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Kadish Luz, 3rd Speaker of the Kneset (Luzinsky), קדיש לוז MP (1895 - 1972)

Kadish Luz (Hebrew: קדיש לוז‎, born Kadish Luzinski on 10 January 1895, died 4 December 1972) was an Israeli politician who served as Minister of Agriculture between 1955 and 1959 and Speaker of the Kn...

Don Manuel Mitra Luz MP (1858 - 1942)

Manuel came from a wealthy chinese mestizo family in Lipa. He was described to be of towering height (six footer), aristocratic in his ways, strict yet considerate. He was engaged to marry his niece, S...

Simeon Metra Luz MP (deceased)

Simeon was gobernadorcillo of Batangas (1854, 1866) and is remembered as the second duly elected governor of the province of Batangas (1903-1904). It was during his term as governor when Filipino-Ameri...

? Luz (deceased)

? Luz (deceased)

Abílio da Luz Clara (1901 - 1959)

Adail Correa da Luz (deceased)

Adelheid Luz (Riedele) (1763 - 1848)

Adolfo Gomes Ribeiro da Luz (1858 - d.)

Agueda da Luz (deceased)

Ahuva Luz (b. - 2010)

Albertina Uva da Luz Clara (1902 - d.)

Albertina Coimbra da Luz (deceased)

Alberto Gomes Ribeiro da Luz (1860 - d.)

Alcides (deceased)

Alejandra Metra Luz (deceased)

Alfredo (deceased)

Alfredo J (deceased)

Aliza Luz (deceased)

Alzira Coimbra da Luz (deceased)

Ambozina Machado da Luz de Oliveira Portes (deceased)

amparo Katigbak (amparo luz) (deceased)

Amélia Cândida Luz de Oliveira (deceased)

Américo Gomes Ribeiro da Luz (1854 - 1927)

Ana da Luz da Conceicão (deceased)

Ana (deceased)

Ana Ribeiro da Luz (deceased)

Ana de Ribeira da Luz (b. - 1741)

Ana Maria de la Luz (deceased)

Ana Rosa Correa de la Luz (1751 - 1822)

Ana Nunes da Luz (deceased)

Ana Correia da Luz (deceased)

Ana Esméria da Luz (deceased)

Ana Maria (deceased)

Ana Maria da Luz (1786 - d.)


Ana Nogueira da Luz (deceased)

Ana Victoria da Luz (deceased)

ANGEL Quintela de la Luz (deceased)

Ann (Luts /Luz/) (1815 - d.)

Anna Veronika Hanselman (Luz) (1783 - 1838)

Anna Catharina Luz (Reich) (deceased)

Anna Luz (Zeeb) (deceased)

Anna Maria Luz (Wackler) (1704 - 1746)

Anna Maria Luz (1744 - 1813)

Anna Magdalena Luz (1732 - d.)

Anna Maria Luz (1869 - d.)

Anna Marie Waltz (Luz) (deceased)

Anna Margaretha Luz (1788 - 1861)

Anna Maria Luz (Hummel) (1659 - d.)

Anna Maria Luz (Kuern) (1695 - 1780)

Anna Catharina Luz (1835 - 1921)

Anna Barbara Luz (Pflumm) (deceased)

Anna Catharina Luz (1733 - 1773)

Anna Margaretha Walker (Luz) (1824 - 1892)

Anna Magdalena Luz (1732 - d.)

Anna Maria da Luz (deceased)

Anna Marinha Castro (da Luz) (deceased)

Antonia Guadalupe De La Luz Valencia (deceased)

Antonia Correa de la Luz (1759 - 1814)

Antonia Joaquina da Luz (c.1840 - d.)

Antonia Maria (deceased)

Antonio da Silva Luz, III visconde de Coruche (deceased)

Antônio Pereira da Luz I (1765 - 1818)

Antonio Figueiredo Luz (1941 - 1996)

Antonio Correa de la Luz (1761 - d.)

Antonio Govín y de la Luz (deceased)

Antonio Furquim da Luz (1658 - d.)

Antonio Texera de la Luz (1722 - d.)

Antonio Máximo Ribeiro da Luz, Filho (1862 - 1971)

Antonio Máximo Ribeiro da Luz (b. - 1871)

Antonio Severiano Luz (deceased)

Antónia da Luz (deceased)

Antónia de Gouveia da Luz (deceased)

Antónia da Luz (deceased)

Antónia Gil/Grilo (?) Sousa/Luz/Luiz (deceased)

António da Luz (deceased)

Antônia Maria da Luz (deceased)

Antônia Maria da Luz (1782 - 1827)

Antônio Furquim da Luz (deceased)

Antônio Furquim da Luz (1723 - d.)

Apollonia Printz (Luz) (c.1642 - d.)

Arcangela (deceased)

Archangela (deceased)

Archangela Furquim da Luz (deceased)

Arcângela Furquim da Luz (deceased)

Arlindo Gomes Ribeiro da Luz (deceased)

Arlindo Gomes Ribeiro da Luz (1871 - 1959)

Augusto Gomes Ribeiro da Luz (1866 - d.)

Balbina Nogueira Luz (deceased)

Baltasar Gonçalves da Luz Miranda (deceased)

Basília Pereira da Luz Escoto (c.1830 - d.)

Benedito Luz (deceased)

Benedito José da Luz (Benedito Rodrigues do Nascimento) (1794 - d.)

Bento Gomes Ribeiro da Luz (deceased)

Bernhard Luz (1698 - 1764)