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Alice Le Grosvenor (Le Blount) MP (c.1170 - 1260)

Catherine le Grosvenor (Norreys) MP (c.1436 - 1477)

No17-2 Catherine Norreys b about 1436 m Robert Grosvenor of Eaton Parents: William Norrys of Speke ( - 1453) & Elizabeth (Perceval) Harrington (1403 - d.) Links

Gilbert Le Grosvenor MP (c.1139 - 1199)

Margery Le Grosvenor (Unknown) MP (1144 - d.)

Randle le Grosvenor MP (c.1180 - 1232)

Robert Grosvenor of Eaton MP (1454 - 1497)

Robert le Grosvenor, of Hulme & Lostoke MP (c.1276 - 1328)

Note: Robert le Grosvenor; of age by 1305, when he did homage for his Manor of Lostoke (later Allostock) to the Abbot of Vale Royal; High Sheriff of Cheshire 1307-12, served in Scottish Wars temp. Edwa...

Robert Le Grosvenor MP (1212 - 1265)

Robert le Grosvenor, of Hulme MP (c.1342 - 1396)

Sir Robert le GROSVENOR , of Hulme Birth: ABT 1339 in Hulme Walfield, Congleton, Cheshire, England 2 Death: 22 APR 1396 1 Parents: Ralph le GROSVENOR , of Hulme b: ABT 1325 in Hulme Walfield, C...

Robert le Grosvenor, of Rudheath & Hulme MP (c.1302 - 1342)

Note: Robert le Grosvenor, of Rudheath, Cheshire, later of Hulme; did homage for his lands 1328; married by 1323 Emma (living 1366), daughter and coheir of William de Modburlegh, and died by 1342. [Bur...

Robert le Grosvenor MP (c.1165 - 1230)

Agnes Stanley (Le Grosvenor) (deceased)

Henry le Grosvenor (1120 - 1170)

James Grosvenor (le Grosvenor) (c.1487 - d.)

Joan Le Grosvenor (De Pulford) (deceased)

Joan le grosvenor (Eaton) (c.1310 - 1347)

Maud de Vernon (le Grosvenor) (deceased)

Ralph Grosvenor (le Grosvenor) (c.1483 - d.)

Ralph le Grosvenor, of Hulme (1328 - 1356)

Links a contest with Richard Le Scrope (1350-1405) (reign Richard II & Henry Bolingbroke) concerning coat of Arms, and was granted the arms, upon showing that he was a lineal descendant of the anci...

Ralph le Grosvenor (b. - 1356)

Source: Lived at Hulme, Chesire, England.

Randle le Grosvenor (1150 - 1232)

Raufe Le Grosvenor (deceased)

Raufe Le Grosvenor (deceased)

Raufe,or Ralph, supported Empress Matilda against Stephen during the Anarchy. Matilda was the designated heir of Henry I.

Raufe le Grosvenor (1140 - 1190)

Raufe Le Le Grosvenor (deceased)

Had three sons and two daughters. End here

Richard le Grosvenor (1187 - 1269)

Richard Le Grosvenor (c.1210 - 1269)

Richard Le Grosvenor of Lestock (deceased)

Robert Le Grosvenor (c.1347 - 1396)

Robert Le Grosvenor (deceased)

Robert Le Grosvenor, son of Gilbert, had the overlordship of Over Lestock in Chesire, given to him by Wiiliam the Conquerer's uncle and continued in the family until 1465. He settled in Chesire.

Robert Le Grosvenor (c.1187 - 1191)

Robert le Grosvenor of Budworth (deceased)

Robert Le Grosvenor VIII of Hulme (deceased)

Robert le Grosvenor (c.1342 - d.)

Source: Married Emma de Modburglegh before 1323. He lived at Rudheath, Chesire, England and Hulme, Chesire, England.

Robert Le Grosvenor II (Le Grosvenor) (deceased)

Robert took part in the Crusades under Richard Coeur de Lion and was with him in Sicily in 1190 when he took Messina, an infamous battle, also in 1191 at the Conquest of the island of Cyprus, where som...

Robert le Grosvenor (1240 - 1290)

Robert III succeeded his father, and purchased Nether Pever during the reign of Edward III (1330-1376) and served five terms as as Sheriff of Chesire.

Thomas Grosvenor (le Grosvenor) (c.1475 - c.1512)

Thomas Grosvenor (c.1425 - 1460)

Thomas Grosvenor M, #19450, b. circa 1410 Father Sir Thomas Grosvenor b. c 1377, d. 1429 Mother Joan Venables b. c 1385 Thomas Grosvenor was born circa 1410 at Drayton, Shropshire, England. He ...