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Jacob Lineberry, III MP (1751 - 1821)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for NORTH CAROLINA. DAR Ancestor # A070644 Jacob Lineberry, III was born in 1751 in Brunswick, Germany to Jacob Leyenberger, Jr. and Catherine . He married Mary C...

"Unknown" Lineberry (deceased)

(Female) Lineberry (1954 - 1954)

(John M?) Odell Lineberry (1868 - d.)

(Nancy?) Jennie Lineberry (1866 - 1909)

The 1880 census has her name as Nancy J. Lineberry.

Aaron Lineberry (deceased)

Abbie Lineberry (Culp) (1886 - d.)

Ada Lineberry (Taylor) (c.1889 - d.)

Name also found spelled "Ida."

Ada Rosette Lineberry (Hackett) (1873 - 1961)

Find A Grave Memorial# 64076818 (Mary Fry Stevens) Obituary is located at the Randolph County Library Archives. Married her third cousin. First name may be Gradie as listed in the 1920 census.

Adaline Lineberry (Ballard) (1848 - d.)

Adam Lineberry (1788 - 1863)

Addie Lineberry (Crews) (deceased)

Addison Lineberry (deceased)

Adonijah K Lineberry (1847 - 1912)

Agnes Lineberry (Hamilton) (deceased)

Albert Lineberry (1870 - c.1925)

Albert A Lineberry (deceased)

Albert Lineberry (1827 - d.)

May be the Albert M Lineberry who was a Confederate soldier in NC. 22nd Regiment, NC infantry. Company L. Rank in: Private. Rank out: Sergeant. Regiment: 22nd Infantry Regiment North Carolina Date o...

Alcy Margaret Lineberry (Landreth) (1883 - 1968)

Alese Laverne Lineberry (1923 - 1935)

Find A Grave Memorial# 38429874 (Kent D. Myrick) The Cemetery Census for Grays Chapel lists two death months for Alese: March and May. March is the correct value. Her obituary is located at the Ran...

Alexander N Lineberry (CSA) (1842 - 1909)

May be the Alexander N Lineberry who was a Confederate soldier in NC. 26th Regiment, NC infantry. Company G. Rank: Private. He enlisted June 3, 1862 in Chatham County, NC at the age of 20. He mustered ...

Alexander Abraham Lineberry (1833 - c.1913)

Alford Lineberry (c.1836 - 1908)

Alfred A Lineberry (1879 - d.)

Alfred Lineberry (1844 - d.)

Alfred Balfour Lineberry (c.1856 - 1917)

He was a prosperous farmer and a big stock dealer. Lived near Hale, MO.

Alfred Dennison Lineberry (1829 - 1874)

The Cemetery Census for Grays Chapel has his death date as the 24th instead of the 21st. Which is correct? May be the Alf D Lineberry who was a Confederate soldier in the 13th Battilion NC Light Arti...

Alfred D Lineberry (1885 - 1935)

Could be Alfred Dennis Lineberry (b. 1/17/1885) listed on the Randolph County Birth list. If he is Alfred Dennis, I have a WWI registration card for him.

Alfred Lineberry (1821 - d.)

Moved to Indiana. Died sometime before 1918. Someone who left notes on a copy of W. S. Lineberry's autobiography has his wife's name as Polly Robertson. The marriage date is listed as July 13, 1838. Th...

Alice R Lineberry (1881 - d.)

Alice Lineberry (1893 - d.)

Alice Brookshire (Lineberry) (1879 - 1961)

Married Cyrus Brookshire.

Allan Roy Lineberry (deceased)

Allen Journal Lineberry (1838 - 1900)

May be the Allen J Lineberry who enlisted in the Carroll County, VA Militia Infantry Regiment as a Private. Find A Grave Memorial# 59735869

Almira Eleanor Lineberry (Johnson) (c.1895 - 1976)

Alson G Lineberry (1847 - d.)

Died sometime before 1918.

Alva/Alvira Lineberry (Reece) (1823 - d.)

Alverda A Lineberry (deceased)

Alverdo Lineberry (deceased)

Alverta Lineberry (1886 - d.)

Amanda J Goings (Lineberry) (1866 - 1946)

Amanda Jane Allred (Lineberry) (1856 - 1903)

Ambrose Lineberry (1832 - d.)

Anderson L Lineberry (deceased)

Andrew Lineberry (1893 - d.)

Andrew R Lineberry (deceased)

Andrew Lineberry (1892 - d.)

Andy Lineberry (deceased)

Died young.

Ann Lineberry (Graves) (deceased)

Anna "Emma" Jones (1859 - d.)

