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Abraham Loew MP (deceased)

Betzalel ben Yehuda Loew [Maharal gt.gdfather] / בצלאל בן יהודה לאו MP (c.1418 - d.)

Bezalel was the son of Yehuda Hazaken ben Bezalel Loew. He was Great Grandfather of the Maharal of Prague. He had a son Chaim Ben Bezalet Loew [Grandfather of Maharal]

Betzalel HaZaken ben Yehuda Loew [4th Maharal gt.gdfather] / בצלאל הזקן בן יהודה לאו MP (c.1342 - d.)

Rabbi Bezalel (Hazaken) ben Yehuda LOEB was reportedly a descendant of King David (91 generations earlier). (See Aryeh Lifschuetz, Avoth Atarah le-Banim, Warsaw (1927) p. 163 and The ESKELES Genealogy ...

Betzalel Loew [Maharal father] בצלאל לאו, אבי המהר"ל MP (1480 - 1539)

All Maharal Geanealogy is detailed here (Hebrew) ======= Betzalel ben Chaïm LOEW (LOEB) was born about 1480. Unlike his young brothers, stayed behind to help his father and did not pursu...

Rabbi Bezalel "Charif" Loew [Maharal son #1] בצלאל "חריף" לאו MP (c.1545 - 1600)

Rabbi Betzalel "Charif" LOEW (d. 1600 Cologne) was the firstborn son of the Maharal of Prague, Rabbi Judah LOEW. His descendants include 7 generations of Rabbis. * Rabbi Shmuel LOEW (b. 14 Jan. 1576,...

Chana Yona Helman-Loew [Maharal aunt] חיה יונה הלמן-לאו (Treves), אשת צבי הלמן MP (1500 - 1611)

Daughter of R'Betzalel Loew [Maharal sis. #1] בת בצלאל לאו MP (c.1506 - d.)

Devorah Leah Kerpil (Loew) MP (deceased)

Elazar Pilz "Shemen Rokeach" אלעזר שמן רוקח Löw (Loew) MP (1758 - 1837)

Famous Rabbi, known for his book "Shemen Rokeach" plus 11 others. He taught 2,000 Yeshivah students, and many miracle stories about him exist. At age 10 he was called illui - a prodigy in talmudic le...

Gitel Kitel Sarah Loew גיטל שרה לאו MP (deceased)

Gitele Maharal daughter גיטעלע ברנדייס Brandeis [Maharal daughter #2] גיטעלע ברנדייס (Loew) MP (c.1550 - 1635)

Eldest daughter (child #2) of The Maharal of Prague. Married Rabbi Simon (HaLevi) Brandeis in Prague. She died September 19, 1635. ז' בתשרי ה'^...

Gitl (Yuti) Elisheva Loew גיטל אלישבע לאו (Segal) MP (b. - 1618)

Gittel HaLevi [Maharsha mother] (Helman Loew) MP (c.1540 - d.)

צאצאית של: משפחת קלונימוס המפ�...

Hanna Enokh / חנה אנוך Enokh Loew / לאו [Maharal sis.-in-law #3] (Wessels) MP (c.1515 - d.)

Krasna bat Gabriel Loew / לאו MP (c.1558 - d.)

Leah Katz [Maharal daughter #5] לאה כץ, בת המהר"ל (Loew) MP (c.1555 - c.1578)

Lea LOEW, daughter no. 5 of the Maharal of Prague, married Rabbi Isaac (Jizchak) (Yitzhak) HaCohen Katz (Jacob Elhanan) (d. 30 May 1624 Prague), son of Rabbi Samson (Simson) COHEN. Lea LOEW died chil...

Luft (Lipet) Horowitz [Maharal Gd.dter] לופט הורוביץ, נכדת המהר"ל (Loew) MP (b. - 1613)

Lift LOEW (d. 1613 Prague) Daughter of Rabbi Bezalel "Charif", Maharal's son, m. Rabbi Pinhas HOROWITZ (d. 3.11.1653 Prague). They had no children. Rabbi Pinhas remarried.

Marcus Loew MP (1870 - 1927)

Producer and business tycoon Marcus Loew, a pioneer of the motion picture industry, was a key figure in the formation of MGM studios and founded the wide-spread chain of Loew's theaters. For his contri...

Moshe Loew [of Posen] משה לאו MP (1663 - 1736)

Mrs {Loew [3rd Maharal Gr.gdfather] ?} MP (deceased)

Mrs. Aryeh Zeev Loew MP (deceased)

Mrs. Betzalel אשת בצלאל Loew לאו (Issenheimer), [Maharal's mother - אם המהר"ל] MP (c.1480 - d.)

