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Beila - Rajsla Doner (Lewinstein) (c.1883 - d.)

Bajla-Rajsla Duner, from Serock, Poland, arrived in the USA on Nov 10, 1924 on the Leviathan, which departed from Southampton. Manifest Line Number 0019. (Passenger Records from Ellis Island) Since...

Bennet Lewinstein (1832 - 1911)

Rabbi Issachar Berish HaLevy Berenstein (1747 - 1802)

A.B.D. (Head of the Rabbinical Court of the town) of Hanover 1913--1996- The Eger Family Association- במשך ימי חייו גמר את הש"ס כ"ח פעמים, ובשנת תקס"א נתחתן עם הגאון רבי משולם איגרא, היינו כי בן הג...

Charles (Charlie) Lewinstein (1909 - 1999)

Charlie and Mannie made a living selling electrical parts. They both retired to Lake Worth, Florida. Social Security Death Index for "Charles Lewinstein" Charles Lewinstein First Name: Charles Last ...

Charlotte LEWINSTEIN (Cohen) (1914 - 2003)

Emanuel (Mannie) LEWINSTEIN (1913 - 2006)

Charlie and Mannie made a living selling electrical parts. They both retired to Lake Worth, Florida. Mannie was a US Veteran. He fought in the US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II.

Etta Lewinstein (LEWENSZTEIN) (1866 - 1867)

Golda Preiss (LEWINSTEIN) (b. - c.1942)

Golda lived in Busko, a health resort and spa town, 100 kms from Krakow on the N73 between Kielce and Tarnów.

Golda Gutman (Lewinstein Leinsztok Kleczewska) (c.1797 - 1879)

Golda Ryfka Lach (Lewinstein) (1861 - c.1941)

Yaakov Lach provided the following information on September 21, 2012: I have the marriage document of Golda and Szlama. It is in Russian, and was translated for me by Dr. Barry Sieger, as follows: ...

Golda Lewinstein (Michelson) (deceased)

Hirsch Lewinstein (deceased)

Isaac Ozer Lewinstein (deceased)

ר' יצחק עוזר מעיר מעזריטש במדינת פולין

Issachar Berish (Bernhard) Lewinstein, Rabbi (1821 - 1888)

Rabbi Issachar Berish (Bernhard) Lewinstein was born in 1821 and died 1888. He was born in Podlaski and elected A.B.D. Gyergyoszentkilos, Hungary. In 1857 is was elected as a preacher in Lvov. On the...

Ita Pearl LEWINSTEIN (c.1874 - d.)

Mark Wilbur Lewinstein (1892 - 1974)

Meir David Lewinstein (deceased)

Nana Ginendal (Lewinstein) (deceased)

Nathan (Nusyn) (Berkowicz) Lewinstein (1768 - 1834)

Neil Rosenstein has the birth date as 1774. Nathan was the A.B.D. (Av Beit Din - Head of the Rabbinical Court) of Lubartow. "While the rest of the family adopted the surname of Berenstein, he took th...

Rabbi Abram Abus LEWENSTEIN (1815 - 1868)

Rav Abish, of blessed memory, was one of the great scholars, a great-grandson of the genius Rav Avrahom Abish, of blessed memory, chief of the Jewish court of Frankfurt Am Main, and the renowned genius...

Rabbi Joseph Lewinstein (Lewensztein) (1842 - 1924)

LEWINSTEIN, JOSEPH BEN ABRAHAM ABUSH (b. 1840 NB - the records from Lublin list Joseph's birth year as 1842 ) Polish rabbi. Born in Lublin. Lewinstein was rabbi in Chorzele from I860 to 1868, in Zakl...

Sarah Lewinstein (1859 - 1941)

Sheina Sura Faiga Kronengold (Lewinstein) (1864 - d.)

Shulamith Lewinstein (deceased)

Sucher Berek (Dov?) Berish Lewinstein (1880 - 1941)

According to the "Sefer Serock", Berish was a man of letters and a public worker who lived in Warsaw. Moshe Evenary disputes this, saying that he was an artisan, not a man of letters. According to Ne...

Yudit (Hadassah) Lewinstein (Przysuskier / Nissels) (deceased)