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Agnes de Lea (Unknown) MP (c.1235 - d.)

Henry de Lea, Sheriff of Lancashire, [68] was born about 1235 in Lea Hall, Preston, Lancashire, England and died after 1283 of Lea Hall, Preston, Lancashire, England. He married a woman whose name is n...

Benjamin J. Lea MP (1772 - 1833)

The Heritage of Caswell County, North Carolina, Jeannine D. Whitlow, Editor (1985) at 350-351 (Article #436 "The Family and Ancestry of Benjamin J. Lea" by Francis Andrews Maloney, Jr.): "Benjamin J....

Catherine Ironmonger MP (1632 - d.)

Parents are from England.

Clémence De Lea (Banastre) MP (1260 - 1298)

Clémence Banastre was born about 1260 in Cheshire, England. She owned Mollington Banastre Manor, Cheshire, England. She died after 8 Feb 1299. She was also known as Clementia Banastre and Clemintina . ...

Elizabeth Clark (Lea) MP (1734 - 1806)

Henry de Lea, Governor of Lancaster MP (c.1177 - c.1208)

Henry de Lea , who is also sometimes called Henry de Lancasttre [1], was born in Kendal Castle, Westmoreland, England and died there after 1208. He was styled Baron of Kendal and governor of Lancaster ...

Henry de Lea, Sheriff of Lancashire MP (c.1235 - c.1289)

Henry de Lea , the son of John de Lea, was sheriff 11 Edward I or A.D. 1283. He died 17 Edward I, and was found possessed, by Inquisition taken that same year, of the manors of Chernok, Meles, Lea and ...

Isabella Graves (Lea) MP (c.1735 - 1796)

Isabella Lea (who signed her name "Isbell") was the daughter of James ("Country Line") Lea and Ann Herndon Lea. Not much information is available about Isabella. From the best evidence located, she was...

James Lea of Country Line Creek MP (c.1708 - 1792)

William, Nancy, Isabella, Adelphia, Luke, Major, John, Lucinda. from Caswell County Family Tree There is much speculation about who was the father of James Lea of Country Line Creek, but, in th...

James (Shoe-Boot) Lea MP (c.1765 - 1835)

James Lea (Shoo-Boot), and the cause of his nickname is left to one's imagination, and his brother John Lea (Canebrake) have been mentioned in many family legends. Both were sons of John Lea [Country L...

Jeremiah Lea MP (c.1774 - 1821)

Jeremiah Lea, died 1821, married 20 December 1797 in Caswell County, North Carolina to Mary Kerr, daughter of the Honorable John Kerr and Mary Graves. Jeremiah Lea and Mary Kerr had the following child...

John Lea of Country Line MP (c.1735 - 1803)

John (Country Line) Lea (c. 1744-1803) Parents: James "Country Line" LEA b: 1706 in St. Stephen's Parish, King & Queen Co, VA & Nancy Anne Tolbert HERNDON b: 1706 in King & Queen Co, VA Married...

John (Canebrake) Lea, Jr. MP (c.1766 - 1839)

Note that one researcher claims That John (Canebrake) Lea was married twice: first to Polly Stevens/Stephens, and then to Hanna Slade. Source: Lea Families in Caswell & Person Counties North Carolina, ...

Lucinda Lea MP (c.1746 - 1769)

Isabella Lea, b. c. 1735, King and Queen Co., VA; Lucinda Lea, b. c. 1746 St. Georges Parish, Spottsylvania Co., Va ; and Adelphia (or Delphia, and speculated also as Philadelphia) b. c. 1748 St. Georg...

Luke Lea, US Representative MP (1783 - 1851)

) US Congressman. He was elected as a Jacksonian to represent Tennessee's 3rd Congressional District in the United States House of Representatives, serving from 1833 to 1837. Luke Lea (January 21, ...

Major Tillman Lea, Sr. MP (c.1742 - 1843)

In 1832 Major Lea applied for a Revolutionary War pension in Claiborne County, Tennessee. However, he failed to provide adequate proof of service. It appears that he was a veteran as the 1779 tax list ...

Mary Elizabeth (Lea) Morphis MP (1848 - 1900)

Birth: Mar. 22, 1848 Death: Feb. 12, 1900 Family links: Parents: Herndon R. Lea (1816 - 1891) Martha Love Lea (1822 - 1848) Spouse: Leonard Alexander Morphis (1829 - 1899) Children: Alpho...

Mary "Polly" Lea (Kerr) MP (1779 - 1828)

Parents: John Hosea Kerr Sr. b: 29 JAN 1754 & Mary Graves b: 26 JAN 1754 in James City County, Virginia Benjamin Lea and his brother Jeremiah Lea married two Kerr sisters, Nancy and Mary. The H...

Nancy Lea MP (deceased)

Notes: The Heritage of Caswell County, North Carolina, Jeannine D. Whitlow, Editor (1985) at 353 (Article #439, "James Lea (Shoo-Boot)" by Katharine Kerr Kendall): "John Lea (Canebrake) and Jam...

Philadelphia Leigh MP (c.1682 - 1754)

Sybil de Lea, Lady of Mollington MP (1283 - 1330)

Sybil de Lea, Lady of Mollington , was born 1284 in Molynton, Banastre, Cheshire, England. Parents: Sir William de Lea , Lord of Molynton-Banastre (born about 1237 in Amounderness, Lancashire, Englan...

