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Esperanza Escolar Limjap MP (1896 - 1978)

Esperanza Escolar Limjap-Osmeña was the second wife of Philippine President Sergio Osmeña and the First Lady during his term. The daughter of a wealthy Filipino-Chinese businessman, she w...

Felisa Escolar Limjap MP (deceased)

Felisa Escolar Limjap belonged to the court of the Queen of the Orient at the 1920 Manila Carnival.

Francisco Escolar Limjap MP (b. - 1975)

Francisco Escolar Limjap belonged to the Court of the Queen of the Orient at the 1920 Manila Carnival.

Leonarda Escolar Limjap MP (1890 - 1967)

Leonarda Escolar Limjap studied painting under Fabian de la Rosa and piano under Dona Ventura Galvez. The daughter of an affluent businessman, she was convent-educated and well-traveled. In 1908, she r...

Mariano Nolasco Limjap MP (1856 - 1926)

Mariano Nolasco Limjap was a prominent businessman, a patriot, and a philanthropist. He financed the activities of the revolutionary Katipunan, served as a member of the Revolutionary Congress and was ...

Gregorio Limjap (deceased)

Joaquin Limjap (b. - c.1888)

Jose Escolar Limjap (deceased)

Maria ESCOLAR LIMJAP (deceased)

Mariano Limjap (deceased)

Paciencia Escolar Limjap (deceased)

Perico Escolar Limjap (b. - c.1943)