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Adela Lizares-Mapa MP (c.1861 - d.)

Adela Lizares-Mapa was among the co-founders of the Asilo de San Vicente de Paul in Molo, Iloilo. Under the care of the Sisters of the Daughters of Charity, the institution was once a refuge for the ho...

Efigenio Treyes Lizares MP (b. - 1902)

Efigenio Treyes Lizares descended from the old families of Minuluan, now Talisay City. He was a prosperous "patron" with farm holdings and various business interests. He died shortly after the birth of...

Adela Lizares (deceased)

Agueda Treyes Lizares (deceased)

Agueda Treyes Lizares (deceased)

Amelia Lizares-Marquinez (deceased)

Amelo Treyes Lizares (deceased)

Antonio Alunan Lizares (deceased)

antonio lizares (deceased)

Antonio Ma. Lizares (1889 - 1893)

Araceli Lizares (deceased)

Asuncion Lizares (deceased)

Aurora Rafaela Treyes Lizares (deceased)

Auterio Lizares (deceased)

Auterio Lizares (deceased)

Baby Antonio Lizares (deceased)

Bernavela Lizares (Treyes) (deceased)

Bienvenido Mario Treyes Lizares (deceased)

nene carling (1928 - 2001)

Carmela Perez Lizares (deceased)

Carmen Lopez Lizares (deceased)

Casia Eustaquia Treyes Lizares (deceased)

Celsa Alunan Lizares (deceased)

Celsa Lizares Kilayko (Alunan - Lizares) (c.1887 - c.1978)

Corazon Lizares-Jalandoni (b. - 1991)

Crisogono Montebon Lizares (deceased)

Dario Infante Lizares (deceased)

Dario Perez Lizares (deceased)

Democrita Lizares de Oca (Lizares) (1868 - 1908)

Dolores Alunan Lizares (deceased)

Dolores Alunan Lizares (1876 - 1933)

Dolores Alunan Lizares (1876 - 1933)

domingo lizares (deceased)

Domingo, Sr. Lizares (deceased)

Efigenia Graciana Lizares-Paredes (c.1896 - c.1965)

Efigenio Lizares (deceased)

Efigenio Lizares (deceased)

Efigenio Lizares (deceased)

Emilianito Gamboa Lizares (deceased)

Emiliano Alunan Lizares (deceased)

emma gonzaga lizares (1925 - d.)

Encarnacion Alunan Lizares, II (deceased)

Enrique Eusebio Alunan Lizares (deceased)

Erlinda Perez Lizares (deceased)

Exequiel Montebon Lizares (deceased)

Faustina Treyes Lizares (deceased)

felicisima lizares (tabujara) (deceased)

Felisa Alunan Lizares (deceased)

Felisa Jalandoni (Alunan Lizares) (deceased)

felix alunan lizares (deceased)

Felix Alunan Lizares (1892 - 1972)

Francisco Montebon Lizares (deceased)

Generosa B. Lizares (1914 - 1979)

George Lizares (deceased)

Heriberto Rodriguez Lizares (1922 - 1991)

Isidro Lizares (deceased)

Jacinto Lizares (deceased)

Jacinto Treyes Lizares (deceased)

Jesus Lopez Lizares (deceased)

Jose Lizares (deceased)

Jose Diaz Lizares (1896 - 1902)

Jose Lizares (deceased)

Jose Lopez Lizares (deceased)

Josefina Lopez Lizares (deceased)

Juana Treyes Lizares (deceased)

Leticia Lizares (deceased)

Leticia "Letty" Lizares-del Rosario (1912 - d.)

Lourdes de Oca Lizares (deceased)

Lucrecia Gregoria Treyes Lizares (deceased)

Lydia Lizares (deceased)

Lydia Lopez Lizares (deceased)

Macario Montebon Lizares (deceased)

Magdalena Benitez lizares (deceased)

Margarita Lizares-Jimenez (1935 - 2006)

Maria Alunan Lizares, I (deceased)

Maria Alunan Lizares, II (deceased)

Maria Lizares (Alunan) (deceased)

Maring (1898 - 1995)

Maria Montebon Lizares (deceased)

Maria Encarnacion Alunan Lizares, I (deceased)

Maria Florinda Thelma Treyes Lizares (deceased)

Maria Socorro Treyes Lizares (deceased)

Marietta Alunan (Lizares) (deceased)

Mario A. Lizares (deceased)

Mario Miguel Alunan Lizares (deceased)

Mario Miguel Archangel Treyes Lizares (deceased)

Mercedes Lizares (deceased)

Mercedes Lizares Labayen (Lizares) (1903 - 1996)

Merle Lizares (Fontanilla) (deceased)

Nanntte Lizares (deceased)

Nicolas Lizares (deceased)

Nicolas Lizares (deceased)

Nicolas Alunan Lizares (deceased)

Nonata Treyes Lizares (deceased)

Ofelia Lopez Lizares (deceased)

Rafael Rodriguez Lizares (deceased)

Ramon de Oca Lizares (deceased)

Ramon Enrique Jr. "Monrique" Campos Lizares (deceased)

Remedios Gregoria Alunan Lizares, I (deceased)

Remedios Gregoria Alunan Lizares, II (c.1895 - c.1899)