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Abigail Foster (Lord) MP (c.1646 - 1729)

Abigail Lord (Hinckley) MP (1669 - 1725)

Alexander Lindsay 1st Lord Spynie MP (c.1554 - d.)

SPYNIE, Baron, a title (dormant since 1671) in the peerage of Scotland, conferred in 1590, on Alexander Lindsay, fourth son of the tenth earl of Crawford. This personage was vice-chamberlain of James V...

Alleman Dupuy, III Chevalier, Lord of Perins (Du Puy) MP (1220 - 1304)

Ann Harrison (Lord) MP (deceased)

Ann Stanton (Lord) MP (c.1614 - 1688)

Anne Lord was baptised in Towcester, Northamptonshire, England on Sunday, September 18, 1614, and died in Stonington, Connecticut in 1688. Parents: Thomas Lord (1585-1677) and Dorothy Bird (1589-1676...

Archibald Campbell (Lord of Argyle), 7th Earl of Argyll MP (c.1575 - c.1638)

his death date appears as between October 1638 and 29 November 1638

Rev. Dr. Benjamin Lord MP (1694 - 1784)

THE whole church were so united in their approbation of Mr Benjamin Lord who was called to preach on tryal in 1716 that they extended to him a unanimous call to be their pastor with the offer of 100 pe...

Benjamin Lord MP (1655 - d.)

Clara Carver (Lord) MP (deceased)

Dorothy Lord MP (1629 - 1657)

Dorothy and John Ingersoll had 3 children Hannah born 1652 Hartford, Conn, Dorothy born 1654 Hartford, Conn and Margery born January 1656 Northampton, Massachusetts. Genealogical and personal memoi...

Dorothy Lord (Bird) MP (1588 - 1676)

Dorothy Bird was born on 25 May 1588 in Of, Towcester, Northamptonshire, England. She was christened on 25 May 1588 in St. Lawrence Ch, Towchester, Northampton, Eng. She died on 2 Aug 1676 in Hartford,...

Edward Cherleton, 5th Baron Cherleton & Lord of Powis MP (c.1371 - 1421)

Edward Cherleton, 5th Baron Cherleton1 M, #101987, b. circa 1371, d. 1421 Edward Cherleton, 5th Baron Cherleton|b. c 1371 d. 1421|p10199.htm#i101987|John Cherleton, 3rd Lord Cherleton|b. c 1336 ...

Elizabeth Lord (Hyde) MP (1660 - 1736)

'Hyde genealogy: or, The descendants,in the female as well as in the male ... By Reuben Hyde Walworth Pg. 9 ' III. ELIZABETH HYDE(9), born at Norwich, Conn., Aug., 1660, the eldest daughter of Sa...

Elizabeth Lord (Pratt) MP (1657 - d.)

Faith Warner (Lord) MP (1600 - 1679)

George Neville, 11th Lord Abergavenny MP (1659 - 1720)

George William Lyttelton, 4th Lord Lyttelton, Baron of Frankley MP (c.1817 - 1876)

George William Lyttelton, 4th Lord Lyttelton, Baron of Frankley was born on 31 March 1817 at London, England.1 He was the son of William Henry Lyttelton, 3rd Lord Lyttelton, Baron of Frankley and Lady ...

Gilbert Guy de l'Aigle, Lord of Pevensey (de Laigle), Pevensey MP (1170 - 1231)

Guillaume Lord Hastings, d'Eu MP (1055 - 1096)

From Eu, port of Seine-Maritime. Second son of Count Robert. Second wife, Hugh of Chester's sister. Lord of Sussex rape of Hastings. Rebelled 1088 and 1094; blinded, castrated and executed, 1096. Holdi...

Harriet "Hattie" Lord (Unknown) MP (c.1621 - 1664)

No Evidence she was connected to William Nickerson&Anne Busby!! UnRecorded at the Nickerson Family Association!! Surely was not born in 1621 in America or CT.

Henry Parker, Lord Morley, 2nd Baron Morley MP (c.1525 - 1577)

James Patrick Grant of Rothiemurchus, styled Lord Huntingtower MP

Jennie Amira Hanks (Lord) MP (deceased)

Joan Lord (Bird) MP (1561 - 1610)

Richard and Joan Lord had four children: "Elizabeth, born about 1583, Thomas, born about 1585, Ellen born about 1587 and Alice born about 1590 and married Richard Morris on May 20, 1611." It was assume...

John Butler 5th Lord Sudeley MP (c.1385 - d.)

The Coll. Top. et Gen. account reads as follows: "The wife of this Thomas Boteler was Alicia, daughter of Sir John Beauchamp of Powyke, Knt., by whom he had issue four sons, John, William, Thomas...

John Maddock Lord MP (1570 - d.)

Jon Douglas Lord MP (1941 - 2012)

Jonathan Douglas "Jon" Lord From Wikipedia- (9 June 1941 – 16 July 2012) was an English composer, pianist and Hammond organ player known for his pioneering work in fusing rock and classical or ba...

