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Alice Le Boteler MP (deceased)

Sir Almeric le Boteler, 6th Baron Warrington MP (c.1204 - 1234)

6th Baron Warrington Spouses/Children: Alicia le Garnett Sir William le Boteler Knight, Lord of Warrington+ Sir Richard Boteler Knight, First Lord of Houtrawcliff+ Sir Almeric le Boteler 6th Baron Wa...

Ankaret le Boteler MP (c.1316 - 1361)

Ankaret Boteler1,2 b. 1316?, d. 8 October 1361 Father William, 1st Lord Boteler2,3 b. 11 June 1274, d. 14 September 1335 Mother Ela de Herdeburgh3 b. say 1282 Ankaret Boteler was born in 1316? ...

Anne le Boteler MP (c.1278 - 1340)

Ann le Botiler1 F, #213398 Last Edited=4 Dec 2006 Ann le Botiler is the daughter of William le Botiler.1 Child of Ann le Botiler and Gilbert Talbot, 1st Lord Talbot 1.Richard Talbot, 2nd Lord T...

Clementia le Boteler, Concubine of John "Lackland" MP (c.1175 - 1231)

Denise de Cokesey (le Boteler) MP (c.1282 - c.1376)

Dionysia de Lostock MP (c.1234 - 1290)

Dionysia de was born circa 1235 Marriage circa 1250 Dionysia de Lostock married **Sir William de Boteler Lord of Warrington, son of Sir **Almaric de Boteler Lord of Warrington and **Alicia le Garne...

Lady Edith (le Boteler) de Molins MP (1163 - 1190)

Edith LE BOTELER 814,8854,9870 * Born: Abt 1163, Cheshire, England * Married: Abt 1184 814 Marriage Information: Edith married Richard DE MOLYNEUX Lord of Sefton, son of Sir Robert DE MOLYNEUX ...

Edmund le Boteler MP (c.1309 - d.)

Edward le Boteler MP (c.1312 - d.)

Elizabeth le Boteler (Botiller), Baroness Boteler of Wemme MP (1345 - 1411)

'Elizabeth le Botiller1,2,3 'F, b. circa 1345, d. 19 June 1411 Father Sir William le Botiller, 3rd Lord le Botiller of Wem and Oversley2,3 b. c 1331, d. 14 Aug 1369 Mother Elizabeth de Handesacre...

Ellen Le Boteler MP (c.1262 - 1292)

Gawine Le Boteler MP (1270 - 1290)

Succeeded his brother, John, at his death (as a minor) circa 1286. Gawaine died without children in 1289 and was succeeded by his brother, William II.

Ida Le Boteler (Le Botiler) MP (c.1315 - d.)

Isabel le Boteler MP (c.1289 - c.1347)

Isabel, daughter and co-heir of William, Lord Boteler of Wemme married Simon Bassett of Sapcote, son and heir of Ralph Bassett of Sapcote. Their son was Ralph, Lord Bassett of Sapcote and co-heir to ...

Isabella de Radcliffe (le Boteler MP (c.1239 - d.)

Jane de Bulkeley (le Boteler) MP (c.1270 - d.)

Joan (FitzGeoffrey) le Boteler MP (c.1245 - 1303)

'Joan FitzJohn1,2,3 'F, #10569, d. 4 April 1303 Father Sir John FitzGeoffrey, Sheriff of Yorkshire, Justice of Ireland2,4 b. c 1205, d. 23 Nov 1258 Mother Isabel Bigod2,4 b. c 1210 ' Joan FitzJ...

Joan Margaret de Radcliffe (le Boteler) MP (1252 - 1339)

Joan de Sudeley MP (c.1330 - 1367)

Joan de Sudeley was the daughter of John de Sudeley, 2nd Lord Sudeley and Eleanor de Scales.1 She married William le Botiler, son of William le Botiler, 1st Lord le Botiller and Beatrice (?), before ...

Joan Stanford (le Boteler) MP (1455 - d.)

Magna Carta Ancestry: A Study in Coloncial And Medieval Families Pg.20 12. WILLIAM CORNWALLIS, Esq., of Brome and Oakley, Suffolk, London, Bedfordshire, and Norfolk, Justice of the Peace for Suff...

Joan de Radcliffe (le Boteler) MP (deceased)

Sir John Boteler, Baron Of Warrington MP (c.1328 - c.1400)

John le Boteler, Knt. Birth: 1335 - Lancashire, England Death: 1400 - England Parents: William le Boteler, Elizabeth de Havering Wife: Alicia Plumpton From Wikipedia Sir John le Boteler...

John le Boteler (Botiler) MP (1266 - 1287)

Eldest son and heir of William Boteler who died in 1283. John died in 1286 as a minor and was succeeded by his brother Gawaine. Gawaine died without children in 1289 and was succeeded by the third brot...

