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3-בת Dgt.3 of Rabbi Shmuel Lask Lipschitz (CATZ Ha Cohen of Lask) MP (deceased)

Georgia Gibbs MP (1919 - 2006)

Find a Grave Birth: Aug. 17, 1919 Death: Dec. 9, 2006 Singer. A native of Worcester, Massachusetts, Gibbs was one of the more popular singers of the 1950s. Known as 'Her Nibs, Miss Georgia Gibb...

Mrs. Abraham Luria (Lipschitz) MP (deceased)

Rebecca Auerbach (Lipschitz) MP (deceased)

Lipschitz (deceased)

Isenberg (Lipschitz) (deceased)

(Izrael) Isser Hersz Lipschitz (1806 - 1875)

? Lipschitz (deceased)

? Lipschitz (Low) (deceased)

? Lipschitz (deceased)

Aaron Lipschitz (deceased)

Aaron Zelig Lipschitz (deceased)

Abraham Lipschitz (deceased)

Mentioned as brother-in-law of Rabbi S. J. Friederman in articleon Bar Mitzvah of Louis Friederman appearing in the Boston Globe, December 10, 1904.

Adeline Lipschitz (c.1903 - d.)

Adolf (Abraham) Lipschitz (1861 - 1939)

Adolf Lipschitz was a Jewish patient in a hospital near Poznan. In November 1939 his father who lived in Warsaw was summoned to Gestapo headquarters and presented with a bill for his son's treatment,...

Aharon Selig Lipschitz (deceased)

Alfons Lipschitz (1853 - 1904)

Amalia Lipschitz (1855 - d.)

Amelia Loewe (Lipschitz) (1899 - 1983)

Find A Grave Memorial# 53604905

Anna Channa FRIEDBERG LIPSCHiTZ (1881 - 1929)

"Marriage records from Krakow 1902 FRIEDBERG Anna Chana Krakow 1902 LIPSCHiTZ Izrael Krakow

Anne-Marie Lipschitz (deceased)

Aryeh Leibish Lipschitz (deceased)

Avraham Ish Lipschitz (deceased)

Barb (Esther) Berman (Lipschitz) (deceased)

Bashka/Bessie Lifschitz Lubin (1893 - c.2000)

Bat Levinthal (Lipschitz) (deceased)

Beila Rochel Kapulsky (Lipschitz) (deceased)


Brooklyn, New York, United States

Bernard LIPSCHITZ (1903 - 1990)

Betsy Lipschitz (deceased)

Betty Lipschitz (c.1864 - 1864)

Celia Lipschitz (deceased)

Chaim Lipschitz (deceased)

Chaim Lipschitz (deceased)

Chana Lipschitz (deceased)

Chana Libe(Anna) Engel (Lipschitz) (1863 - d.)

Chane Lipschitz (1855 - d.)

Chane Lipschitz (1830 - d.)

Chasya Lifshitz (Hasia Lipschitz) (deceased)

chaya rochel Olga Lipschitz (1921 - d.)

Chaye Beyle Lipschitz (1854 - d.)

Clara Lipschitz (1900 - d.)

Clara (Cohen) Lipschitz (deceased)

Clara Lipschitz (Shur) (c.1889 - 1949)

David Lipschitz (deceased)

David Lipschitz (1857 - c.1936)

1920 census reports that he lived at 570 Cleveland, Brooklyn, NY. Occupation as clothing store manager.

Dora Lipschitz (Brenner) (deceased)

Dora Lipschitz (Edinger) (1894 - d.)

Doreen Goldstein (Lipschitz) (1921 - 1996)

Doreen Goldstein (Lipschitz) (deceased)

Dorothy Dickstein (Lipschitz) (deceased)

Dvora Dubtche Lipschitz (deceased)

Dwora Lipschitz (1833 - d.)

Edie (Lipschitz) Dishy (deceased)

Eidle Adel Eda Kaplan/Lipschitz (Mirvis) (c.1879 - c.1965)

Eli Lipschitz (deceased)

Eliazer Tzvi Lipschitz (deceased)

Eliezer Lipschitz (deceased)

Elimelech אלימלך Lifshitz ליפשיץ (Lipschitz) (1900 - 1952)

אנציקלופדיה דוד תדהר

Elsa Lipschitz (deceased)

Eric Lipsey (Lipschitz) (1911 - d.)

Etta Cantor (Lipschitz) (1884 - 1935)

Fani Lipschitz (Bischitz) (c.1866 - d.)

Fanny Gordon (Lipschitz) (1875 - 1922)

Feigele Rotenberg - Alter (LIPSCHITZ) (deceased)

Feigele Alter (Lipschitz) (deceased)

Florie Lipschitz (Sherman) (1897 - 1942)

Written by Celan "the dead fugue" Black milk of daybreak we drink you at night we drink you at noon death comes as a master from Germany we drink you at nightfall and morning we drink you and dri...

Freda Lipschitz (deceased)

Freide Treller (Lipschitz) (1887 - d.)

Frieda Lipschitz (1862 - d.)

Frieda LIPSCHITZ (1912 - 1975)

Frieda Lubowski (Lipschitz) (1883 - 1961)

Frumet Lipschitz (deceased)

Genja Lifshitz (Genya Lipschitz) (deceased)

George Lipschitz (1914 - 1984)

Gershon Lipschitz (1833 - c.1896)

Gertrud Lipschitz (1860 - 1930)

Ghita "Yetty" (deceased)

Sima Getel Werner (Lipschitz) (1837 - 1906)

Gole Lipschitz (Bass) (deceased)

Gussie Feingold (Lipschitz) (1881 - 1987)

Hanna Wasserman (Lipschitz) (deceased)

Wasserman Khana Khana Wasserman nee Lipschitz was born to Shimon Zeev and Frumeta. She was married to Ytzkhak Yaakov. Prior to WWII she lived in Warszawa, Poland. During the war she was in Warszawa, ...

Harry Lipschitz (1905 - 1963)

Haya Lipschitz (Chemerinsky) (deceased)

Hazel (1921 - 1999)

Helena Lipschitz (1931 - 1942)

Extract from Celan " The dead Fugue" Black milk of daybreak we drink it at evening we drink it at midday and morning we drink it at night we drink and we drink we shovel a grave in the air ther...

Henrik Lipschitz (deceased)

Herman (Hirsch) LIPSCHITZ (b. - 1941)

Hinda Lipschitz (deceased)

Ida Lipschitz (c.1884 - d.)

Ida Lipschitz (Pascha) (1832 - 1922)

Ignacz Lipschitz (c.1857 - c.1930)

Isaac Lipschitz (c.1883 - d.)

Isaac Josinot ABD Posen Lipschitz (deceased)

Isaac Natan LIPSCHITZ (deceased)

Shaya Lipschitz (1806 - d.)

Israel Lipschitz (b. - 1621)

Ite Lipschitz (1810 - d.)

Izak LIPSCHUTZ Lipschitz (1882 - 1913)

Marriage records from Krakow 1906 FRIEDBERG Chaja - Hinde Krakow 1906 LIPSCHUTZ/Lipschitz Izak Krakow