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Jane McFerrin (Laughter) MP (1778 - 1840)

Jane LAUGHTER Birth: 1778 in Anson County, N.C.. Father: Benjamin LAUGHTER b: 1742 in Brunswick County, Va Married: 1 William MCFERRIN b: ABT 1774 in Anson County, N.C.. Children Eleano...

<Private> Laughter (deceased)

? Laughter (deceased)

Abner Hope "Jack" Laughter (1909 - 1992)

ID: I152499 Name: Abner Hope LAUGHTER Sex: M Birth: 20 JUN 1909 in Wingate, Runnels, TX _UID: 2C794EF099D760428F5E0C83A161F0187B46 Change Date: 14 APR 1998 at 03:48:09 Father: Edward Benjam...

Addeline Gilbert-Laughter (deceased)

Adeline Laughter (1869 - 1921)

Adeline Gilbert-Laughter (deceased)

Adeline Laughter Gilbert (Laughter) (deceased)

Adeline Laughter (deceased)

Adeline L. Gilbert (deceased)

Adeline Gilbert Laughter (deceased)

Ahijah Wilson Laughter (1854 - 1943)

Albert Cole Laughter (1913 - 1988)

ID: I4447 Name: Albert Cole LAWTER LAUGHTER Sex: M Birth: 28 JUN 1913 in South Carolina Death: 26 JUL 1988 in Una, Spartanburg County, SC 1 MILF: Y Change Date: 11 AUG 2004 Father: Willia...

Algenon B Laughter (deceased)

Algenon B. Laughter (1834 - d.)

ID: I125 Name: Algenon B. LAUGHTER Sex: M Birth: 1834 in La Grange, Fayette Co., Tenn. Note: 1 _IFLAGS 0 Served in CSA in Miss. 44th Inf. Co. D. and 9th Inf., Co. K. 1 Change Date: 2 JU...

Alice Blackwell (Laughter) (deceased)

Alice Hopkins Laughter (deceased)

Alice W. Laughter (deceased)

Allie L Rhea-Laughter (deceased)

Alma M. Laughter (1907 - 1988)

Amanda B. Laughter (deceased)

Amanda Belle Laughter (Harris) (1903 - 1976)

Birth: Oct. 28, 1903 Death: Aug. 16, 1976 Burial: South Fairview Cemetery Wellington Collingsworth County Texas, USA

Amy Sophia Laughter (Barnwell) (c.1850 - d.)

ID: I1405 Name: Amy Sophia BARNWELL Sex: F Birth: 1850 in Buncombe County, NC Burial: Barnwell Family Cemetery, Henderson Co., NC MILF: Y Change Date: 18 APR 2004 Marriage 1 Matthew Arthu...

Angeline Laughter (deceased)

Ann Lidwell (Laughter) (deceased)

Ann Laughter (Shelton) (1776 - 1846)

Ann Mary Laughter (Hunt) (1791 - 1858)

ID: I133 Name: Ann Mary Hunt Sex: F Birth: 1791 in Granville Co., N.C. Death: Aft 1858 Note: 1 _IFLAGS 0 1 Change Date: 2 JUL 2002 at 16:33:31 Father: James William Hunt b: Abt 1762 in Gr...

Anna E. Laughter (1911 - 1914)

ID: I4010 Name: Anna E. LAUGHTER Sex: F Birth: 12 AUG 1911 in Stillwater,Payne County, Oklahoma Death: 6 APR 1914 in Stillwater,Payne County, Oklahoma Burial: Ingalls Cemetery, Payne County, ...

Annabelle Claisse Laughter (Goodall) (1921 - d.)

ID: I3119 Name: Annabella Clarisse GOODALL Sex: F Birth: 5 JUL 1921 in Fertile, Polk County, Mn. MILF: Y Change Date: 16 MAY 2004 Marriage 1 Gerald Fred LAUGHTER b: 5 MAY 1923 in Quay, Pawn...

Anne F. Laughter (1878 - d.)

Annie Inez Laughter (deceased)

Annie W. Laughter (1849 - d.)

Archibald Hunt Laughter (deceased)

Armitha Laughter (deceased)

Arthur James Laughter (1928 - 1986)

ID: I2979 Name: Arthur James LAWTER LAUGHTER Sex: M Birth: 23 SEP 1928 in Polk County, NC Death: 21 NOV 1986 in Bat Cave, Henderson County, North Carolina Burial: Bat Cave Baptist Church Ceme...