John Boteler/Butler (Le Boteler) MP (1435 - c.1489)


John le Boteler, of Graveney, Esq. MP (1330 - d.)

Sources  A Manual of Monumental Brasses: Comprising an Introduction to the Study of These Memorials and a List of Those Remaining in the British Isles, Part 2 (Google eBook).  Herbert...

Sir John "le Botiller" de Verdun MP (c.1223 - 1274)

Margaret de Warburton (le Boteler) MP (1278 - 1314)

Maud FitzTheobald le Boteler (Butler) (Le Boteler) MP (c.1199 - 1276)

Maurice le Botilier (le Boteler) MP (c.1185 - 1237)

Maurice Boteler1 M, #14644 Father Ralph Boteler1 Note* He was one of the justices of assize for Warwickshire and a commissioner for assessing and collecting the 14th part of all men's moveable...

Sir Nicholas Boteler, of Rawcliffe Hall MP (c.1315 - c.1345)

Notes from 'Townships: Out Rawcliffe', A History of the County of Lancaster: Volume 7 (1912), pp. 273-276. URL: Date accessed: 01 January 2014 Theobald Walter in 1266–7 granted to his 'cousi...

Ralph (Pincerna) le Boteler MP (c.1074 - 1140)

In the reign of Henry I, Ralph Boteler, called "Radulphus Pincerna de Legrescestria," being Butler to Robert Earl of Leicester. Settled at Oversley, county Warwick where he erected a strong castle, and...

Ralph II le Boteler MP (c.1125 - c.1207)

Ralph Boteler1 M, #14645 Father Robert Boteler1 Note* He was one of the barons who took up arms against King John, and had his lands seized. On the accession of Henry III, they were restored u...

Ralph III le Boteler (le Botilier), of Oversley MP (c.1220 - 1281)

Sir Ralph le Boteler of Wem1 M, d. before 10 January 1278, #14475 Father Maurice Boteler2 Arms* His arms were De goules a ung fesse escheque d'argent et de sable et croiselettes d'or (Glover). ...

Robert (Ralph) le Boteler (Boteler) MP (c.1145 - 1185)

Robert (Pincerna) le Boteler MP (c.1100 - 1169)

Son and heir of the founder, Ralph Le Boteler. Living at 1225. Robert's son and heir was Ralph II. Robert Boteler1 M, #14646 Father Ralph Boteler1 Family Child Ralph Boteler Last Edited...

Theobald le Botiller (le Boteler), 4th Chief Butler of Ireland, Justiciar of Ireland MP (1242 - 1285)

'Theobald Butler, 4th Chief Butler of Ireland (circa 1242 – 26 September 1285) was the son of Theobald Butler, 3rd Chief Butler of Ireland and Margery de Burgh, daughter of Richard Mor de Burgh,...

Sir Thomas Boteler, 4th Baron Sudeley MP (1358 - 1398)

Plantagenet Ancestry: A Study In Colonial And Medieval Families By Douglas Richardson, Kimball G. Everingham, David Faris pg 89 Thomas le Botiler, 4th Lord Sudeley1 M, #147122 Last Edited=17 ...

William "pincers" le Boteler, 5th Baron Warrington MP (c.1160 - 1233)

Sir "Pincerna" Lord of Warrington 5th Baron Warrington Sir William "Pincerna" de Boteler Lord of Warrington married Ada de Workington, daughter of Thomas FitzGospatrick Workington 2nd Lord Work...

William Lord Wem le Boteler, 2nd Baron of Wem and Oversley MP (c.1296 - c.1361)

Son of William II, 1st Baron Boteler of Wemme and Ankeret, daughter of Griffin. 2nd Baron Boteler of Wemme married Margaret, daughter of Richard FitzAlan, Earl of Arundel. He died in 1361 and was suc...

Sir William le Boteler, Lord of Warrington MP (c.1226 - 1300)

Sir Lord of Warrington William de was born circa 1228 at Bewsey Hall, Warrington, Lancashire, England. He may have been born about 1222 per Gen-Medieval-L postings. He was the Sheriff of Lancaster ...

William le Boteler, 3rd Baron of Wemme and Oversley MP (c.1295 - 1369)

William le Botiler, 3rd Lord le Botiller was born circa 1331.1 He was the son of William le Botiler and Margaret FitzAlan.1 He married Elizabeth de Holand before July 1343.1 He died on 14 August 1369, ...

William le Boteler, 1st Baron Boteler MP (1274 - 1335)

William Boteler, who in the 24th year of Edward I was in ward to Walter de Langton, lord treasurer of England, and Walter de Beauchamp, of Alcester, steward of the king's household. This feudal lord ob...

William le Boteler, of Rawcliffe Hall MP (c.1252 - c.1287)

Notes from 'Townships: Out Rawcliffe', A History of the County of Lancaster: Volume 7 (1912), pp. 273-276. URL: Date accessed: 01 January 2014 Theobald Walter in 1266–7 granted to his 'cousi...

