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Jacob Lurvey MP (1712 - 1790)

Jacob Lurvey was born 14 August 1712 in Gloucester,Essex,Ma 1 2 Parents: 2nd son of Peter LURVEY b: 19 OCT 1679 in Ipswich,Essex,Ma & Rachel ELWELL b: 21 FEB 1687/1688 in of Gloucester,Essex,Ma Mar...

Patience Reed (Lurvey) MP (1757 - 1820)

Patience Lurvey was born BEF 12 JUN 1757 in Gloucester, MA and died 4 APR 1820 in Newburyport, MA. She was buried 5 APR 1820 Newbury, MA. Parents: Jacob Lurvey b: 14 AUG 1712 in Gloucester, MA & Sa...

Peter Lurvey, Jr. MP (1679 - 1721)

Peter Lurvey's son Peter moved to Gloucester around 1710 settling in the fourth parish at what is now Lanesville. He married Love Parsons of Ipswich in 1702, a very young lady who died in 1708, shortly...

Peter Lurvey MP (1739 - 1775)

DAR Ancestor #: A072444 Peter Lurvey (Dogtown cellar hole 25) became Gloucester’s most celebrated Minuteman in August 1775, when the British ship “Falcon” sailed into Gloucester ...

Peter Lurvey, Sr. MP (c.1653 - 1721)

Peter Lurvey and his wife Mary were at Ipswich, Massachusetts as early as 1670.  He is said to have been a Russian Jew from Archangel, Russia, who, after living for a time in England, determined...

Rachel Lurvey (Elwell) MP (1687 - 1758)

Rachel Elwell was born 21 FEB 1687/1688 in of Gloucester,Essex, Ma. Married: 29 APR 1710 in Gloucester,Essex,Ma to Peter LURVEY b19 OCT 1679 in Ipswich,Essex,Ma Dec 22 1726 to John Day Nov 16...

Abiah Lurvey (Jones) (deceased)

Abigail LURVEY (deceased)

Alden Lurvey (deceased)

Allan Lurvey (deceased)

Anita Sylvia Lurvey (o'Connell) (deceased)

Anji Marshall (Lurvey) (deceased)

Anna Bennett Chipman (Lurvey) (1755 - 1802)

xi. Anna Bennett Lurvey, baptised 04 May 1755 at Fourth Parish at Gloucester, Essex County Massachusetts; died Aft. 19 September 1802. Links

Anna Sophia Lurvey (deceased)

Anna "Podgie" Joy (deceased)

Annie L Lurvey (c.1854 - d.)

Benjamin Lurvey (1714 - d.)

Benjamin Lurvey (1735 - 1818)

Benjamin Lurvey (1764 - d.)

Benjamin Chandler LURVEY (1818 - d.)

Betsey Davis Dudley (Lurvey) (1778 - 1862)


Betsey Lurvey (deceased)

Betsy Kenneston (Lurvey) (1767 - d.)

Betty Lucille Lurvey (Shurlow) (deceased)

Caroline Lurvey (Augusta Plummer) (c.1817 - d.)

Charles A. Lurvey (c.1852 - d.)

Clara Lurvey (Bodfish) (deceased)

Clarence Lurvy (deceased)

Daniel Lurvey (1765 - d.)

David LURVEY (c.1815 - d.)

Capt. David Lurvey (1748 - c.1778)

Their eighth child, David Lurvey, was born in 1748.  David married Lydia Holland at New Gloucester Maine.  She was daughter of Richard Holland  and Sarah Cunningham  of Glou...

Deborah Harraden Lurvey (1743 - d.)

Ebenezer Lurvey (c.1706 - d.)

Ebenezer Lurvey (1718 - d.)

Edmund Lurvey (deceased)

I grew up raised by my mother but for a short time she had to put me into an orphanage because in those days women had a hard time financially unless they were married. She loved me and doted on me tho...

Edward R. Lurvey (deceased)

Eliezar Lurvey (1682 - d.)

Eliezer Lurvey (1717 - 1790)

Eliezer Lurvey was active in the affairs of the Fifth Parish at Sandy Bay. His name appears in the first list of tax payers of the newly chartered parish in 1754. He appears in the records on 31 July 1...

Eliza Lurvey (deceased)

Eliza Ann Lurvey (1835 - d.)

Elizabeth Lurvey (Lowell) (deceased)

Elizabeth Lurvey (Evans) (1872 - 1959)

Elizabeth Lurvey (Potter) (1753 - d.)


