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Vicente Lukban MP (1860 - 1916)

Vicente Rilles Lukban was a Filipino officer in Emilio Aguinaldo's staff during the Philippine Revolution and the politico-military chief of Samar and Leyte during the Philippine-American War. More her...

Lukban (Martinez) (deceased)

Adrea Lukban (Rilles) (deceased)

Agustin Lukban (deceased)

Agustin Lukban (deceased)

Bonifacia Lukban (deceased)

Catalina Lukban (deceased)

Rep. Cayetano Lukban (deceased)

Cayetano Lukban (deceased)

Cayetano Lukban (deceased)

Cayetano Lukban (deceased)

Cecilia Lukban (de Jesus) (deceased)

Conchita Lukban (deceased)

Delfin L. Pengson, Jr. Lukban Pengson (deceased)

Delfin, Jr. Lukban Pengson (deceased)

Delfin,Jr. Lukban Pengson (deceased)

Fe balce Lukban (deceased)

Felix Lukban (deceased)

Felix Lukban (deceased)

Felix Lukban (deceased)

Francisco Lukban (deceased)

Jose Lukban (deceased)

Jojo Lukban (deceased)

Julian Lukban (deceased)

Justo"Titong " Balce Lukban (1920 - 2002)

Mayor Justo Lukban (1863 - 1927)

Luz Lukban-Grecia (deceased)

Gueling Lukban (1927 - 2012)

MIguel Lukban (deceased)

Gov. Miguel Lukban (deceased)

Modesto Lukban (deceased)

Paciencia Gonzales Lukban (deceased)

Rafaela Lukban (deceased)

Rosario Balce-Lukban (c.1898 - 1995)

Deceased (deceased)

Trinidad Lukban (deceased)

Vicente R Lukban (deceased)

Vicente Lukban (deceased)

Vicente Lukban (deceased)