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Agnes Radclyffe (le Scrope) MP (c.1442 - 1498)

Notes From If plotting was afoot the Scropes were likely to be there. Agnes was the daughter of Henry, the fourth Baron Scrope, and was the brother of John, the fifth Baron Scrope, who supported Ri...

Alianore D'Arcy (le Scrope) MP (c.1424 - 1471)

Eleanor le Scrope1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 F, #47462 Father Sir John Scrope, 4th Lord Scrope of Masham, Treasurer of England1,2,3,4,9,7,10 b. c 1388, d. 15 Nov 1455 Mother Elizabeth Chaworth2,3,4,9,7,10 b....

Alice le Scrope (Wrottesley) MP (b. - c.1480)

Beatrice le Scrope MP (1307 - 1363)

Beatrice le SCROPE [Parents] 1, 2, 3 was born 1308 in Masham, North Riding, Yorkshire, England. She died 1362 in Irnham, Lincolnshire, England. Beatrice married Sir Andrew LUTTRELL Lord Luttrell...

Constance Scrope (de Newsom) MP (1249 - c.1320)

Constance de Newsom1 Last Edited=4 Aug 2009 Constance de Newsom is the daughter of Thomas de Newsom and Gillo (?).1 She married William Scrope, son of William Scrope. Child of Constance de News...

Elizabeth Bigod (le Scrope) MP (c.1439 - 1503)

Elizabeth le Scrope MP (1420 - 1498)

Elizabeth le Scrope (Chaworth) MP (1391 - 1467)

Elizabeth le Scrope (Neville) MP (1464 - 1517)

Elizabeth Neville1,2,3,4,5,6 F, #39043, b. 1464, d. September 1517 Father Sir John Neville, Earl of Northumberland, Marquess of Montague, Lord Neville de Montagu, Sheriff of Northumberland1,2,7,4,8...

Elizabeth Fitzrandolph (le Scrope) MP (1399 - 1475)

Elizabeth de Vere (le Scrope) MP (1468 - 1538)

Margaret Neville died between 20 November 1506 and 14 January 1507,[22] and Oxford married secondly Elizabeth Scrope, the widow of his colleague William, 2nd Viscount Beaumont, and daughter and coheir ...

Sir Geoffrey le Scrope MP (c.1277 - c.1340)

Father of Geofrey, Thomas, Stephen, John, William, Ivetta, Constance, Henry, and Beatrice Brother of Stephen, Henry, and Stephen buried: Coverham Abbey, Yorkshire, England -------------------- ...

Sir Henry le Scrope, 6th Baron Scrope of Bolton MP (c.1468 - 1506)

Henry Scrope, 1st Baron Scrope of Masham MP (1312 - 1391)

Henry Scrope, 1st Baron Scrope of Masham (c1312-31 July 1392) was an English soldier and administrator. He was the elsest son of Geoffrey Scrope and his first wife, Ivetta. He succeeded his father ...

Sir Henry le Scrope, Lord Chief Justice MP (c.1268 - c.1336)

Sir Henry le Scrope (b. in or before 1268 – 7 September 1336) was an English lawyer, and Chief Justice of the King's Bench for two periods between 1317 and 1330. He was the eldest son of Sir W...

Henry le Scrope, 7th Lord of Bolton MP (1494 - 1533)

Isabella (le Scrope) de Plumpton MP (1337 - 1405)

Mother of Alice, William, and Joan Sister of Geoffrey, Jane, Stephen, Henry, Richard, Isabella, John, and William

Isabella le Scrope MP (1324 - 1365)

Isabella le Scrope (Scrope) MP (c.1415 - d.)

Joan le Scrope MP (c.1338 - 1386)

Joan le Scrope (Fitzhugh) MP (1441 - 1488)

Joane Le Scrope MP (c.1365 - 1427)

Sir John le Scrope, Baron Masham MP (1398 - 1455)

John Scrope, 4th Baron Scrope of Masham John Scrope, 4th Baron Scrope of Masham (c.1388 – 15 November 1455) was an English peer, Privy Councillor and Treasurer of England. He was the fourt...

John le Scrope, 8th Lord of Bolton MP (c.1510 - 1549)

John le Scrope , 8th Baron Scrope of Bolton was born c. 1510. He lived in the family home in Bolton Castle in Wensleydale, Yorkshire and died 22 Jun 1549, succeeded by his son. [1] Parents: son of He...

John Scrope, 5th Baron of Bolton MP (1435 - 1498)

Fought as a Yorkist. Also in expeditions to France and Scotland. Seriously wounded at the Battle of Towton. Henry VI is reputed to have come to Bolton after losing the Battle of Hexham. Scrope looked a...