Arthur Lawter Laughter (deceased)

Audrey Gertrude Laughter (Setzar) (deceased)

Bailey Balus Laughter (deceased)

Bailous Edney Laughter (deceased)

Bailus Bruce Laughter (deceased)

Bailus Bruce Laughter (deceased)

Baylous Laughter (deceased)

Baylus Laughter (deceased)

Belva L. Laughter (deceased)

Benjamin Laughter (c.1740 - 1825)

ID: I653 Name: Benjamin LAUGHTER 1 Sex: M Birth: 1742 in Brunswick County, Va 1 Death: 1825 in Wilkes County, Ga. Occupation: Hatter Note: Note: He served under Col. James Miller in the Rev...

Benjamin Laughter (c.1740 - 1825)

Benjamin J. Laughter (1823 - 1900)

ID: I1395 Name: Benjamin J. LAUGHTER Sex: M Birth: 1823 in Rutherford County, N.C. Death: AFT 1900 in Blue Ridge, Henderson County, NC MILF: Y Change Date: 17 APR 2004 Father: Samuel LAUG...

Benjamin Turner Laughter (1895 - 1913)

Bessie Laughter (McAbee) (c.1883 - 1972)

ID: I6435 Name: Bessie MCABEE Sex: F Birth: ABT 1883 in Saluda Death: 19 JAN 1972 in Spartanburg, Spartanburg County, SC 1 Burial: Sunset Memorial Gardens, Spartanburg County, SC Religion: ...

Bessie M. Laughter (1902 - d.)

Betty Laughter (Owenby) (deceased)

Boyd Lawter Laughter (1916 - 1977)

Britton Smith Laughter (deceased)

Bryant Laughter (deceased)

Calvin Baxter Laughter (deceased)

Calvin Baxter Laughter (deceased)

Carnell Laughter (1917 - d.)

Carolina M. Laughter (1832 - 1908)

ID: I124 Name: Caroline M. LAUGHTER Sex: F Birth: 4 JUN 1832 in La Grange, Fayette Co., Tenn. Death: 13 JUN 1908 in De Sota Co., Miss. Burial: De Soto Co., Mississippi Note: 1 _IFLAGS 0 1 ...

Carroll Laughter (1893 - d.)

ID: I4315 Name: Carl LAUGHTER Sex: M Birth: 10 NOV 1893 in Edneyville, Henderson County, N.C. 1 MILF: Y Change Date: 31 MAR 2004 Father: David Sherrill LAUGHTER b: 28 APR 1870 in Hendersonv...

Catherine Nanney (Laughter) (deceased)

Catherine Laughter (c.1817 - 1900)

Catherine Staton (Laughter) (1804 - 1850)

Catherine Laughter (1796 - 1870)

Catherine Laughter (1796 - 1870)

ID: I3884 Name: Catherine LAUGHTER Sex: F Birth: 1796 in Georgia Death: AFT 1870 in Wilkes County, Georgia MILF: Y Change Date: 1 SEP 2004 Father: Benjamin LAUGHTER b: 1742 in Brunswick C...

Catherine "Kittie" C. Laughter (Edney) (1867 - d.)

ID: I3659 Name: Catherine "Kittie" C. EDNEY Sex: F Birth: MAY 1867 in Hendersonville, Henderson County, NC Burial: Barnwell Family Cemetery, Henderson Co., NC MILF: Y Change Date: 30 MAR 20...

Cecelia Anne Laughter (Corn) (1820 - 1858)

ID: I1396 Name: Cecelia Anne CORN Sex: F Birth: 1820 in Rutherford County, N.C. Death: ABT 1858 MILF: Y Change Date: 15 APR 2004 Marriage 1 Benjamin J. LAUGHTER b: 1823 in Rutherford Coun...

Charles Laughter (1852 - d.)

Charles "Choppy" Lawter Laughter (b. - c.2001)

Charles Wesley Laughter, Sr. (1928 - 2008)

Birth: Jun. 3, 1928 Whitehaven Shelby County Tennessee, USA Death: Apr. 6, 2008 Memphis Shelby County Tennessee, USA Family links: Parents: George Walter Laughter (1899 - 1982) ...

Charles Wesley Laughter, Jr. (deceased)

Charlotta Evelyn "Lottie" Laughter (Parris) (1886 - 1964)

ID: I4455 Name: Charlotta Evelyn "Lottie" PARRIS Sex: F Birth: 11 DEC 1886 Death: 27 JAN 1964 Burial: Saluda City Cemetery, Polk, NC MILF: Y Change Date: 24 APR 2004 Father: John PARRIS...