ELIZABETH - Betsey Lurvey (TOBEY) (1776 - 1850)

Elvecy LURVEY (deceased)

Esther Lurvey (1753 - d.)

Evelyn Lurvey (Lombard) (1916 - 2011)

I was born to an unwed mother who was in her 40's, which was rare at the time I was born in the early 1900's. I grew up in the same house with two half-sisters, Helen and Dorothy. I had one other siste...

Florence Lurvey (deceased)

Flossie May Noyes (Lurvey) (1898 - 1970)

Flowella Lurvey (deceased)

Fred Hartley Lurvey (1891 - 1978)

Fred E Lurvey (deceased)

Hannah Lurvey (Stevens) (1763 - 1788)

Sources DAR Descendants 273870

Hannah Louisa Guthrie (Lurvey) (1843 - 1899)

Harold Lurvey (deceased)

Helen Patricia Thompson (Lurvey) (c.1923 - c.2002)

Miss you everyday, nothing is the same without you, I love you, Susanne

Ira lurvey (deceased)

Irish Stanley Lurvey (deceased)

Jacob Lurvey (deceased)

Jacob Lurvey (1736 - 1790)

46.  Jacob4 Lurvey (Jacob3, Peeter2, Peeter1 Lurvy) was born 06 August 1736 in Gloucester, Essex County Massachusetts232, and died Aft. 22 April 1790 233.  He married Rebecka Hunter 01 Au...

Jacob Lurvey (1787 - 1851)

James Lurvey (1785 - 1827)

Sources DAR Descendants 273870 Aged 41 yrs. "Early Vital Records of Mass. (Salisbury Deaths)" 

James Thomas Lurvey (1825 - 1904)

Sources DAR Descendants 273870

James Lurvey (1756 - 1805)

i. James5 Lurvey, born 18 September 1756 in Gloucester, Essex County Massachusetts; died Aft. 1790. DAR Ancestor #: A072442 Married Hannah Stevens Links

James Lurvey (1745 - 1746)

Job LURVEY (deceased)

Job Lurvey (deceased)

Job was sent to the Shaker community at New Gloucester to live with his uncle, Daniel Jackson.  As soon as he was old enough, Job left the Shakers, and settled in Paris Maine. He m...

Job Lurvey (1721 - 1762)

John Lurvey (deceased)

John Lurvey (1740 - d.)

John W Lurvey (c.1816 - d.)

Joseph Lurvey (1715 - d.)

Joseph Lurvey (1778 - d.)

Levi Tobey LURVEY (1814 - d.)

Lola Lurvey (Bunnell) (1790 - 1864)

Lydia LURVEY (c.1799 - d.)

Lydia Lurvey (Holland) (1750 - c.1770)


Lydia Wainwright (Lurvey) (1770 - 1825)

Lydia Lurvey married Thomas Wainwright of Rowley Massachusetts in 1790 and had several children, but none is included in the town's vital records. This was partly due to the incomplete record keeping t...

Lydia Wainwright (Lurvey) (deceased)

Lydia Wainwright (Lurvey) (deceased)

Margaret Tucker (Lurvey) (1746 - 1829)

Martha Phips (Lurvey) (1765 - d.)

i. Martha5 Lurvey, born 22 May 1765 in Gloucester, Essex County Massachusetts. married John Phips, son of James Phips and Abigail Huntere. Links

Martha A Lurvey (Thaxter) (c.1885 - d.)

Mary Lurvey (Cunningham) (c.1725 - d.)

Mary Lurvey (1710 - d.)

Mary Lurvey (1704 - 1760)

Mary Lurvey (deceased)

Mary Stanwood (Lurvey) (1773 - c.1850)

v. Mary Lurvey, born 22 August 1773 in Gloucester, Essex County Massachusetts She married John Morgan Stanwood 1798 in Gloucester, Essex County Massachusetts 448, son of Nehemiah Stanwood and Ruth Mo...

Mary Margaret Stockwell (Lurvey) (1685 - c.1740)

Mary Margaret Lurvey (1685 - 1740)

Mary Lurvey (Wenham) (c.1657 - d.)

Mary Ella Lurvey (Annis) (c.1880 - d.)

Mary Kathryn Lurvey (1927 - d.)

Matilda LURVEY (c.1802 - d.)

melody lurvey (deceased)

Mildred Lurvey (Rainaud) (1896 - d.)

Molly Lurvey (1770 - d.)

Moses Lurvey (1738 - d.)

Moses Lurvey (1753 - 1836)


Myra Flora Lurvey (Allen) (1918 - 1973)