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Avraham Luria / אברהם לוריא MP (1465 - 1521)

Avraham was born in year 1460. Avraham 's father was Yechiel LURIA and his mother was Bat SHRENTZEL. His paternal grandparents were Aharon LURIA and Miriam Speyer SPIRA ; his maternal grandparents we...

bat Rabbi Yitzchak (eshet Yechiel of Slutzk, ben Avraham) Luria (Klauber) MP (c.1500 - d.)


Dinah Luria (Klauber) MP (deceased)

Drezel bat Jechiel Luria MP (c.1470 - 1559)

Elyakim Luria, of Germany MP (deceased)

Esther Heller [of Lublin] אסתר הלר (Luria) MP (c.1631 - d.)

Isaac Luria (לוריא) MP (c.1175 - d.)

Isaac Luria MP (b. - 1726)

Jehiel Luria MP (c.1250 - d.)

Judah Luria [the physician] MP (deceased)

Julia Malka Katzenellenbogen (Luria) MP (1466 - 1510)

Mrs. Shimon Zev Auerbuch / אשת הרב שמעון אורבוך, בת המהרש"ל MP (deceased)

בת המהרש"ל, אשת רבי שמעון זאב אורבוך

Lipka ליפקה Luria לוריא (Halberkasten הברקשטן) MP (deceased)


Miriam Isserlis (Luria) MP (c.1530 - 1594)

According to one source ("Otzar Harabanim", p. 404 #19556) she was the daughter of R. Mordechai Yaffe (Halavush). R. Mordechai Yaffe is a famous 16th century rabbi and it doesn't make sence that he is ...

Miriam Luria (Spira/Shapira) MP (c.1403 - c.1450)

Used to teach students Torah while sitting behind a curtain. "Jewish Life in the Middle Ages" by Israel Abrahams p. 343 - 344

Miriam מרים Luria לוריא (bat Shlomo Shapiro) MP (deceased)

Moses Aaron Luria of Orleans MP (c.1200 - d.)

Moshe Eliezer Israel Luria (Isserles) of Cracow MP (b. - 1640)

Mrs. Luria MP (deceased)

Mrs. Abraham Luria (Lipschitz) MP (deceased)

Mrs. Rabbi Nethanel [pre-Luria] III, אשת רבי נתנאל קדם-לוריא MP (deceased)

Mrs. Rabbi Yehiel Luria, בעל 'קטני אמונה' MP (deceased)

Mrs.Yoseph ben Eliyah Luria MP (deceased)

R' Yechezkal of spain (Ezekiel) Luria, [Maharal ancestor] MP (deceased)

Rabbi Aharon ben Nethanel Luria [the 1st Luria], רבי אהרון לוריא MP (c.1413 - c.1478)

R. Aharon was the first of his family to become known in the responsa literature by name of "Luria" (or Lorjo or Loria). He seems to have been sent back to Germany where he soon was selected by the alr...

Rabbi Azarya II Luria, II, [Maharal ancestor] MP (deceased)

Rabbi Kalman (Kalonymos) Luria, [Maharal ancestor] MP (deceased)

Rabbi Nachman Luria, [Maharal ancestor] MP (deceased)

Rabbi Nethanel (ben Yehiel) [pre-Luria] of Wurzburg, רבי נתנאל קדם-לוריא MP (1385 - c.1460)

According to Jacobi he is the first one to have the surname "Luria", maybe he settled in the town of Loria west of Bassano in the Vicensa district in Italy before he moved to Mantua. [Dr. Paul Jacobi...

Rabbi Shimshon / רבי שמשון pre-Luria / קדם לוריא ר"מ ערפורט, of Erfurt MP (c.1325 - 1417)

(See 6 source documents loaded 8/10) See also bottom of Rashi page at * * Physician in Orlëans. Cured Count Etampes of gout. Flourished about 1360-1370. He probably lived in ...

Shlomo Luria - Maharshal / רבי שלמה לוריא - המהרש"ל MP (1510 - 1573)

Leading rabbinical authority of his generation. Solomon Luria (1510 - November 7, 1574) (Hebrew: שלמה לוריא) was one of the great Ashkenazic poskim (decisors of Jewish law) and teachers of his time. ...

Rabbi Yehiel (I) (pre) Luria, בעל 'קטני אמונה' MP (1300 - d.)

Rabbi Yehiel Luria / הגאון מוה"ר יחיאל לוריא, בן המהרש"ל MP (b. - 1594)

הגאון מוה״ר יחיאל מיכל עפשטיין ז״ל אבד״ק בריסק דליטא בהגאון מוה״ר מאיר סג׳׳ל ז״ל חתן הגאון מוה״ר יחיאל לוריא ז״ל בהגאון רבינו מחרש״ל ז״ל מגזע רש״י ז׳׳ל מתוך: אגרת יוחסין

Rabbi Yisrael Joseph Isserles [RaMA father] ישראל איסרלש (Luria), of Cracow MP (1490 - 1568)

In 1553 he built a synagogue in Krakow, in memory of his wife. הכתובת על קיר בית הכנסת: האיש ישראל בר יוסף ז"ל עוז התאזר לכבוד הקב"ה ולזכר אשתו מלכה בת ר אלעזר תנצב"ה בנה מנכסי עזבונה ב"ה...