Sir William le Boteler of Wem MP (c.1245 - 1283)

Vital Statistics Son of Ralph le Boteler and Maud (Matilda) Pantulf, daughter and heiress of Wemme which is how the le Boteler became Barons of Wemme William in the lifetime of his father married...

William The Younger (Half Brother of Lord William) le Boteler MP (deceased)

Source Plantagenet ancestry: a study in colonial and medieval families (Google eBook) by Douglas Richardson, Kimball G. Everingham. Genealogical Publishing Company, 2004, p. 108. Gives parents - El...

Agnes de Middleton (le Boteler) (c.1280 - 1311)

Alice Le Boteler (1434 - d.)

Alice Longford (Le Boteler) (1290 - 1376)

Alice Hussey (Fitz-Walter le Boteler) (c.1128 - d.)

Alice le Boteler (deceased)

Alicia le Garnet (c.1200 - 1246)

Ref: Marriage Information: Alicia married Alberic (Almeric) LE BOTELER of Warrington, son of William Pincerna LE BOTELER of Warrington and Ada DE WORKINGTON 147,8852. (Alberic (Almeric) LE BOTELER ...

Ankaret Le Boteler (1308 - 1361)

Ankaret Le Boteler (1308 - 1361)

Anne Le Boteler (1280 - d.)

Anne Le Boteler (1280 - d.)

Hon. Anne Blount (c.1600 - 1669)

Anne BUTLER (C. Newport) Born: ABT 1600, Wandhall, Bramfield, Hereford, England Died: 1669 Father: John BUTLER (1° B. Butler of Brantfield) Mother: Elizabeth VILLIERS Married 1: Mountj...

Arnold Le Boteler (c.1090 - c.1140)

Avice le Boteler (Wemme) (1057 - d.)

Clemence Le Boteler (c.1160 - d.)

Denise Le Boteler (c.1308 - 1376)

Dionysia Cokesey (le Boteler) (1282 - d.)

Edelina le Boteler (c.1120 - d.)

Edilene Le Boteler of Ingleby, Derbyshire, England (1120 - 1185)

Edith le Boteler (Pincerna) (1163 - d.)

Elisabeth le Botiller (le Boteler) (deceased)

Gawen le Boteler 1st Born Died SP (c.1223 - d.)

Isabel le Boteler (1289 - d.)

Isabella le Boteler (c.1261 - c.1328)

James Le Boteler (1305 - d.)

James Le Boteler (1305 - d.)

joan de reliegh (le boteler) (deceased)

Joan Raleigh (le Boteler) (deceased)

John le Boteler (deceased)

John le Boteler (1300 - d.)

John le Boteler (1/2 brother) (deceased)

John le Boteler, Sheriff of Lancaster (deceased)

John De Ireland Le Boteler (deceased)

John le Boteler (b. - 1482)

Magna Carta Ancestry: A Study in Coloncial And Medieval Families Pg.20 12. WILLIAM CORNWALLIS, Esq., of Brome and Oakley, Suffolk, London, Bedfordshire, and Norfolk, Justice of the Peace for Suff...

JOHN LE BOTELER of kirkland hall (deceased)

JOHN LE BOTELER of kirkland hall (deceased)

Katherine le Boteler (de Peletoyt) (1315 - d.)

Katharine de Peletoyt1 Father Sir Philip de Peletoyt Katharine de Peletoyt married Sir Ralph le Boteler, son of Sir Ralph le Boteler and Hawise Gobion. Katharine de Peletoyt was born at of Watton...

Lady Angharad Ferch Le Boteler (Gruffydd) (1244 - d.)

Margaret Bould (Le Boteler or Butler) (1465 - 1480)

Margaret le Boteler (de Butler) (1294 - 1344)

Margaret Raleigh (le Boteler) (deceased)

Margaret de Dutton (Le Boteler) (1379 - d.)

Margaret le Boteler (c.1170 - 1242)

Maud Le Boteler (1199 - d.)

Maud Le Boteler (1199 - d.)

Maud-Matilda De Verdon Botiller (Le Boteler) (c.1225 - 1283)

Maud-Matilda De Verdon Botiller (Le Boteler) (c.1225 - 1283)

Maud-Matilda De Verdon Botiller (Le Boteler) (c.1225 - 1283)

Maurice Le Boteler (1190 - d.)

Maurice Le Boteler (1190 - d.)

Mrs. Maurice Pincera Le Boteler (c.1173 - d.)

Sir Nigel le Boteler (c.1269 - d.)

Phillip Boteler/Butler (c.1360 - 1393)

'The beauties of England and Wales: or Delineations, topographical ... By John Britton, Edward Wedlake Brayley, Thomas Rees, Thomas Hood Pg.204- The most ancient of the brasses represents a Knigh...

Phillip Le Boteler (c.1135 - d.)

Ralph Le Boteler (1055 - d.)