Mrs. Betzalel Ben Chaim LOEW, mother of the Maharal, was the daughter of Rabbi Chaim ISSEMHEIMER or the daughter of Rabbi Yitzchak KLOBER of Worms. They had four sons and three daughters - Tha Mahara...

Mrs. Betzalel ben Yehuda Loew [Gt.gdmother of Maharal] MP (deceased)

Mrs. Bezalel "Charif" Loew [Maharal Dau.-in-law] אשת בצלאל חריף MP (deceased)

Rabbi Betzalel Loew (d. 1600 Cologne) was the son of the Maharal of Prague, Rabbi Judah LOEW. Rabbi Bezalel "Charif" Loew and his wife's descendants include 7 generations of Rabbis.

Mrs. Rabbi Avigdor Kara [Maharal sis. #6] אשת אביגדור קארא MP (deceased)

Sister #6 of Maharal, 6th daughter of Rabbi Bezalel ben Chaim Loew & The daughter of either Rabbi Chaim Issemeimer or Rabbi Yitzhak Klober of Worms. Loebtree shows her as wife of Rabbi Avigdor Kara -...

Mrs. Shimshon Loew [Maharal sis-in-law] אשת שמשון לאו (d. Sh. Ashkenazi-Bak) MP (deceased)

Wife of Rabbi Shimshon Loew, Sister-in-law of Maharal

Mrs. Yehuda ben Betzalel {or ben Yitzhak} Loew [2nd Maharal gt.gdmother] / אשת יהודה בן בצלאל MP (deceased)

wife, Yehuda Leib Low - controversial generation / אשת יהודה לייב לאו MP (c.1600 - d.)

The [14.2] daughter of Yitzhak (Jitskhak) HaCohen, married [14.1] Yehuda LOEB ben Khaim (b. 1593 or 1595). (Note: Gilbert HENDLISZ skips this generation, and gives Rabbi Yehuda Lieb as the son of Rabbi...

Mrs. Zecharia Mendel Kloizner [Maharal sis. #5] אשת זכריה מנדל קלויזנר MP (deceased)

Sister of Maharal of Prague. Married Rabbi Zecharia Mendel Kloizner (the Elder) of Posen. They had a son Binyamin Beinush KLOIZNER (d. 1626) married Sarah (or Sarka) daughter of Naftali Zvi HIRSH or ...

Perel Loew [Maharal's wife] / פרל לאו אשת המהר"ל MP (1528 - 1610)

Disagreement about the year of birth - 1516 vs. 1528 (according to Judith Nathan's data). The Maharal's marriage to his wife Pearl has been surrounded by the Loew family chronicler, Meir Perles, with...

Perl? haLevi / פרל הלוי מהורוביצה MP (deceased)

Rabbi Aryeh Zeev Loew MP (deceased)

Chaim Loew-Beer [Maharal Gd.father] חיים לאו, סב המהר"ל MP (1450 - 1565)

-------------------- Rabi of Worm (ווירמיזא) -------------------- Rabbi Chaim LOEW-BEER (born about 1450 or 1480 Isenheim, Alsace, France, ...

Rabbi Chaim Loew [Maharal brother #2] רבי חיים לאו MP (c.1508 - 1588)

R' Chaim (Hayyim) Loew (LOEB). Born: 1506 or 1510 or 1515 in Worms? Died: 1588 in Friedberg, Germany. "Rabbi Chaim Loeb" one of four brothers about whom the great commentator and posek R' Shlomo Luri...

Rabbi Chaim ben Sinai (Rabbi) of Loew [of Kolin] רבי חיים לאו (Konin) MP (1545 - 1620)

גידולי תרומה של הגאון מוהר״ר �...

Rabbi Elazar Loew MP (deceased)

Rabbi Kaufman Yekutiel Loew [Maharal Grd.son] קאופמן יקותיאל לאו, נכד המהר"ל MP (b. - 1618)

R. Kaufman Yekutiel LOEWE m. Gitl Elisabeth (d. 1618 Prague)

Rabbi Leibish Kalman Loew MP (deceased)

Rabbi Menachem Loew [Maharal Grd.son] מנחם לאו, נכד המהר"ל MP (b. - 1602)

Rabbi Mendel Mark Loew [Maharal Grd.son] מנדל מארק לאו, נכד המהר"ל MP (deceased)

Rabbi Mendel Mark Loew married Gitel Kitel Sara. He died young and there were no known children.

