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Georgia Gibbs MP (1919 - 2006)

Find a Grave Birth: Aug. 17, 1919 Death: Dec. 9, 2006 Singer. A native of Worcester, Massachusetts, Gibbs was one of the more popular singers of the 1950s. Known as 'Her Nibs, Miss Georgia Gi...

Hal Linden MP

Hal Linden (born March 20, 1931) is an American stage and screen actor, television director and musician. Linden began his career as a big band musician and singer in the 1950s. After a stint in the Un...

Mrs. Abraham Luria (Lipschitz) MP (deceased)

Mrs. Jehiel Luria (Lipschitz) MP (deceased)

Pesla Lipschitz (child #3 Shmuel Catz) MP (deceased)

Her name was Pesla. Source is the register of residents of Piotrkow, entry for Meszulem and Estera née Lipszyc Horowicz. By Simon Sreberny

Rebecca Auerbach (Lipschitz) MP (deceased)

Lipschitz (deceased)

Lipschitz (deceased)

Isenberg (Lipschitz) (deceased)

Lipschitz (deceased)

(Izrael) Isser Hersz Lipschitz (1806 - 1875)

* Lipschitz (deceased)

** Lipschitz (deceased)

*** Lipschitz (deceased)

**** Lipschitz (deceased)

***** Lipschitz (deceased)

Menachem Mendel Lipszyc (deceased)

1. ARTURO LIPSCHITZ (Stark) (1914 - 1980)

2. Giorgio Lipschitz (Stark) d.Milano (1920 - 2004)

2. Jeremus Eugenio Lipschitz (Stark) (Auschwitz) (1883 - 1944)

3. EFRAIM LIPSCHITZ - YAROM (Stark) living (1919 - d.)

4. Paula "Pepi" Lipschitz (Stark) Auschwitz (1887 - 1944)

5. Hermina Lipschitz (Stark) (ISRAEL) (1892 - 1967)

6. Armin Lipschitz (Stark) (1894 - d.)

7. Nicoleto Lipschitz (Stark) (1900 - d.)

? Lipschitz (deceased)

? Lipschitz (deceased)

? Lipschitz (deceased)

? Ginz-Schlesinger (Lipschitz) (deceased)


? Lipschitz (deceased)

? lipschitz (deceased)

? Lipschitz (deceased)

? Lipschitz (Low) (deceased)

? Lipschitz (deceased)

? Lipschitz (deceased)

??? Lipschitz (deceased)

??? Lipschitz (Lipps) (deceased)

Aaltje Lipschitz (deceased)

aaron lipschitz (deceased)

Aaron Lipschitz (deceased)

Aaron Lipschitz (deceased)

Aaron Lipschitz (deceased)

Aaron Lipschitz (deceased)

Aaron Lipschitz (deceased)

Aaron Lipschitz (c.1853 - 1946)

Aaron Moses Lipschitz (deceased)

Aaron Zelig Lipschitz (deceased)

Abe Lipschitz (deceased)

R' Abraham Joseph Lipschitz (deceased)

Abraham Lipschitz (1874 - 1923)

Abraham Lipschitz (c.1844 - 1923)

Abraham Lipschitz (1882 - 1947)

ABRAHAM LIPSCHITZ (c.1836 - 1880)

Abram Tow (Lipschitz) (deceased)

Abram Itzik LIPSCHITZ (c.1852 - d.)

Adeline Lipschitz (c.1903 - d.)

Adeline Schonfrucht (Lipschitz) (c.1930 - d.)

Adolf (Abraham) Lipschitz (1861 - 1939)

Adolf Lipschitz was a Jewish patient in a hospital near Poznan. In November 1939 his father who lived in Warsaw was summoned to Gestapo headquarters and presented with a bill for his son's treatment,...

Adolph Lipschitz (deceased)

Aharon Lipschitz (deceased)

Aharon Selig Lipschitz (deceased)

Aidel Lipschitz (Roth) (deceased)

Albert Lipschitz (deceased)

Alexander Lipschitz (1900 - 1976)

Alexander Lipschitz (1864 - 1936)

Alfons Lipschitz (1853 - 1904)

Alfred Lipschitz (deceased)

Alfred Lipschitz (1884 - c.1942)

Alfred Lipschitz (deceased)

Alice Lipschitz (1902 - 1902)

Alicia Lipschitz (deceased)

Alta Chaya Lipschitz (deceased)

Alta Chaya Lipschitz (deceased)

Amalia Philipp (Lipschitz) (b. - 1942)

Amalia Lipschitz (1855 - d.)

Amelia Loewe (Lipschitz) (1899 - 1983)

Find A Grave Memorial# 53604905

Amelia (Millie) Schavitch (Lipschitz) (1860 - 1929)


<private> Gibson (Lipschitz)

Andrea Lipschitz (deceased)

Ann Lipschitz (Teitelbaum?) (deceased)

Ann Lipschitz (deceased)

Ann Lee (Lipschitz) (deceased)

Anna Channa FRIEDBERG LIPSCHiTZ (1881 - 1929)

"Marriage records from Krakow 1902 FRIEDBERG Anna Chana Krakow 1902 LIPSCHiTZ Izrael Krakow

Anna Roth (Lipschitz) (deceased)

Anna LIPSCHITZ (1876 - d.)

Anna (Lipschitz) (deceased)

Anna (Chana) Lipschitz (Summer) (1912 - 1995)

Anna Natalie Bettelheim (Anna Natalie Lipschitz) (deceased)

Anne Geft (Lipschitz) (1923 - c.1999)

Anne Robbins (Lipschitz) (deceased)

Anne Green (Lipschitz) (deceased)

Anne Lipschitz (deceased)

Anne Lipschitz (deceased)

Anne Raibmon (Lipschitz) (b. - 1988)

RAIBMON, Anne on thursday, February 4,1988. Anne Raibman, loving mother and mother-in-law of David and Jane, and Heather and Michael Baroff of California. Dear sister and sister-in-law of Rose Harris, ...

Anne Lipshitz Lipschitz (deceased)

Anne Chana Lipschitz (Woolfowitz) (deceased)

Anne-Marie Lipschitz (deceased)

Annie Lipschitz (Berman) (c.1880 - d.)