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Lourdes Magdangal Luciano MP (c.1900 - 2001)

Lourdes Magdangal Luciano-Ocampo withdrew from the 1926 Manila Carnival Queen race. More here: .

? Luciano (deceased)

??? Luciano (deceased)

Ada Luciano (deceased)

Ada Luciano (deceased)

Adelaida Luciano (Recio) (b. - 2006)

Adeline Luciano (deceased)

Ado Luciano (deceased)

Ado Luciano (deceased)

Agnes Luciano (Poveda) (Povea) (unknown) (c.1881 - d.)

Ms. Poveda, Tita Annie's mother married Mr Poveda who passed away in Hawaii in there venture to the United States. It was said he really did not want to leave Spain. (Per Anita) Mrs. Poveda's daughte...

Agnes Imelda Luciano (Nutritionist, Educator) (Olivares) (deceased)


Albino Luciano (deceased)

Alchiles Luciano (deceased)

Alexandra Luciano (deceased)

Alfred Luciano (1908 - d.)

Alfred Luciano (deceased)

Alice Luciano (deceased)

Alphonse Luciano (1631 - 1670)

Altagracia Consuelo Luciano Crespo (deceased)

Amado Luciano (deceased)

Amelia Luciano (deceased)

Amélia Gobetti Luciano (deceased)

Ana de la Vega Luciano (deceased)

Anacleta Luciano-Oreta (deceased)

Andrea Luciano (deceased)

Andres Jose Lazatin Luciano (deceased)

angel miguel luciano montalvo (51 - d.)

angel romos luciano (deceased)


angelamaria luciano (deceased)

angele Luciano (deceased)

Angelina Luciano (deceased)

Angelo Luciano (1898 - 1985)

Angelo LUCIANO (deceased)

Angelo Luciano (deceased)

Angelo Luciano (c.1857 - 1926)

Angiolina Civetta (Luciano) (1912 - 2003)

Aniello Luciano (b. - 2003)

Ann Luciano Luciano (deceased)

Ann Marie Luciano (deceased)

Anna Maria Luciano (deceased)

Anna Luciano (deceased)

Anna Marie Luciano (deceased)

Anna Mae Luciano (Fasenmyer) (deceased)

Anna Luciano (deceased)

Anna Marie LUCIANO (Girone) (deceased)

Annie Luciano (Poveda (Povea)) (1902 - 1999)

Maiden name spelling Poveda (this should be correct) Pobea (shows on Carmen Rocha's birth certificate, Annie is Carmen's God Mother. I am 100% sure it is Poveda who ever did the paperwork on Carmen...

Tony Lucian (c.1920 - c.1974)

Anthony Luciano (deceased)

Tony Luciano (1895 - 1976)

Anthony A Luciano (1927 - 1982)

Antionnete Luciano (deceased)

Antoinette Luciano (Choppy) (deceased)

Antonietta Luciano (deceased)


antonio luciano (deceased)

Antonio Quizon Luciano (deceased)

Antonio André Luciano (deceased)

Antonio Luciano (deceased)

Antonio Luciano (deceased)

Antonio Luciano (deceased)

Antonio Luciano (deceased)

Antonio Andre Luciano (deceased)

Antônio Luciano (deceased)

Appolonia Luciano (1633 - 1693)

Armando Luciano (1926 - 1998)

Auliana Luciano (deceased)

Baby LaVern Luciano (c.1918 - 1919)

Bambina Luciano (Marchetti) (1887 - c.1921)

Barbarita Luciano (c.1924 - d.)

See Victoria's information on parents. Mary Anne Rose 2015

Bartholome Luciano (deceased)

Basilia Luciano (Surla) (deceased)

Bernabei Luciano (deceased)

Bernabei Luciano (deceased)

Bernadino Luciano (deceased)

Bernardo Luciano (deceased)

betty luciano (deceased)

Bino Luciano (deceased)


Bonifacio Luciano (deceased)

Botti Luciano (deceased)


Cadia Luciano (deceased)

Canuto Luciano (deceased)

Capetta Luciano (deceased)

Carlos Manuel Luciano Bird Cerra (1897 - d.)

Carlos Luciano (deceased)

Carlos Luciano (deceased)

Cartoni Luciano (deceased)

Catalina Luciano de Fuentes (deceased)

Cecilia Zannini (Luciano) (1896 - d.)

Cecilia Velez (Luciano) (deceased)

Charles Luciano (deceased)

Charlie Luciano (deceased)

Christofero Luciano (deceased)

Clara Catta Preta Luciano Pereira (deceased)

clotilde luciano (deceased)

Clotilde Luciano (deceased)

Columbia Luciano (Bognetti) (c.1893 - d.)