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Alpaïs de Paris (daughter of Louis I), Abbesse de St-Pierre de Reims MP (c.797 - 852)

Alpais=Date of birth:* possibly c 797.(Louis was born in 778, and Alpaïde was the mother of two sons by 817 at the latest, so the estimate given should not be too far off.) Place of birth: Unkno...

Julia Louis-Dreyfus MP

Julia Scarlett Elizabeth Louis-Dreyfus (pronounced /ˈluːiː ˈdraɪfəs/; born January 13, 1961) is an American actress and comedian. She rose to prominence as o...

Louis II, 'The German' MP (c.805 - 876)

Louis the German From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Louis (or Ludwig) the German (also known as Louis II or Louis the Bavarian) (806 – August 28, 876), the third son of the emperor Louis ...

Marie-Madeleine Billy dite St. Louis MP (1717 - d.)

Pépin I son of Louis I & Ermengard, Roi d'Aquitaine MP (c.797 - 838)

LOUIS [Hludowic], son of CHARLES I King of the Franks & his second wife Hildegard, married firstly: 1. Ermengard ([794]) ERMENGARD, daughter of ENGUERRAND Comte [de Hesbaye] & his wife --- ([775/80]-An...

Jeannette (Louis) (1855 - 1920)

Jeanette arrived with husband who traveled together on 02-14-1878. Manifest numbers 34676 are same. Ship was S.S. Amerique from Havre France.

Jhr Louis S Boeye (c.1817 - c.1893)

Louis Louis BURETTE (1857 - d.)

LOUIS IV, D'OUTRE-MER, KI (c.921 - 954)

St. Louis (1905 - 1905)

Louis (b. - 1486)

Louis (deceased)

Jean-Louis (deceased)

(Ludovici Lucie) Louis (deceased)

--- Louis (---) (deceased)

----- St-Louis (deceased)

. LOUIS (deceased)

/ Marie Amable Billy St-Louis (deceased)

? St-Louis (deceased)

? Louis (deceased)

? Louis (Penister) (deceased)

? Louis-Fort (c.1800 - d.)

? Louis (deceased)

? Lewis (LEWIS / STUPAJ / LOUIS) (deceased)

? Louis (deceased)

? (deceased)

? LEWIS / STUPAJ / LOUIS (deceased)

?? Herrmann (Louis) (1895 - d.)

?? Louis-- (deceased)

?? Louis (deceased)

?? LEWIS / STUPAJ / LOUIS (deceased)

???? LOUIS (deceased)

A Pierre-Louis (deceased)

A Billy Laurent (St Louis) (1791 - d.)

A J Louis (deceased)

A P Louis (deceased)

Aaltje Snijder (Louis) (c.1757 - d.)

Aaron Louis (deceased)

Aaron Louis (deceased)

Abdoolah Louis (94 - d.)

Abel Louis (1932 - 2004)

Abelie Saint-Louis (deceased)

Abraham Moses Louis (b. - 1977)

Abraham Louis (1876 - 1948)

Abraham Isaac Louis (deceased)

Abraham Louis (1730 - 1780)

Abraham Louis (1730 - 1780)

Abraham Louis (1688 - 1762)

Abraham Adolph LOUIS (1873 - 1937)

Abraham Louis (1755 - 1799)

Abélard Pierre-Louis (deceased)

Achamma Therath Louis (deceased)

Ada Louis (deceased)

Adam Louis (deceased)

Adelaide Boisvert (St Louis) (deceased)

Adelaide Louis (Finberg) (deceased)

Adelaide A Dau of Louis I (c.824 - d.)

ADELE JAMES (LOUIS) (deceased)

Adele Louis (deceased)

Adeline St Louis (deceased)

Adeline St louis) Carron (deceased)

Adeline St. Louis (1862 - d.)

Adeline Severe (Saint Louis) (b. - 1983)

Adline St louis)Skeels (deceased)

Adolf Louis (deceased)

Adolph Louis (deceased)

Adolph Louis (deceased)

Adolphe St Louis - Desfosse (deceased)

Adolphe St. Louis (1861 - 1925)

Adolphine Joseph Louis Gauthy (Louis) (1822 - 1874)

Adèle Louis (Douaud) (deceased)

Agathe Sicard (St. Louis) (deceased)

Agnes St-Louis (1864 - 1950)

Agnes (Kraijniak) St.Louis (deceased)

Agnes Elizabeth Stock (Louis) (1882 - 1908)

Agnes St louis) Sousie (deceased)

Agnes St. Louis (c.1840 - d.)

Agnes St. Louis (deceased)

Agnes Louis (Mertes) (1744 - d.)

Agnès LOUIS (deceased)

Ahmed Louis (deceased)

Aileen De Louis (deceased)

Aileen St Louis (deceased)

Al Louis (deceased)

Albert Louis (deceased)

Albert Lewis (Saint Louis) (deceased)

Albert Louïs (deceased)

albert louis (deceased)

Albert Louis (c.1878 - d.)

albert louis (deceased)

ALBERT LOUIS (LEWIS) (c.1908 - c.1989)

Albert St.louis (deceased)

Albert Ulrique Louis (c.1850 - d.)

Albert Louis (deceased)

albert louis (deceased)

Albert Louis (deceased)

Albert Louis, Dr. (c.1822 - 1876)

Albert Louis (b. - 2002)

albert Henry marie Louis (deceased)

albert Henry Marie Louis (deceased)