Sources: (who got it from )

Anne Lineberry (Donics) (1909 - 1990)

Her parents are Frank Donics (1874-1925) and Susan Magella (1883-1968).

Annie E Routh (Lineberry) (1886 - d.)

May be the same as

Annie Lineberry (Osborne) (deceased)

Possible daughter Annie E Mills (based on 1910 census).

Annie Mae Sumner (Lineberry) (1910 - d.)

Annie Ethel Lineberry (Dunn) (1887 - 1971)

Find A Grave Memorial# 28734355 (Barbara Shellito)

Annie Alice Lineberry (1923 - 1986)

Find A Grave Memorial# 57874103 (Patrick Swartz)

Annie Victorian Lineberry (1887 - 1909)

Ardelia Lineberry (deceased)

Ardella Jane Caudle (Lineberry) (1837 - 1883)

Find A Grave Memorial# 81807594 (Polly Fry Hagerman)

Arenia Landreth (Lineberry) (1847 - 1919)

Arlando Wood Lineberry (1824 - 1899)

"Rev. A. W. Lineberry (1824-1899), an ancestor of the Gray's Chapel Lineberry's, was born near New Salem and was called to preach at age 25. He was an active minister of the Methodist Protestant Church...

Arlena Emerson (Lineberry) (1831 - 1891)

May not have married George. May have been her sister Letha to marry George.

Arlendo Wood Lineberry (1871 - 1913)

Arminta C Lineberry (Lawson) (1886 - 1980)

Armisa/Armedia/Armisey Smith (Lineberry) (1849 - d.)

Sources: (who got it from )

Arpha Jo Cast Merinda Jenny Lineberry (Jennings) (1892 - d.)

Artha Adline Linville (Lineberry) (1919 - 1991)

Athena Lineberry (Brown) (1832 - d.)

Atlas J Lineberry (deceased)

Augusta Lineberry (Blakely) (1859 - 1911)

Ernest Harrison's WWI registration card says that he was taking care of her in 1917, but I have that she died in 1911. When did she die?

Augusta Aldridge (Lineberry) (1873 - 1953)

Find A Grave Memorial# 50146052 (Kent D. Myrick) From Find A Grave: "She was Augusta A. Lineberry, age 7, in the 1880 census, daughter of Scott and Louisa Lineberry. But thereafter she was always l...

Barbara Euliss (Lineberry) (1774 - 1836)

Barbara Lineberry (1792 - 1854)

Married Sept 6 1811 in Orange, NC. Husband unknown.

Barbara Hart (Lineberry) (1794 - 1860)

Beatrice Lineberry (1867 - 1869)

Bedy E Lineberry (Smith) (deceased)

Berlin Lineberry (deceased)

Bernita May Curtess (Lineberry) (1904 - 1967)

Bessie L Lineberry (1893 - d.)

Bessie Lee Redding (Lineberry) (1892 - 1966)

Find A Grave Memorial# 50203436 There are also records for two more children for Bessie and William Arthur: an unknown child born Oct 25, 1918 in Randolph, NC and Fred Joe Redding born June 8, 1922 i...

Bessie Lineberry (Bauman) (deceased)

Betsy Lineberry (deceased)

Bettie Lineberry (Nixon) (1883 - d.)

Bettie Griswold (Lineberry) (c.1857 - c.1918)

Died sometime before 1918.

Betty Lineberry (1883 - 1954)

This is Alfred's wife, not his sister.

Betty Jo Kime (Lineberry) (1929 - 2007)

May have been married to Robert Bender Kime, Jr (born July 23, 1948 and died Mar 15, 2006) who is listed on the Bethany United Methodist Church Cemetery Census.

Betty Lineberry (deceased)

Betty Lineberry (Burns) (deceased)

Birtha M Lineberry (deceased)

Bobby R Lineberry (McDonald) (1932 - d.)

Find A Grave Memorial# 54639216 (kent shepard)

Bonnie H Lineberry (David) (1911 - 2002)

Burgess Aaron Lineberry (deceased)

Burton Roland Lineberry (1892 - d.)

May be the Burton Abraham Lincoln Lineberry born Aug 4, 1899. I have a WWI registration card for him.

Byrom Lineberry (deceased)

C. Etha Lineberry (1888 - 1972)

Callie Lineberry (1889 - d.)

Callie Lineberry (1872 - 1886)

Cara/Carrie Lineberry (Coulson) (deceased)

Carl Thomas Lineberry (1897 - 1955)

Another child is listed in the NC births, Sylvia Lineberry, born July 8, 1928 in Randolph, NC. Find A Grave lists a Sylvia Jean as his child also. Find A Grave Memorial# 546116 (kent shepard)

Carrie Cross (Lineberry) (deceased)