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Basil Leflore, Chief to the Choctaw Nation MP (1810 - d.)

Brazil LeFlore, 1859-1860 Served one year. Son of Louis LeFlore by his first wife, Nancy Cravatt. Three brothers, Greenwood, William, Ben; father of Campbell LeFlore of Oklahoma City; five sisters an...

Greenwood LeFlore, Chief to the Choctaw Nation MP (1800 - 1865)

Greenwood LeFlore or Greenwood Le Fleur (June 3, 1800 – August 31, 1865) was a mixed-race leader of the Choctaws who was also elected state legislator and senator in Mississippi. A wealthy and r...

Berta LeFlore (c.1775 - d.)

Achuka Stemeluka Leflore (deceased)

Andrew Jackson Lefleur (Leflore) (deceased)

Basil Leflore (deceased)

Benjamin Lefleur (Leflore) (1792 - d.)

Benjamin LeFlore (c.1790 - d.)

Benjamin Leflore (deceased)

Berta Okla LeFlore (Falya) (deceased)

Betsy Choate ( LeFlore) (deceased)

Brazile Leflore (deceased)

Carl LeFlore (1906 - 1990)

Carrie B. Larry-Leflore (deceased)

Catherine Young (LeFlore) (deceased)

Choctaw woman Leflore (deceased)

Clarence LeFlore (1886 - 1970)

Clarissa LeFlore (deceased)

Clarissa Gardner (LeFlore) (1792 - 1872)

Edmund LeFlore (1844 - c.1898)

birth: 1844 Indian Territory residence: 1900 ED 110 Township 4, Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory, United States child:Daniel Leflore NameEdmond Leflore Titles and Terms Event TypeCensus Event ...

ELIZA LeFLORE (deceased)

Eliza Elizabeth LeFlore (1790 - 1850)

Elizabeth Ann LEFLORE (1827 - 1866)

Elizabeth Leflore (Cody) (deceased)

Elizabeth Leflore (deceased)

Elizabeth LeFlore (deceased)

Emilee Carpenter (Leflore) (deceased)

Emily Lefleur (Leflore) (deceased)

Felicity Lefleur (Leflore) (deceased)

Felicity Long (Leflore) (deceased)

Flicity Leflore (1795 - d.)

Forbis LeFlore (1810 - d.)

Forbis Leflore (deceased)

Forbis LeFlore (deceased)

Grace Mcgee (deceased)

Greenwood Leflore (deceased)

Helen LeFlore (Bristow) (1911 - 1992)

Henrietta Gardner (LeFlore) (deceased)

Isaac LeFlore (deceased)

Isabella Leflore (deceased)

Isabella Brashears (LeFlore) (1804 - d.)

Isabella Emily "Sibell" LEFLORE was born about 1804. Parents: Major Louis LEFLORE and Rebecca CRAVAT. She was married to Vaughan BRASHEARS about 1819. Children were: Elizabeth "Eliza" BRASHEARS, Poll...

Isabelle LeFlore (deceased)

Israel LeFlore (c.1822 - d.)

Jackson LeFlore (deceased)

Jackson Leflore (deceased)

Jackson Leflore (1815 - d.)

Jacques Leflore (deceased)

Jane LeFlore Spring (deceased)

Jane Leflore (deceased)

Jean Batiste Leflore (deceased)

JEAN LEFLORE (deceased)

Jean Baptiste Le Flau or Leflore (1712 - 1780)

Parents Father: Jacques Le Flau Disc #87 Pin #413332 Mother: Magdeliene Vichet Disc #87 Pin #413333 Marriage(s) Spouse: Jeanne Boissinot Disc #87 Pin #413323 Marriage: 17 Jun 17...

John Donley Lefleur (Leflore) (1824 - 1884)

John Wesley Leflore (deceased)

John Leflore (deceased)

John Wesley LeFlore (1825 - 1881)

Johnny LeFlore (deceased)

Joseph LeFlore (deceased)

Judy Lynn Overall (Leflore) (1955 - 2006)

Lee LeFlore (deceased)

Levicy LeFlore (deceased)

Lincoln Leflore (deceased)

Louis Lefleur (Leflore), II (1762 - 1833)

Operating out of Natchez, Louis began trading with the Choctaw Nation around 1780. About 1790, he married Nancy and Rebecca Cravat, the wards of Chief Pushmataha of the Choctaw Nation, a group that all...

Louis Leflore (deceased)

Louis D. LeFlore (deceased)

Louisa Jones (LeFlore) (deceased)

Louisa LeFlore (deceased)

Lovey LeFlore (c.1834 - c.1887)

Lovie D. Matthews (Leflore) (1948 - 2009)

Luisa Harkins (LeFlore) (deceased)

Mahaley Mahalia LeFlore (Pickens) (c.1811 - 1916)

Marie Jean Leflore (Girard) (deceased)

Martha Leflore (Walker) (deceased)

Mary Smallwood (LeFlore) (1795 - 1836)

Mary LeFlore (c.1795 - d.)

Mary Juzan Leflore (deceased)

Mary Smallwood (Leflore) (1795 - 1836)

Mary Jane LeFlore (deceased)


Michael Mitchel LeFlore, Jr. (1807 - c.1870)

Michael H. LeFlore (deceased)

Michael LeFlore (1767 - 1832)

Michael Leflore (deceased)

Michael Leflore (deceased)

Micheal LeFlore (c.1827 - d.)

Millie LeFlore (deceased)

Millie LeFlore (c.1815 - d.)

Minnie LeFlore (deceased)

Nancy Leflore (Cravatt) (deceased)

Nancy LeFlore (deceased)

Nicey LeFlore (c.1814 - d.)

Patsey LeFleau LeFlore (deceased)

Pollee LeFlore (deceased)

Polly Lefleur (Leflore) (deceased)

Priscilla Leflore (Donley) (1817 - 1910)

Priscilla Leflore (Donly) (deceased)

Rebecca Leflore (deceased)

Rebecca Leflore (Cravatt) (deceased)

Rosanah S. Lefleur (Leflore) (Donley) (1804 - 1829)

Rossannah Leflore (Donly) (deceased)