Lardner (1839 - 1914)

He was Vice President of the First National Bank. He died in Niles, Michigan.