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Bunim Luxemberg (deceased)

Friedrich I von Luxembourg, Graf von Moselgau MP (c.965 - 1019)

Alt birth dates: 1345, 1358, 1360, 1375 and in French: Frederick of Luxembourg (965 - 6 October 1019), count of Moezelgouw, was a son of count Siegfried of Luxembourg and Hedwig of Nordgau. By a wi...

Hana Wohl (Luxemberg) (deceased)

Harry Luxemberg (deceased)

Henrietta Therese Luxemberg (Neuwahl) (1907 - 1969)

Joel Luxemberg (deceased)

Maurice Luxemberg (deceased)

Ogive of Luxemburg, Countess of Flanders MP (c.990 - 1030)

Ogive de Luxembourg, (v. 990 † 1030), fille de Frédéric de Luxembourg, comte en Moselgau Parents: Friedrich von Luxemburg & (daughter of) von Hammerstein Spouse: Baudouin IV 'le Barbu' de Flandre Chi...

Perla Rozenbaum (Luxemberg) (deceased)

Phillip Luxemberg (deceased)

Ruchla Luxemberg (Mak) (deceased)

Rywka Luxemberg (Plato/Goldstein) (1829 - d.)