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Jose Paciano Garcia Laurel MP (1891 - 1959)

José Paciano Garcia Laurel was the President of the Republic of the Philippines during World War II, from 1943 to 1945. He served as a senator and an associate justice of the Supreme Court. More...

Salvador Roman Hidalgo Laurel MP (1928 - 2004)

Salvador Roman "Doy" Hidalgo Laurel served as Vice President of the Philippines (1986 to 1992). Before that, he briefly served as Aquino's first (and only) Prime Minister in 1986. He was a foremost lea...

Sotero Remoquillo Laurel MP (deceased)

Judge Sotero Remoquillo Laurel was a delegate to the Malolos Convention and Secretary of the Interior in the first Philippine Revolutionary government under President Emilio Aguinaldo.

? Laurel (deceased)

Alberto Garcia Laurel (deceased)

Alejandro Laurel (deceased)

Angel Laurel (deceased)

Anna Plantina Cederschiöld (Laurel) (deceased)

Anna Plantina Laurel (Laurell) (1746 - 1812)

Anselma Pimentel Laurel (deceased)

Arcadio Laurel (deceased)

Arsenio Hidalgo Laurel (1931 - 1967)

Arsenio "Dodjie" Hidalgo Laurel was a champion race car driver from the Philippines and a pioneer in the development of Philippine motorsport. He was the first two-time winner of the Macau Grand Prix, ...

Arsenio Hidalgo Laurel (deceased)

Balbina Remoquillo Laurel (deceased)

Barbara Laurel (deceased)

Benita Laurel (deceased)

Bonnie (Laurel)Vavrina (Unknown) (deceased)

Celerina Nevado Laurel (deceased)

Charles (Laurel)Vavrina (1928 - d.)

Ciriaco Remoquillo Laurel (deceased)

Cornelio Laurel (deceased)

Daniel Laurel (deceased)

Daphne (becomes a laurel after Apollo pursues her) (deceased)

Dionisia Platon Laurel (deceased)

Elizabeta / Jelisaveta Colic rodj. Laurel (deceased)

Emetria Laurel (deceased)

Felipa LAUREL (deceased)

Felixberto Laurel (deceased)

Florentino Laurel (deceased)

Francisca Laurel (deceased)

Francisco Miranda Laurel (deceased)

Georgia Laurel (deceased)

Gregorio Laurel (deceased)

Guillermo Laurel (deceased)

Jacoba Laurel (Garcia) (deceased)

Janet Vernon (Laurel) (deceased)

Januario Laurel (deceased)

jose laurel jr. (deceased)

Jose Pimentel Laurel (deceased)

Jose Bayani Hidalgo Laurel (1912 - 1998)

Jose Bayani ""Pepito" Hidalgo Laurel was a politician who served as the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Philippines two times. More here: .

Jose Sotero Hidalgo Laurel (1914 - d.)

The Harvard-educated José Sotero "Pepe" Hidalgo Laurel, also known as José S. Laurel III, was the ambassador of the Philippines to Japan during the World War II period. After the war, he ...

Juana Laurel (deceased)

Juana Laurel (deceased)

Juancho Santos Laurel (deceased)

Juliana Planton Laurel (deceased)

Katherine Laurel (Ryan) (deceased)

Laurel Johnson (laurel) (deceased)

laurell vera schulz (deceased)

Leocadio Remoquillo Laurel (deceased)

Leocadio Remoquillo Laurel (deceased)

Marcela LAUREL (deceased)

Marcella Remoquillo Laurel (deceased)

Maria Laurel (deceased)

Maria Callanta Laurel (deceased)

Maria Laurel (deceased)

Maria Paz Garcia Laurel (deceased)

Mariano Santos Laurel (deceased)

Mariano Laurel y Pimentel (deceased)

Mariano Antonio Hidalgo Laurel (1922 - d.)

Mariano Antonio "Maning" Hidalgo Laurel served as president of the Philippine Banking Corporation.

Mary Margerite (Laurel)Vavrina (Clements) (1935 - d.)

Maximino Pimentel Laurel (deceased)

Maximino Santos Laurel (deceased)

Mayor Mariano Laurel (deceased)

DON MARIANO K. LAUREL was one of three children of Silvestre Laurel and Maria Callanta. Dona Maria was a wealthy Dagupena. Don Silvestre made good in business in Dagupan. He operated sailboats, calle...

Miguel de la Cruz Laurel (deceased)

Miguel de la Cruz Laurel descends from a line of Muslim royalty from Brunei. A native of Batangas, he was baptised Catholic when the Spaniards came. Miguel was a champion of their rights against the gr...

Natividad Hidalgo Laurel (1916 - d.)

Nicdasa Remoquillo Laurel (deceased)

Nieves Dimayuga (Laurel) (deceased)

Olga Laurel-Jasinski (deceased)

Petra Platon Laurel (deceased)

Potenciana Hidalgo Laurel (1926 - d.)

Procopio Laurel (deceased)

Ramon Laurel (deceased)

Richard (Laurel)Vavrina (1933 - 1973)

Rolando Laurel (deceased)

Romualdo Laurel (deceased)

Rosario Garcia Laurel (deceased)

Rosenda Pacencia Hidalgo Laurel (1925 - d.)

Ruperta Remoquillo Laurel (deceased)

Ruperto Remoquillo Laurel (deceased)

Santiago Laurel (deceased)

Silverio Planton Laurel (deceased)

Silvestre Laurel (deceased)

Sofia Laurel Villamil (deceased)

Sotero Laurel (deceased)

Sotero Laurel (deceased)

Sotero Cosme Hidalgo Laurel (1918 - 2009)

Stanley Robert Laurel (1930 - 1930)

Telesforo Pimentel Laurel (deceased)

Teodoro Pimentel Laurel (deceased)

Teodoro Laurel (deceased)

Tommy Laurel (deceased)

Venancia Laurel (deceased)

Victoria Catubig (Laurel) (deceased)

Victoria LAUREL (deceased)