Rabbi Nathan Loew [Maharal uncle] רבי נתן לאו MP (c.1501 - 1563)

Was uncle of the Maharal - .

Rabbi Schneur Zalman Loew MP (c.1692 - c.1735)

Rabbi Shimshon Loew [Brother #4 of Maharal] שמשון לאו MP (1510 - 1607)

"Rabbi Shimshon Loeb" one of four brothers about whom the great commentator and posek R' Shlomo Luria "Maharshal" wrote: "I have heard about the wise brothers, the lofty, wise and pious one R' Chaim; t...

Rabbi Shmuel (of Hessen) Loew, Maharal Gd.son / שמואל לאו, נכד המהר"ל MP (1576 - 1655)

Rabbi Schmuel LOEW (eldest son of Rabbi Bezalel "Charif" and grandson of the MAHARAL of Prague), was born 14 Jan. 1576, died 1655), married Rosa. They had 2 daughters and one son (Yehuda Lieb Loew) who...

Rabbi Sinai רבי סיני ben Betzalel Loew לאו MP (1509 - 1607)

Rabbi Sinai LOEB/LOEW (b. ca 1508 Worms, Germany/Posen, Poland; d. 1607 Kolin), Rabbi of Nikolsburg, was the son of Bezalel ben Haim Loeb. Rabbi Sinai LOEB married Chana Enokh WESSELS (Khana Enokh WESS...

Rabbi Yehuda Leib Loew / יהודה לייב לאו, נין המהר"ל MP (1611 - 1705)

Rabbi Yehuda Leib Loew was the son of Rabbi Shmuel [grandson of Maharal] Loew and Rosa.

Yehuda Leib Loew [controversial generation! יהודה לייב לאו MP (1593 - d.)

[14.1] Yehuda LOEB ben Khaim (b. 1593 or 1595). married the [14.2] daughter of Jitskhak Hacohen. (Note: Gilbert HENDLISZ skips this generation, and gives Rabbi Yehuda Lieb as the son of Rabbi Chaim on ...

Rabbi Yerachmiel Loew MP (deceased)

Rabbi Zvi Helman Loew [Maharal uncle], צבי הלמן לאו, דוד המהר"ל MP (c.1492 - c.1553)

Rachel Loew (Portugaler/Batlan) MP (deceased)

Rachel Heller-Wallerstein [Maharal Dau. #4] רחל הלר-וולרשטיין בת המהר"ל MP (1554 - 1633)

Maharal daughter #4. Abraham HaLEVI HELLER and Rachel LOEW : Based on a chart from a translation of Yom Tov Lipman HELLER's autobiography Megillas Aivah published as The Feast and the Fast, by C. U...

Rbzn. Rivka Loew [mother of Alter Rebbe] רבקה לאו, אם הרבי הזקן MP (deceased)

Wife of Reb Baruch Loew, mother of Shneur Zalman of Liadi (Boruchovitch)

Realina Wahl [Dau. #7 of Maharal] ראלינה וואהל בת המהר"ל MP (c.1558 - d.)

Realina, daughter no 7 of Maharal, married Rabbi Chaim Wahl of Prague. Their daughter, the granddaughter of Maharal, married her cousin Rabbi Shmuel Brandeis (son of Simon Breandeis & Gittele Loew, a...

Reichsrabbiner Yaakov (Chief Rabbi) Loew [Maharal uncle] רבי יעקב לאו (Worms) MP (c.1470 - d.)

He was the rabbi of Worms.

Rosa רוזה Loew / לאו (Katz כ"ץ) MP (deceased)

Rosa married Rabbi Shmuel Loew. They had three children: daughter LOEW m. her relative R. Haim CATZ from Posna (a descendant of the MAHARAL) daughter LOEW m. Jacob the son of Rabbi Haim from Hess...

Sara שרה Loew לאו, [of Posen] MP (deceased)

Sarah Kozak (Loew) MP (deceased)

Sarah (?) שרה Loew / לאו MP (deceased)

Tilla Sabatka-Wahl [Maharal daughter #3] טילה סאבאטקא-וואהל בת המהר"ל MP (1532 - 1603)

Tilla LOEW, Maharal daughter no. 3, married Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch SABA or SABATKA of Lublin (b. Prague), Dayan of Prague 1630, son of Joseph Yaski and/or else (according to David Peter John LEWIN davidle...