Joseph Lord MP (1672 - 1748)

was a Puritan pastor in colonial America in the late 17th century and early 18th century. He served as a pastor in Dorchester, Massachusetts, and then Dorchester, South Carolina, for two decades before...

Katherine Lord (Thompson) MP (1579 - 1650)

Bartholomew has been mentioned as the maiden name for Katherine, mother of Robert who came to Ipswich, Ma. This has not been verified from any primary source. It is probably not correct but it is used ...

Lord Otterus Othoer Baron Gheradini Lord in Tuscany Gheradini MP (934 - 996)

PROBABLY CORRECT: The genealogy to a Gheradini family origin is very likely true. English kings did indeed recruit many continental knights and warriors for the conquest of Ireland, who were given nobl...

Louisa Barnes (Lord) MP (1614 - 1685)

Martha Lord (Wentworth) MP (1684 - 1776)

'The Wentworth genealogy, comprising the origin of the name, the family in England, and a particular account of Elder William Wentworth, the emigrant, and of his descendants (1870)* XXI. William Went...

Mary Lord (Waite) MP (1612 - 1683)

Robert Lord was born in 1602 in England, married Nov. 11, 1630 in Filchingfeld, Suffolk County, England, to Mary Waite, of Wethersfield, England. They emigrated to America and settled in Ipswich, Mass....

Mary Lord (Moulton) MP (1661 - c.1693)


Mary Lord MP (c.1611 - c.1711)

Mary Warne (Lord) MP (1668 - 1713)

Mary and the Colonel had the following children: Stephen Warne b. About 1700 (our line) Thomas Warne b. 1702 Samuel Warne b. 1703/4 Joshua Warne b. 23 Dec 1706 Sarah Warne b. 27 Aug 1711 Ge...

Mary Chandler (Lord) MP (c.1644 - 1676)


Mary Sheldon / Shelton Pierpont (Lord) MP (1787 - d.)

Miriam Forest (Lord) MP (deceased)

Phebe Sill (Lord) MP (1686 - 1774)

'A genealogical history of the Kelley family : descended from Joseph Kelley of Norwich, Connecticut, with much biographical matter concerning the first four generations and notes of inflowing female li...

Rachel Barnes (Lord) MP (1615 - 1686)

Rachel (BARNES) was born about 1620 in Amesbury, Wiltshire, England. She died on 9 FEB 1685/86 at Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts. (SOURCE: Early Vital Records of Essex County, Massachusetts to...

Capt. Richard Lord MP (c.1611 - c.1662)

Biographical Summary: Captain Richard Lord , Cambridge, 1632; freeman, Massachusetts, March 4, 1635; came to Hartford in 1636, an original proprietor; his home-lot in 1639 was next west of his father...

Richard Lord MP (c.1555 - 1610)

In his will, written on 30 May 1610 and probated on 7 Feb 1611, Richard mentions his wife Joan and children Thomas, Elizabeth, Ellen and Alice. He left his wife has of his goods, the use of the chamber...

Richard Scott, Lord of Rankilburn MP (1158 - 1218)


Lt. Richard Lord MP (1647 - 1727)

'Hyde genealogy: or, The descendants,in the female as well as in the male ... By Reuben Hyde Walworth Pg. 9 ' III. ELIZABETH HYDE(9), born at Norwich, Conn., Aug., 1660, the eldest daughter of Sa...

Robert Lord, Jr. MP (1603 - 1683)

Emigrated to America and settled at Ipswich before 1635 He wrote his will 28 June, 1683; it was probated 25 Sept. folg.; he beq. to his wife Mary, mentioning that ,they had lived together in marriage...

Robert Lord, Sr. MP (1620 - 1678)

Likely this Captain Robert Lord: From Literary Culture in Early New England, 1620-1730 By Thomas Goddard Wright et al : In 1662 action was brought against Captain Robert Lord for bringing in Ann Co...

Robert Lord, Sr. MP (c.1575 - c.1637)

The ancestors prior to this Robert are based on research done by Roots Research Bureau, Ltd. of 224 Broadway, Suite 3111, New York City, NY 10007 in 1984 for Ethel Lord. Their information appears to ha...

Sarah Wilson (Lord) MP (1648 - 1727)

Sarah Lord was born about 1648 in Ipswich, Massachusetts, daughter of Mary (Waite) and Robert Lord, a prominent resident of Ipswich who served as Town Clerk from 1645 until his death in 1683. In 1678 S...

Sarah Lord (Graves) MP (1615 - 1676)

Sir Edward Hastings, 8th Lord MP (1382 - 1437)

'Sir Edward Hastings, Baron Hastings1,2,3,4 'M, b. 21 May 1382, d. 6 January 1438 Father Sir Hugh Hastings2,5 b. c 1356, d. 6 Nov 1386 Mother Anne le Despenser2,5 d. 30 Oct 1426 or 31 Oct 1426 ...

Sir John ap Adams, Lord of Beverstone, IV MP (c.1327 - 1370)

ID: I456806 Name: John Adams , Sr.,* Sex: M ALIA: John AP /Adams/, Sr. Note: Ref: Andrew N. Adams, A Genealogical History of Henry Adams of Braintree, Massachusetts and His Descendants; Also ...