John le Scrope (Scrope) MP (c.1422 - 1452)

Margaret le Scrope (Neville), Baroness Scrope of Bolton MP (c.1396 - c.1463)

Margaret de la Pole (le Scrope) MP (c.1472 - 1514)

Margaret Bernard (Le Scrope) MP (c.1440 - 1466)

Margaret Scrope was the daughter of Elizabeth (dau. of John, fourth Lord Scrope, of Masham) and Sir Henry Scrope, fourth Lord Scrope. Margaret mar. first William Plessington, secondly Hugh Stafford, th...

Margaret le Scrope (Dacre) MP (c.1424 - 1452)

Margaret Danby (Le Scrope) MP (c.1467 - 1531)

Margery Scrope1,2,3,4,5 F, #52603, b. circa 1467, d. after 25 March 1531 Father Sir Thomas le Scrope, 5th Lord Scrope of Masham1,6,7,8 b. c 1430, d. 1475 Mother Elizabeth Greystoke1,6,7,8 b. 1436...

Richard le Scrope, 1st Baron of Bolton MP (c.1327 - c.1403)

Richard le Scrope, 1st Baron Scrope of Bolton (c. 1327-1403) was an English soldier and courtier, serving Richard II of England. He also fought under the Black Prince at the Battle of Crecy in 1346. He...

Sir Richard le Scrope, Kt., of Bolton MP (1442 - 1485)

Richard married Eleanor WASHBOURNE, daughter of Norman (Norbonne) WASHBURN of Wickenford and Elizabeth KNIVETON. (Eleanor WASHBOURNE was born about 1445 in Wichenford, Martley, Worcestershire, England.)

Sir Roger le Scrope, 2nd Baron Scrope of Bolton MP (c.1348 - 1403)

second Baron of Bolton

Stephen le Scrope, 2nd Baron Scrope of Masham MP (c.1345 - 1404)

Stephen le Scrope Born: Abt 1345, Masham, North Riding, Yorkshire, England Father: Sir Henry le Scrope Knight Mother: Joan or Agnes Marriage: Margery de Welles 141 Died: 25 Jan 1406, Masham...

Thomas le Scrope, 6th Baron of Masham MP (1459 - 1493)

Thomas le Scrope, 10th Baron Scrope of Bolton MP (c.1567 - 1609)

Thomas Scrope, 10th Baron Scrope of Bolton Thomas le Scrope, 10th Baron Scrope of Bolton (1567 – 2 September 1609) was the son of Henry le Scrope, 9th Baron Scrope of Bolton and Margaret Howar...

Sir William le Scrope MP (c.1245 - 1312)

Sir William Le Scrope was the son of William Le Scrope. He was born between 1245 and 1255 in Bolton or Bracewell, Wensley, Yorkshire, England. He succeeded his brother Richard Le Scrope. Sir William Le...

Baron le Scrope (c.1425 - d.)

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Baron Richard le Scrope (c.1389 - d.)

Catharine Audley (le Scrope) (c.1476 - 1521)

Constance Luttrell (Le Scrope) (c.1308 - d.)

dau le Scrope (c.1277 - d.)

E Le Scrope (deceased)

Eleanor le Scrope (c.1448 - d.)

Elizabeth de Cleseby (le Scrope) (c.1285 - d.)

Elizabeth Strathbogie of Atholl (c.1353 - c.1416)

Elizabeth de Strathbogie[1] 1361 - 1416 Birth 1361 Sex Female Lived In Scotland Complete * Died 1416 Person ID I00338638 Leo Last Modified 22 Jul 1999 Father David of Strat...

Elizabeth le Scrope (deceased)

Geoffery Le Scrope, Sir Chief Justice (1274 - 1340)

Geoffrey le Scrope (deceased)

Sir Geoffrey le Scrope (1336 - 1362)

Henry le Scrope, of Masham (c.1373 - 1415)

Henry Scrope, 3rd Baron Scrope of Masham KG (c.1370 – 5 August 1415), a favourite of King Henry V, was beheaded on 5 August 1415 for his involvement in the Southampton Plot. from:

Henry le Scrope, 3rd Lord Scrope (b. - 1415)

Henry Le Scrope (deceased)

Henry Le Scrope (1215 - d.)

Henry Le Scrope (deceased)

Hugh le Scrope, Knight of Edward the Confessor (1103 - c.1149)

Richard Fitz Scrob (or Fitz Scrope) was a Norman knight granted lands by Edward the Confessor before the Norman Conquest, in Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Shropshire as recorded in the Domesday Boo...