Charlotte Laughter (deceased)

Charlotte Laughter (Hicks) (1744 - d.)

ID: I664 Name: Charlotte Hicks Hix 1 Sex: F Birth: ABT 1744 in Rutherford or Pasquotake County, NC MILF: Y Change Date: 30 SEP 2003 Marriage 1 James LAUGHTER b: 1740 in Brunswick County, Va...

Charlotte Lewullen (Laughter) (1793 - d.)

Charlotte Laughter (Shelton) (deceased)

Chester Laughter (1895 - d.)

ID: I158618 Name: Chester LAUGHTER Sex: M Birth: DEC 1895 in , DeSoto, MS _UID: 446B87EDB237AC43A6CE110D6CF39625A70B Change Date: 20 JUL 1999 at 10:11:54 Father: Joseph J. LAUGHTER b: 5 SEP...

Chloe M. Fraley (Laughter) (c.1742 - 1823)

Chloe Fraley (1742 - 1823) was the 2nd Wife of Frederick Fraley/Froelich/Fryly. Her will is recorded in the Russell County, Virginia Will Book 4a, Pages 103-104. It was executed on 01 Jul 1823 (see att...

Chloe M Fraley (Laughter) (c.1742 - 1823)

Christopher Columbus Laughter (deceased)

Clarence Laughter (deceased)

Claude Laughter (deceased)

Claude Laughter (c.1924 - d.)

Claudia H. Laughter (1823 - d.)

ID: I118 Name: Claudia H. LAUGHTER Sex: F Birth: 1823 in Warren Co., N.C. Note: 1 _IFLAGS 0 1 Change Date: 2 JUL 2002 at 16:33:31 Father: William B. LAUGHTER b: 9 MAR 1782 in Warren County,...

Clyde G. Laughter (1928 - d.)

ID: I8835 Name: Clyde G. LAUGHTER Sex: M Birth: 1928 in Montford Cove, McDowell, NC Change Date: 6 APR 2004 Father: Carl LAUGHTER b: 10 NOV 1893 in Edneyville, Henderson County, N.C. Mother...

Clyde N. Laughter (deceased)

Columbus M Laughter (deceased)

Columbus Robert Laughter (deceased)

Cooley Ballard Laughter (1890 - 1963)

ID: I6892 Name: Cooley Ballard LAUGHTER Sex: M Birth: 4 JUL 1890 in Hoopers Creek, Henderson County, NC 1 Death: 27 MAY 1963 in Henderson County, NC Burial: Hooper's Creek Baptist Church Ceme...

Cora M Laughter (Melton) (deceased)


Dan Laughter (deceased)

Daniel "Danny" Arthur Laughter (c.1955 - 2003)

ID: I7709 Name: Daniel "Danny" Arthur LAWTER LAUGHTER Sex: M Birth: ABT 1955 in Henderson County, NC Death: 16 SEP 2003 in Ashville, Buncombe County, NC Burial: Bat Cave Baptist Church Cemete...

Daniel A. Laughter (deceased)

Daniel T. Laughter (1826 - d.)

ID: I120 Name: Daniel T. LAUGHTER Sex: M Birth: 1826 in Warren Co., N.C. Note: 1 _IFLAGS 0 1 Change Date: 2 JUL 2002 at 16:33:31 Father: William B. LAUGHTER b: 9 MAR 1782 in Warren County, ...

Daniel Turner Laughter, III (1940 - 2007)

Dan Turner Laughter, III [Suggest a correction] Birth: unknown Death: Jan., 2007 A life filled with wit and humor and a passion for Abilene history ended with the passing of Dan Turner Laught...

Daniel Turner Laughter, IV (deceased)

Daniel Turner Laughter, Jr. (1916 - 1940)

ID: I932 Name: Daniel Turner LAUGHTER Jr. Sex: M Birth: 1918 in Abilene, Jones-Taylor County, Tex Death: 20 JUN 1940 Occupation: Funeral Director Education: College MILF: Y Change Date:...

Daniel Turner Laughter, Sr. (1871 - 1952)

DANIEL TURNER LAUGHTER was born October 27, 1871 in Eudora, DeSoto County, Mississippi-B&D from copy of family bible record sent by Dan L, and died December 22, 1952 in Abilene, Jones-Taylor County, Te...

Darla Laughter (deceased)

David H. Laughter (1921 - 1983)