Sir John ap Adam MP (c.1359 - 1424)

ID: I419244 Name: Sir John Ap Adams Sex: M ALIA: John Ap /Adams/ Birth: 1367 in Gorset, Monmouthshire, Wales Note: Ref; AFN: 8WT2-QR Ref; 16th Great Grandfather Ref: Andrew N. Adams, A ...

Sir Thomas ap Adam, Lord Beverstone, Ap MP (c.1304 - 1343)

ID: I456808 Name: Thomas Adams Sex: M ALIA: Thomas Ap /Adams/ Note: Ref: Andrew N. Adams, A Genealogical History of Henry Adams of Braintree, Massachusetts and His Descendants; Also John Adam...

Sir William Gascoigne Lord of Gawthorpe MP (c.1439 - c.1463)

'Sir William Gascoigne1,2 'M, b. circa 1426, d. between 15 July 1461 and 13 January 1464 Father Sir William Gascoigne, Sheriff of York2 d. c 1462 Mother Margaret Clarell2 d. a 1467 ' Sir Willia...

Thomas Lord MP (1618 - 1678)

Thomas Lord, Jr., was one of those who owned lend “by the town's courtesie;” his home-lot was on what is now Wells St., next west of his brother, Capt. Richard Lord. Thomas Lord m. at Boston, Sept. 28,...

Thomas Lord MP (c.1585 - 1678)

Thomas Lord, smith, embarked April 19, 1635, in the “Elizabeth and Ann,” at London, aged 50, with wife Dorothy, aged 46.-Ch.: Thomas (l6), Ann (14), William (12), John (10), Robert (9), Aymie (6), Doro...

Thomas FitzThomas, 3rd Lord of Workington MP (1152 - 1200)

William Lord, Sr. MP (1577 - 1673)

William LORD 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 was born 6 1577 in , , England. He died 7 14 Jan 1673 in Salem, Essex, Massachusetts. William married 8 Abigail on 1636 in Salem, Essex, Massachusetts. 3. William Lord of...

William Lord MP (deceased)

William Lord, Sr. MP (1618 - 1678)

have to sort this out... 'A genealogical history of the Kelley family : descended from Joseph Kelley of Norwich, Connecticut, with much biographical matter concerning the first four generations and...

William Lord MP (1680 - d.)

Sources Vital records of Salem, Essex, Massachusetts, page 527, LORD, William, s. William, jr. and Mary (Moulton), 3 : 12 m : 1680.

William Lord, Jr. MP (1656 - d.)

Notes "Another son, William Lord, removed from Salem, Mass., and probably to Kittery, Me. He married Mary Moulton of Salem, Mass., and perhaps the children of William and Mary Lord, found on the Ki...

William (the Younger) Lord MP (c.1575 - 1672)

4. William Lord, Salem, Mass., called ' the Younger,' nephew of the above named William Lord ; who married Jane , as he himself tells us, though she signed her name sometimes as Eliza — perhaps her nam...

Winifred Cohen (Lord) MP (deceased)


Lord (c.1740 - d.)

Hugo, Lord of Cavalcamp (c.890 - d.)

Waltheof mac Gospatrick, Earl of Dunbar MP (1064 - 1138)

Waltheof MacGospatrick Allerdale --------------------Waltheof fitz Gospatrick, Earl of Dunbar, was born before 1084. He married Sigrid before 1104. Waltheof became Lord of Allerdale and the 3rd Ear...

Lord (deceased)

Alphonsus Gospatrick Lord of Calverley (c.1095 - d.)

Lord (deceased)

Sir Alexander Forrester of Corstorphine, Knight (c.1480 - 1539)

(Susan) Grace Lord Dewey (1853 - d.)

(unk) de mar (LORD) (1107 - d.)

**George Seton (deceased)

**George Seton (deceased)

*George (deceased)

Sir Patrick Hepburn, Knight MP (c.1321 - 1402)

FNU Lord (1695 - d.)

--- LORD (1729 - d.)

2 unknown Lord (deceased)

John Talbot, 2nd Earl Shrewsbury MP (c.1413 - 1460)

John Talbot, 2nd Earl of Shrewsbury M, #12281, b. circa 1413, d. 11 July 1460 John Talbot, 2nd Earl of Shrewsbury was born circa 1413. He was the son of General John Talbot, 1st Earl of Shrewsbur...

4th Partner of Lord Ninian Ross (deceased)

Elspeth Lord (Robinson) (1550 - 1585)

..., Wife of Dubhghal (deceased)

? Lord Faulkland (deceased)

? Lord (deceased)

? Lord (deceased)

? Lord (deceased)

? Lord (Howard) (deceased)

? Lord (deceased)

? Lord (deceased)

? Lord (1775 - 1775)

????? (deceased)

______ Lord (deceased)

A Bar Gi Abaraz Lord (100 - d.)

Aaron Lord (deceased)

Aaron Lord (1732 - 1811)