Isabel Le Scrope (LNU) (deceased)

Ivetta Juetta Le Scrope (de Ros), Lady (1285 - 1331)

Joan Pert (Le Scrope) (1366 - 1427)

Joan le Scrope (deceased)

John le Sanford, 1619 (c.1619 - d.)

Katherine le Scrope (la Zouche) (c.1450 - 1488)

Lord J Bo B 5th Le Scrope (deceased)

Lord John L B Le Scrope (deceased)

Margaret Le Scrope (De Nevill) (deceased)

Mary le Scrope (deceased)

Maud Freville (Le Scrope) (deceased)

Maud le Scrope (c.1395 - d.)

Maud le Scrope (c.1384 - 1418)

Maude Wolcott (Le Scrope) (c.1372 - d.)

Mrs-Hugh le Scrope (Scrope), Mrs (c.1107 - d.)

Ralph le Scrope (c.1444 - 1515)

Sir Ralph le Scrope (b. - c.1515)

Richard le Scrope (c.1352 - 1405)

Richard Le Scrope (deceased)

Richard le Scrope (Scrope), Archbishop of York (c.1350 - 1405)

Richard le Scrope (c. 1350 – 8 June 1405) was Bishop of Lichfield then Archbishop of York. Scrope was a younger son of Henry Scrope, 1st Baron Scrope of Masham. Scrope earned a Doctorate...

Richard Le Scrope (1105 - d.)

Robert le Scrope, of Bridlington (c.1134 - 1198)

Robert Le Scrope was the son Hugh Le Scrope. He was born in 1134 in Bridlington, Yorkshire, England. He like his father, was granted lands to the Priory of Bridlington, in Yorkshire. He was married t...

Robert Le Scrope (1147 - d.)

Simon le Scrope (Scrope) (c.1171 - c.1215)

Simon Scrope1 M, #380670 Last Edited=4 Aug 2009 Simon Scrope married Imgoline (?).1 Child of Simon Scrope and Imgoline (?) Henry Scrope+1 Citations [S1916] Tim Boyle, "re: Boyle Family," e-mail m...

Simon Le Scrope (1180 - d.)

Sir H B K Le Scrope (deceased)

Sir Henry the 7th Le Scrope (deceased)

Sir John le Scrope (1327 - 1405)

Some sources reference that John le Scrope was born 1327 in Maslam, Yorkshire while other sources reference he was born circa 1352 in Huddersfield, Yorkshire............John le Scrope was a younger bro...

Stephen le Scrope (c.1384 - 1418)

Stephen le Scrope (c.1350 - 1405)

'Sir Stephen le Scrope, Lord Deputy of Ireland, Governor of Roxburgh Castle1,2 'M, #70484, d. 10 September 1408 Father Sir Richard le Scrope, 1st Baron Scrope, Lord High Treasurer & Chancellor of E...

Stephen Le Scrope (1321 - d.)

Stephen Scrope (le Scrope) (c.1322 - 1344)

Stephen Le Scrope (Scrope) (c.1281 - 1310)

Thomas le Scrope (c.1395 - 1481)

Thomas Scrope, 5th Baron Scrope of Masham (c.1429 - 1475)

Sir Thomas le Scrope, 5th Lord Scrope of Masham1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 M, #73407, b. circa 1430, d. 1475 Father Sir John Scrope, 4th Lord Scrope of Masham, Treasurer of England12,13,14,15 b. c 1388...

THOMAS LE SCROPE (1317 - 1340)

Mrs. William Scrope (c.1218 - 1298)

Individual Record FamilySearch™ Ancestral File v4.19 Juliane BRUNE (AFN: 15CB-S01) Pedigree Sex: F Family ------------------------------------------------------------------------------...

Walter le Scrope (c.1080 - c.1107)

William le Scrope (c.1320 - 1344)

William le Scrope (c.1345 - 1399)

Sir William le Scrope, 1st Earl of Wiltshire, King of Mann (1350–1399) was a close supporter of King Richard II of England. He was a second son of Richard le Scrope, 1st Baron Scrope of Bolton. ...

William le Scrope (c.1394 - 1463)

William le Scrope (1325 - 1367)

SCROPE1 William SCROPE Born: 1325, Masham, Yorkshire, England Died: 1367 Notes: Some confusion about this entrie. Perhaps the William Scrope who married Maud Neville was the son of Henry, first...

William le Scrope (c.1369 - d.)