Rasia Luria MP (deceased)

Rivka Teomim (Luria) MP (deceased)

Rivka Gombiner (Luria) MP (b. - 1648)

Sarah Luria / שרה לוריא, בת הרמ"א וכלת המהרש"ל MP (b. - c.1560)

Sarah שרה Pollack פולק (Luria), בת המהרש"ל MP (deceased)

Shimshon Luria, of Erpurt MP (deceased)

Shlomo Ashkenazi Luria MP (b. - c.1540)

Simcha Luria (Isserles) MP (deceased)

Solomon Luria MP (c.1275 - d.)


Solomon Luria MP (c.1225 - d.)

Valentina Ashkenazi / וולנטינה אשכנזי, בת המהרש"ל MP (deceased)

Wife of Yechiel Luria (Treves) MP (1350 - d.)

wife, Jehiel Luria לוריא (Schrenzel?) MP (b. - 1480)

wife, Nachman Luria MP (deceased)

Yechiel Luria of Slutzk, ben Avraham MP (1485 - d.)

נולד אחר מות אביו. אב"ד סלוצק Source: Yechiel (Yekhiel, Jehiel) LURIA rabbi of the Lithuanian city of Slutzk and an eminent Talmudist + (?) KLAUBER Father: Yitskhar Klauber Mother: (?) Shrentzels...

Yehiel Luria II ABD Brisk / יחיאל לוריא אב"ד בריסק MP (c.1430 - 1470)

Luria. A family with wide ramifications and several of whose members were distinguished for mystical tendencies and rabbinical knowledge. Lived in Lvov & Brest-Litovsk, Poland. Av Beith Din Hielbur...

Yehiel יחיאל Luria לוריא MP (deceased)

Yitzhak Luria, HaAR"I Hkadosh - יצחק לוריא, האר"י הקדוש MP (1534 - 1572)

Isaac Luria (1534 – July 25, 1572) (Hebrew: Yitzhak Lurya יִצְחַק לוּרְיָא), also called Yitzhak Ben Shlomo Ashkenazi and known as "The Ari", "Ari-Hakadosh", or "Arizal," meaning "The Lion," was a fore...

Yochanan I Luria MP (1445 - 1511)

Rabbi Zev Benjamin Wolf Luria / רבי זאב בנימין וולף לוריא, בן המהרש"ל MP (1532 - d.)

Zeev Wolf LURIA + (?) Avraham (Abraham) LURIA + (?) Yekhiel (Jehiel) LURIA + (?) Jacob LURIA + (?) Asher LURIA ? Abraham (Avi) LURIA Zeev Wolf LURIA + (?) Abraham LURIA Baruch Benedict ...

Zvi / צבי Luria / לוריא MP (1906 - 1968)

צבי לוריא צבי לוריא (1906 - 1968), עסקן ציוני ממייסדי הקיבוץ הארצי השומר הצעיר ומחותמי מגילת העצמאות. לוריא היה בין מייסדי תנועת הקיבוץ הארצי השומר הצעיר, חבר קיבוץ עין שמר. נבחר לאספת הנבחרים הרבי...

41 (Luria) (deceased)

Luria (deceased)

Luria (1440 - d.)

44 (Luria) (deceased)

42 (Luria) (deceased)

46 (Luria) (deceased)

43 (Luria) (deceased)

47 (Luria) (deceased)

Luria (deceased)

45 (Luria) (deceased)

Kopelewicz (Luria) (deceased)

Luria (deceased)

! Luria (deceased)

(first wife) Luria (deceased)

(Meer) Shimen LURIA (1845 - d.)

. Luria (deceased)

? ? Massel (Luria) (deceased)

? Luria (1830 - d.)

? Luria (deceased)

?? Luria (deceased)

?? Isserles (Luria) (deceased)

A Katzelenbogen (Luria) (deceased)

A Luria (Shpiro) (deceased)

Aaron LURIA (deceased)

Aaron Luria (deceased)

Aaron Luria (deceased)

Aaron Luria (b. - 1835)

Aaron Erlich Luria (deceased)

Abigael Japhe (Luria) (1675 - 1741)

Abigael 'Isaac' Jessurun (Luria) (1687 - d.)

Abraham Luria (b. - 1768)

Abraham Luria (deceased)

Abraham Luria (deceased)

Abraham Luria (deceased)

Abraham Luria (deceased)

Abram Luria (deceased)

Abram Luria (1819 - d.)

Abram Luria (1786 - 1839)

Abram Luria (1841 - d.)

Abram Borukh Luria (1870 - d.)

Adolph Marcus Luria (deceased)

Aharon Luria (deceased)

Aharon Luria (b. - 1500)

Aharon Luria (b. - 1613)