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Beniamino Luzzatto MP (1850 - 1893)

Beniamino Luzzatto: Italian physician; born at Padua Dec. 3, 1850; died there June 22, 1893; son of Samuel David Luzzatto. Educated at the university of his native town (M.D. 1872), he became physici...

Filosseno Philoxene Luzzatto MP (1829 - 1854)

'Filosseno Philoxene Luzzatto : Italian scholar; son of Samuel David Luzzatto; born at Triest July 10, 1829; died at Padua Jan. 25, 1854. Luzzatto (whose surname is the Italian equivalent of the titl...

Samuel David Luzzatto, ShaDaL MP (1800 - 1865)

Family Tree Samuel David Luzzatto (שמואל דוד לוצאטו‬‎) was an Italian Jewish scholar,...

..... Luzzatto (deceased)

..... Luzzatto (deceased)

? Luzzatto (deceased)

? Luzzatto (deceased)

? Luzzatto (deceased)

Abraham Luzzatto (b. - 1593)

Abraham Luzzatto (1500 - d.)

Adele Fuchs (LUZZATTO) (deceased)

Adelina Ilberti (Luzzatto) (deceased)

aldo luzzatto (deceased)

Aldo Luzzatto (deceased)

Alice Luzzatto (Fegitz) (deceased)

Alma Mann (Luzzatto) (deceased)

Amalia Luzzatto (Salom) (deceased)

Amos Michelangelo Luzzatto (1928 - d.)

Anna Luzzatto (deceased)

ANNA LUZZATTO (1846 - d.)

Arturo Luzzatto (1872 - c.1945)

Asher Luzzatto (c.1635 - d.)

Attilio Luzzatto (b. - 1927)

Baruch Benedetto Luzzatto (1627 - 1669)

Baruch Benedetto Luzzatto (deceased)

Bellarosa Castiglioni (Luzzatto) (deceased)

Benedetto Luzzatto (deceased)

Benedetto (Baruch) Luzzatto: Italian preacher and poet; flourished in the seventeenth century at Padua, where he was chief rabbi toward the close of his life. He united Talmudic learning with profoun...

Benetto Luzzatto (deceased)

Benvenuta Luzzatto Sullam (deceased)

Berakha Bracha Luzzatto (deceased)

Bruno LUZZATTO (1905 - d.)

Carlo Luzzatto (deceased)

Catina Luzzatto (deceased)


Colomba (Emma) Usigli Luzzatto (deceased)

Cornelia Grini (Luzzatto) (deceased)

Danielle Gardner (LUZZATTO) (b. - 2008)

David Luzzatto (deceased)

David Luzzatto (deceased)

Dino Luzzatto (deceased)

Dino LUZZATTO (deceased)

Dr. Heinrich Luzzatto (deceased)

Edith Luzzatto (b. - 1914)

Elda Luzzatto (1889 - 1984)

Elena Luzzatto (deceased)

Elena (Ninetta) Luzzatto (deceased)

Elie Luzzatto (deceased)



Elisa LUZZATTO (Frigessi) (deceased)

Elisabeth Elly Luzzatto (Grünbaum) (1874 - d.)

Elizabeth Louise (Marr) Henry (Luzzatto) (1916 - 2001)

Ellen Frances Luzzatto (Dimond) (deceased)

Elvira Luzzatto (deceased)

Emil Luzzatto (deceased)

Enrichetta Luzzatto Sullam (deceased)

Enrico Luzzatto (1907 - d.)

Birth record 1995:

Ephraim Luzzatto (1729 - 1792)

Ephraim Luzzatto: Italian physician and poet; born at San Daniele, Friuli, in 1729; died at Lausanne, Switzerland, in 1792; studied medicine at the University of Padua, graduating in 1751. After practi...

Ermanno Luzzatto (b. - 1964)

Ester Luzzatto (deceased)

Ettore Luzzatto (deceased)

Federico Luzzatto (1900 - 1960)

Fiorina Coen (Luzzatto) (1833 - d.)

Francis Luzzatto (deceased)

Francis Franco LUZZATTO (1935 - 1999)

Georg Markus Luzzatto (1779 - d.)

No. 6919 Last Name Luzzatto Maiden Name Last Name changed First Name Markus Baptism First Name Georg Markus Date of Birth 1779 Birth Place Italien Profession Händler Conversi...

Gilda Sara Luzzatto (1878 - 1959)

Gino Luzzatto (deceased)

Gino Luzzatto (1878 - 1964)

Giorgio Luzzatto (deceased)

Giorgio Georg Luzzatto (deceased)

giovanna luzzatto (deceased)

Giulio Luzzatto (deceased)

Giuseppe Luzzatto (deceased)

Giuseppe Luzzatto (1909 - c.1967)

Giuseppe Luzzatto (deceased)

Giuseppe LUZZATTO (deceased)

GIUSEPPE dott: LUZZATTO (deceased)

Giuseppe Luzzatto (deceased)

Guido Luzzatto (deceased)

Guiseppe Luzzatto (deceased)

Gustavo Luzzatto (1853 - 1908)

Hedwig Kohn (Luzzatto) (1855 - d.)

Helena Luzzatto (deceased)

Hezekiah Luzzatto (1761 - 1824)

Family Tree

Ida Luzzatto (Porlitz) (deceased)

Ida Nella Luzzatto (1910 - 2000)

Ing. Hugo Titus Fortunatus Ugo Luzzatto (1880 - d.)

Wedding record 202:

Isaac Luzzatto (c.1725 - d.)

Isaac Luzzatto (1730 - 1803)

Isaac Luzzatto (c.1575 - d.)

Isaac Luzzatto (deceased)

Isaac Luzzatto (c.1530 - d.)

Isaac Luzzatto (c.1660 - c.1748)

Isaia Luzzatto (1836 - 1898)

Isaia Luzzatto: Italian notary; born at Padua Sept. 27, 1836; died there Nov. 7, 1898; son of S. D. Luzzatto; graduated in law at the university of his native city. He was for some time attorney for ...

Jacob Luzzatto (b. - 1828)

Jacob Luzzatto (1550 - d.)

Jacob Luzzatto (c.1680 - d.)

Jacob Luzzatto (b. - 1762)

Josef Luzzatto (deceased)