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Adela Lim Lim-Planas MP

Adela Lim Planas-Paterno was crowned Miss Visayas at the 1939 Manila Carnival. More here:

Rosalina Cispon Lim MP (c.1913 - d.)

Rosalina Cispon Lim-Martinez was Miss Luzon at the 6th National Beauty Contest at the 1932 Manila Carnival. More here:

Lim Gim Tiew (deceased)

Lim Lai Sei (林来世) (deceased)

Leong Khoon Lim (deceased)

Lim (deceased)

Lim Kim Kow (deceased)

Lim (deceased)

Lim Chye Neo (deceased)

LIM Chin Choo (1911 - 1956)

Name Source: THIO Chan Boh family bible

林彩銮 (deceased)

Lim Sim Eng (deceased)

Lim (deceased)

Lim (deceased)

Lim Pack King (deceased)

Lim Tew Neo (deceased)

Lim (deceased)

Lim (deceased)

林仁娘 (deceased)

(Ah Mm) Lim (deceased)

(Ah Pong) Lim (deceased)

(Angeline) Poen Nio Lim (Lauw) (1920 - 2009)

(er jiu) Lim (deceased)

(Leung) Dong Ngan Lim (1910 - d.)

(Lola) Marquez Lim (deceased)

(Seng Hang) Lim (deceased)

* Lim (deceased)

- Lim (b. - 1977)

Lim --- (deceased)

1 Lim (deceased)

1st Mrs Lim (deceased)

2 Lim (deceased)

2 other sisters Lim (deceased)

2nd Aunty Lim (deceased)

2nd Mrs Lim (deceased)

2nd wife of Zou Li Ying (Lim) (deceased)

3 Lim (deceased)

3. Tek-khiong Lim (deceased)

4 Lim (deceased)

4TH UNCLE LIM (deceased)

? Lim (deceased)

? Lim (deceased)

LIM (surname): limb or branch of a tree; wood, tree, or forest; in China, people were named after their ancestral family trade, passed down through the generations; therefore, people with the surname L...

? Lim (deceased)

? Lim (deceased)

? Lim Soon (deceased)

? Lim (deceased)

? Lim (deceased)

? Lim (deceased)

? LIM (deceased)

? Lim (deceased)

? Lim (deceased)

? Lim (Lee) (deceased)

? Lim (deceased)

? Lim (deceased)

? Neo Lim (deceased)

? Yap Lim (deceased)

?? Lim (deceased)

?? Lim (deceased)

?? Lim (deceased)

Lim ?? 林?? (deceased)

?? Lim (c.1850 - d.)

?? Lim (deceased)

?? Lim (deceased)

?? Lim (deceased)

?? Lim (deceased)

?? Eng Lim (deceased)

?? wife Lim (deceased)

??? Lim (deceased)

??? Lim (deceased)

??? Lim (deceased)

Lim A Kie (deceased)

A Piang Lim (deceased)

A Toeng Lim (deceased)

AA Lim (deceased)

Abdul Wiwaha (Lim Tjin Gwee) (deceased)

Adelaida Laygo-Lim (deceased)

Adelina Herappa Lim, Gallo (1912 - d.)

Adelita Ranchez lim (ranchez) (deceased)

Adrian LIM (b. - 2004)

Adrian LIM (1942 - 1988)

•Education: Anglo-Chinese School •Death: 25 NOV 1988 in Changi Prison, Singapore of Hanged for Murder •Burial: NOV 1988 Mount Vernon Crematorium, Singapore •Note: Info from ...

Agam Lim (deceased)

Agatha Mui Eng Tan (Lim) (deceased)

Agatha Siow (Lim) (deceased)

agatha swee kim Lim heng (deceased)

Agathe Lim Kong (deceased)

Agnes Lucy Lim (1934 - 2005)

Agnes Lucy LIM (1934 - 2005)

Agripina Lim (deceased)

AGUS Salim (Lim Kim Seng) (1934 - 1995)

Agus Lesmana Lim An Pang (deceased)

Ah Lim (deceased)

Lim Ah Kim (deceased)

ah lek poon (lim) (1946 - d.)

Quek Ah Keow (deceased)

Ah Ang Lim (1941 - 2006)

Meng Jee, Lim (1941 - c.2006)

Ah Aun Lim (deceased)

Ah Bat Lim (Chua) (deceased)

Lim Ah Bee (deceased)

Ah Bey Lim (c.1930 - d.)