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Maria Anderson Mattsson (Lom) MP (c.1652 - c.1700)

Maria (Mary) Anderson LOM, born c. 1652, married John Mattson, son of Matthias Hanson c. 1672. After living at Moyamensing for 12 years, they moved to Gloucester County where Mattsson died in 1701. Asi...

Måns Svensson Lom MP (c.1580 - 1653)

Although the surname of Lom died out by 1685, it is probable that Måns Svensson Lorn had more descendants than any other settler of New Sweden. He had nine children, fifty or more grandchildren and a...

Sven Lom MP (1576 - d.)

Wife of Sven Lom (deceased)

Abraham Theodorus van Lom (deceased)

Ado Lõm(m)elo sauna (1760 - d.)

Anders Lom (deceased)

Anders Lom (1774 - d.)

Anna Lom (c.1641 - 1681)

Anna was born 1641 in Charitas(Ship), Atlantic Ocean, Sweden. She married Giösta Danielsson, who arrived, in New Sweden in 1654 as a tailor and soldier. They lived at Upland (Chester), where Danielss...

Anna Maria Löm, "Löb" (deceased)

Beata Lom (c.1643 - c.1689)

Beata Lom, born 1643, reported to be the first girl born in New Sweden, died at Upland in the spring of 1689. In January 1662 she became the second wife of Pastor Lars Carlsson Lock, who came to New Sw...

Bella Elman (Lom) (1907 - 1963)

Catherine Lom (1628 - 1673)

Catharine Lom, born in Roslagen c. 1628, married John Wheeler, an Englishman, who lived in the New Sweden colony. After the 1653 protest to Printz, they moved to Swanwyck, near the Dutch Fort Casimir (...

Christina Lom (c.1645 - 1663)

Christina Lom, born c. 1645, married Mårten Gertsson of Christina Creek c. 1663. She died after 1678. After her husband drowned out of his canoe in 1680, Lars Andersson Collinus and Sven Månsson Lom we...

Christine (1642 - 1678)

Erik Paulsson Kittilstad (frå Kvåle i Lom) (1747 - 1816)

Erika Lom (1821 - d.)

Gjertrud (deceased)

Gunnhild Ellefsdatter Ofigsbø (Mo i Lom) (1824 - 1867)

Gustaf Lom (1779 - d.)

Guttorm Eysteinsson (Kvål i Lom) (c.1325 - c.1410)

Helena (deceased)

Helena (Ella) Lom (1650 - c.1720)

Helena Lom, born 1650, died 1720 in Gloucester County. She married Michael Nilsson Laican in 1670. Initially they lived at the Bought on land later occupied by her brother Peter Månsson. Then they move...

Iver Nilsson Runningen (frå Slettom i Lom) (deceased)

Jan Lom (deceased)

Johan Lom (c.1753 - 1829)

Johanna Lom (Eriksdotter) (deceased)

Johannes Henricus van Lom (1704 - 1763)

Jon Torkjellsson Kvalheim (frå Kvåle i Lom) (1760 - 1809)

Katarina Margareta Nygren (Lom) (1780 - d.)

Katharina Kneisel (Löm), "Löb" (1850 - d.)

Eheschließung: KB Stockstadt Trauungen Band V Seite 33 Nr. 3 Trauzeugen: Peter Anton Knaf, Ziegler in Steinheim und Johann Mapoth (Massoth), Weiskirchen

Lars Oleson Bækken (Lom) (1720 - 1754)

Lim Lom (deceased)

Malca Bzozovich (Lom) (1865 - 1953)

Margaret Monsdatter Lom (c.1626 - 1703)

Margaret Lom, born in 1626 in Roslagen, was buried by pastor Andreas Sandel 13 Feb. 1703 at the age of 76. She married Peter Larsson Cock and lived at Peter Cock's (later Province) Island. They had 13 ...

Maria Lom (1750 - 1828)

Maria Christina Lom (b. - 1876)

Melanie Isabella Cristina Hubertina de Lom (deceased)

Michel Lom (1759 - 1815)

NN (husband of Embjørg Erlandsdotter Løkre) (Lom) (deceased)

Ola Torkjellsson Lund (til Andvord, Lom) (1886 - d.)

Ola Olson Fron (Lom) (1825 - 1884)

Peter Lom (Löw) (1920 - d.)

Peter Månsson Lom (1638 - c.1677)

Peter Månsson, born in Roslagen c. 1638, never used his father's surname. He married a daughter (name unknown) of Sven Gunnarsson and in 1673 was shown as a one-third owner of the Bought on the Delawar...

Pieter Gerard van Lom (1823 - 1887)

Samuel Lom (c.1878 - d.)

Segerina van Lom (deceased)

Sheina Shosha Lom (1858 - 1946)

Sven Mansson Lom (1648 - c.1685)

Theodora Zegerina van Lom (b. - 1770)

Theodora Zegerina van Lom (deceased)

Theodorus van Lom (deceased)

Thomas Löm, "Löb" (deceased)

Tora Jonsen Fra Lom (1854 - d.)

Yehuda Ber Lom (deceased)

Šimon Lom (deceased)