Thomas Egerton Lea Leigh Lee, Sir MP (1739 - c.1781)

There were two separate Thomas Lee's alive at this time - Thomas son of Richard Lee and Judith Steptoe and Thomas Lee son of John Lee Esq. The correct Bible reference for this Thomas - of Ditchley - ...

William Leigh / Lea / Lee MP (c.1623 - c.1663)

Differing merge death dates: c. 1701 vs. c. 1663

Sir William de Lea, Baron of Kendall MP (c.1258 - 1302)

Sir William de Lea , Baron of Kendall . He was born about 1258 in Kendall, Westmorland, England [68] and died about 1302. of Lea Hall, Preston, Lancashire, England. Parents: Henry de Lea , Sheriff of...

William Lea, Jr. MP (1623 - 1663)

William Lea came to New England from London in the ship 'Planter' in 1635 at age 16.

Lea (deceased)

Lea (1856 - d.)

Lea (Major Lea) (deceased)

Lea (1879 - c.1941)

LEA (b. - 1944)

Lea (deceased)

.......... Lea (deceased)

? Lea (deceased)

? Lea (deceased)

? Feigl-Lea (b. - 1941)

? Moses Lea (deceased)

A. Blanchard Lea (deceased)

A.G. LEA (deceased)

Abiah Lea (Wilbur) (1714 - 1792)

Abiah Lea (deceased)

Abigail Walton (Lea) (1731 - 1796)

marrage, 21 Jun 1756 in Bromyard, Herefords, England.

Abigail Lea (Coomby) (1704 - 1774)

Abigail Lea (deceased)

Abijah Lea (1733 - 1827)

Abner Lea (c.1770 - c.1820)

Abner James Lea (c.1849 - d.)

Abner Lea (deceased)

Abraham Lamb Lea (1861 - 1863)

Abram Lea (1842 - 1866)

Absolom Lea (deceased)

Archibald Alfred Lea (1890 - 1933)

Ada Clara Howell (Lea) (1953 - 1991)

Ada Belle Lea (deceased)

Adaline Lea (1808 - d.)

Adele-Helene Lea (Olla) (1900 - 1989)

Adelphia Lea (c.1748 - 1813)

Isabella Lea, b. c. 1735, King and Queen Co., VA; Lucinda Lea, b. c. 1746 St. Georges Parish, Spottsylvania Co., Va; and Adelphia (or Delphia, and speculated also as Philadelphia) b. c. 1748 St. George...

Agusta Linstrum (Lea) (deceased)

Agustina de Lea-Plaza y Mendieta (deceased)

Agustina de Lea-Plaza y Hevia (deceased)

Agustín Martínez de Lea Plaza y Guerrero (deceased)

Agustín de Lea-Plaza y Mendieta (1731 - d.)

Aksel Julius Lea (Laumets) (1922 - 1944)

Col. Albert M Lea, CSA (1808 - 1891)

Albert Miller Lea, soldier and engineer, was born in Knoxville, Tennessee, on July 17, 1808, the younger brother of Pryor Lea. He entered the United States Military Academy at West Point on July 1, 1...

Albert David Lea (1862 - d.)

albert (deceased)

Albert Lea (deceased)

Col. Albert M Lea, CSA (1805 - 1891)

Albert Miller Lea, a prominent chief engineer of the State of Tennessee, was born in Knoxville in 1805. Lea learned his engineering skills in the army. He entered West Point and graduated fifth in a ...

Alexander Lea (1797 - 1828)

Alexander Lea (c.1792 - d.)

Alexander Lea (c.1776 - d.)

Alexander Lea (c.1831 - d.)

Alf Lea (1915 - 1991)

Alfred Lea (deceased)

Alfred Graham Lea (1919 - d.)

Alfredo Lea-Plaza Jencquel (deceased)

Alfredo Lea-Plaza Sáenz (deceased)

Alice Lea (deceased)

ALICE LEA (BOUSE) (1871 - 1901)

alice lea (c.1840 - d.)

ALICE LEA (1900 - 1900)

Alice Hildred Lea (McDonald) (1919 - 1952)

Alice Alma Lea (1887 - 1974)

Alide Marie Kaur (Lea) (1887 - 1968)

Alide Laasmaa (Lea) (1900 - d.)

Alide Märtins (Lea) (1893 - 1951)

Aliide Kustavi t. Nõmme (Lea) (1899 - c.1978)


Allister Lea (1652 - d.)

Alma Jõgi (Lea) (1912 - 1987)

Alma Pauline Mägi (Lea) (1894 - 1987)

Alma Lea (b. - 1965)

Alvis Lea (1784 - 1828)

Alzada Allie Lea (Reynolds) (1884 - 1958)

Burial: Holliday Cemetery Holliday Archer County Texas, USA

Amalia Gutiérrez de Lea Plaza (deceased)

Amalie Alide Helene Lea (Juhkam) (1887 - 1922)

Ame STRONG (LEA) (deceased)

Amelia Edith Crowfoot (Lea) (1869 - 1960)

Amelia Edith Crowfoot (Lea) (1896 - 1960)