Voegelin Loew-Beer [Maharal gd.mother] ווגלין פייגה לאו, סבתו של מהר"ל MP (c.1454 - d.)

Vogelin was grandmother of The Maharal of Prague, She married Haim LOEW-BEER (born about 1450 or 1480 Isenheim, Alsace, France, d. 1522 Prague and they had four sons: * Nathan LOEB (LOEW) * Zvi H...

Vogele Bezalel Katz [Maharal Dau. #6] ווגלה כץ, בת המהר"ל (Loew) MP (1556 - 1629)

Lea LOEW [Maharal daughter #5] died childless, and Rabbi Yitzhak KATZ (Ha-)COHEN remarried Lea LOEW's sister Vögele (Vaigel) Bezalel Löb (LOEW) [Maharal daughter #6] (d. 28 Jan. 1629 Prag...

wife, Elazar Loew MP (deceased)

wife, Leibish Kalman Loew MP (deceased)

wife, Yerachmiel Loew MP (deceased)

Yehuda ben Betzalel Loew יהודה בן בצלאל לאו [Maharal of Prague המהר"ל מפראג] MP (1512 - 1609)

Talmudist, Kabbalist, chief rabbi of Prague. Popularly known as the "MaHaRaL", the abbreviation of "Moreinu Harav Rabbi Loew" ("Our teacher Rabbi Loew"). The Maharal of Prague was a towering giant in...

Yehuda ben Beztalel {or ben Yitzhak} / יהודה בן בצלאל הזקן, המפורסם MP (b. - 1439)

Yehuda LOEW (Liwa) ben Bezalel (Hazaken or Hamephursam). Yehuda died 1440 in Worms or in 1439 in Prague. New research on the grave in Prague states the year to be 1539 and not 1439, as previously docum...

Yehudit Judith Todros / טודרוס (Loew) MP (b. - c.1635)

{Yitzhak ben Betzalel ?} {Loew [3rd Maharal Gr.gdfather] ?} MP (deceased)

קיימת גירסא הטוענת ש יהודה הז�...

Loew (deceased)

+6 SONS LOEW MINTZ WIVES LOEW-great-grandsons (deceased)


5. MALKA LEAH bas ELAZAR LOEW (m. cousin Hakohen Seelenfreund) rp -- LOEW (c.1794 - d.)

(replacement of profile added 4/1/2008) Note 1 Some branches of family spell Seelenfreund as Zelfreund. Note 2 Malka Leah married her first cousin Shlomo Shmuel Seelenfreuend Hakohen.

6. ARYE LEIB jj LOEW MINTZ (deceased)

6. R' ARYEH LEIB LOEW MUNZ / MINTZ of Tarnow o -- LOEW MUNZ / MINTZ (c.1798 - d.)

? Loew (deceased)

? Loew (deceased)

? Loew (deceased)

? Loew (deceased)

? Loew (deceased)

? Loew (deceased)

? Loeb (Loew) (Issemheimer) (deceased)

? Loew (deceased)

Married to Rabbi Loeb Pollak, Rabbi in Ausee.

? Loew (deceased)

?? Loew (b. - c.1943)

????? Loew (deceased)

Aron Loew (c.1726 - c.1820)

Mutliple names. Loew or Loeb. Notes say he married "Betty". Notes give dates as 1735-1820.

Abraham A. Loew (1891 - 1954)

Abraham Levy (Loew) (deceased)

Abraham Lauber or Loew (1776 - 1840)

Abraham Loeb (Avraham Aryeh) Loew (1827 - 1900)

Abraham Loeb Loew was born in Hranice (Reinitz) in 1827 to Joachim (Chaim Eliezer) and Franziska (Feila). His father was a local Jewish teacher, as well as cantor. Abraham learned in the local Jewish s...

Asser Lion (c.1754 - 1837)

né vers 1754/1755, voire 1761, selon les sources fils du célèbre grand-rabbin de Metz, Lion ASSER Rabbin à Wallerstein, en Bavière, avant d'être Grand Rabb...

Adam Loew Levi (c.1742 - 1820)

Ansel Mayer

Addie Appolonia Loew (Bach) (1867 - 1934)

Adell O Loew (1905 - 1918)

Adolf Loew (deceased)

Albert (Levy) Loew (deceased)

Albertine LOEW (deceased)

Alfred Loew (deceased)

Alfred Loew, JUDr. (1885 - d.)

Alfred Josef Löw / Loew (1849 - d.)