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Rachel Cohen-Kagan (Lubarsky) MP (1888 - 1982)

Rachel Cohen-Kagan (Hebrew: רחל כהן-כגן‎, born Rachel Lubersky on 19 February 1888, died 15 October 1982) was a Zionist activist an...

(Susanne) Sue Shachar (Lubarsky) (1948 - 2002)

? Lubarsky (1870 - d.)

? Lubarsky (deceased)

? Lubarsky (Bruman) (1870 - d.)

??? Lubarsky (deceased)

???? Lubarsky (deceased)

???? Lubarsky (b. - c.1942)

????? Lubarsky (deceased)

Abarham Lubarsky (deceased)

Abraham Lubarsky (deceased)

Abraham Abe Lobar (Lubarsky) (1879 - d.)

Abraham (Avrum) Lubarsky (deceased)

Abram Lubarsky (deceased)

Abrham Lubarsky (b. - 1975)

Altar Lubarsky (deceased)

Ania Aisenberg (Lubarsky) (1897 - 1971)

Ann Lubarsky (deceased)

Anna Lubarsky (1907 - 1968)

Anna Lubarsky (deceased)

Annie Lubarsky (deceased)

Anuta Chana Lubimov (Lubarsky) (deceased)

Arcady Lubarsky (deceased)

Arkadii Lubarsky (c.1900 - c.1994)

Arthur Lubarsky (deceased)

Name: Arthur Lubarsky Address: 1601 Dill Ave, Linden, NJ, 07036-1779

Avraham Eliahu Lubarsky (deceased)

Bella of lubarsky (deceased)

Ben Lubarsky (deceased)

Benedict Lubarsky (1873 - d.)

Benjamin Lubarsky (deceased)

Benny (Berish) Lubarsky (1900 - 1962)

Berel Dov Lubarsky (1896 - 1942)

Bertha Lubarsky (c.1902 - d.)

Bertha Lubarsky (Soltz) (1889 - 1974)

Betty Kirk (Lubarsky) (deceased)

Celia Silver (Lubarsky) (deceased)

Chaia Plattendeom (Lubarsky) (deceased)

Chaim (Charles) Lubarsky (Bar) (deceased)

Chana Lubarsky (b. - 1964)

Chana Weinberg (Lubarsky) (deceased)

Charna Vovk (Lubarsky) (1913 - 1994)

Daniel Lubarsky (deceased)

David Lubarsky (deceased)

David Lubarsky (1910 - 2000)

David Lubarsky (1890 - 1968)

David Lubarsky (deceased)

David Lubarsky (deceased)

David Lubarsky (deceased)

David Lubarsky (deceased)

David Lubarsky (deceased)

Devora Lubarsky (deceased)

Devorah (Dora) Lubarsky (Kwait (Kvachinski)) (deceased)

Dora Lubarsky (deceased)

Dora Lubarsky (deceased)

Dora Lubarsky (c.1876 - d.)

Dorothy Dora E. Israel (Lubarsky) (1893 - 1985)

Dorothy (Dora) Lubarsky (Galliano) (c.1911 - 1977)

Earl Lubarsky (deceased)

Earle Lover (Lubarsky) (c.1884 - d.)

Edith Lubarsky (deceased)

Edward (Ted) Lubarsky (deceased)

Efim Lubarsky (deceased)

Elizabeth Lubarsky (deceased)

Elizar Mordehi Lubarsky (deceased)

Ella Burmistrov (Lubarsky) (deceased)

Emilia Lubarsky (Epstein) (1886 - d.)

Emilia Lubarski was born in Kiew in 1886 to Arron and Hasia. She was married. During the war she was in Warsaw, Poland. Emilia perished in Warsaw, Ghetto

Ester Lubarsky (deceased)

Ester Lubarsky (deceased)

Esther Lubarsky (Sayler) (1908 - d.)

Eva Lubarsky (1920 - d.)

Eva Lubarsky (Dichter) (deceased)

Fanny Lubarsky (deceased)

Flora? Lubarsky (Bennett) (deceased)

Frances Fannie B. Lubarsky (1886 - 1968)

Frida Lubarsky (deceased)

Frieda Rabinovich (Lubarsky) (1891 - 1941)

Frima Lubarsky (deceased)

Gary Lubarsky (deceased)

Genya Lubarsky (deceased)

George Lubarsky (deceased)

Gerald Lubarsky (1920 - 1997)

Gersh Lubarsky (deceased)

Gladys Lubarsky (Sokol) (deceased)

Name: Gladys Lubarsky SSN: 083-05-7054 Last Residence: 07036 Linden, Union, New Jersey, United States of America Born: 15 Jun 1914 Last Benefit: 07407 Elmwood Park, Bergen, New Jersey, United States o...

Grisha Lubarsky (deceased)

Hana Lubarsky (deceased)

Hanna Lubarsky (deceased)

Harriette Lubarsky (Kramer) (deceased)

Harry Lubarsky (1900 - 1995)

Harry Lubarsky (deceased)

Helen Gang (Lubarsky) (deceased)

Helen Lubarsky (Abofsky) (deceased)

Helen Lubarsky (ABOFSKY) (c.1934 - 2001)

Henry Lubarsky (deceased)

Heshel Lubarsky (deceased)

Isaac Lubarsky (c.1868 - d.)

Immigation to United States in 1907 with Dora (wife), Philip, Bertha, Sarah, and Jacob

Isaac Lubarsky (deceased)

Isa (1910 - 1991)

Isa Lubarsky was born in Kiev in 1910. She was the 5th child born to Emalia and Nuchim Lubarsky. Her brothers and sisters were Masha, Leva (Leon), Vova (Vladimir) Sonia, Rosa and then Isa. During the...


Israel Lubarsky (deceased)

Itta Kahn (Lubarsky) (deceased)