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Adelaide Lyman (Trask) MP (1836 - 1914)

From the Thomas Rogers Society page on Adelaide "Addie" Lyman: Adelaide (Addie) Trask[1] F, b. 2 May 1836, d. 8 February 1914 Adelaide (Addie) Trask was born on 2 May 1836 at Rochester, VT....

Alicia Lyman (Hyde) MP (1496 - 1586)

Amasa M. Lyman, Apostle, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints MP (1813 - 1877)

Wikipedia Biographical Summary "...Amasa Mason Lyman (March 30, 1813 – February 4, 1877) was an early leader in the Latter Day Saint movement and was an apostle of The Church of Jesus Christ o...

Ann Lyman (Merwin) MP (b. - 1772)

Anna Margaret Lyman (Albert) MP (deceased)

Anne Lyman (Blythe, 1530-1615) MP (1530 - 1615)

Anne Jean Lyman (Robbins) MP (1789 - 1867)

Asa Lyman MP (1777 - 1836)

Caroline Ely Lyman (Partridge) MP (1827 - 1908)

Find a Grave "...Daughter of Edward Partridge and Lydia Clisbee Married Amasa Mason Lyman, 6 Sep 1844, Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois Children - Walter Clisbee Lyman, Fredrick Rich Lyman, Martha Lydia...

Catherine Robbins Delano (Lyman) MP (1825 - 1896)

Catherine Lyman (King) MP (1701 - 1791)

On 17 Nov 1724 Catherine first married James Hickock (15182) , son ofJoseph Hickock (5541) (c a 1677-1725) & Elizabeth Gaylord (1680-19 Dec1751), at Durham, CT. Born ca 1700/1. James die d on 7 Jun 172...

David Belden Lyman MP (1803 - 1884)

Rev. David B. Lyman Was born in New Hartford, Ct., July 28, 1703, and was a son of a farmer, David Lyman, who was son of David of Bethlehem, who married Mary Gitteau, of Huguenot descent. He was gr...

David Brainerd Lyman MP (1840 - 1914)

David Brainerd Lyman, son of David Belden Lyman (1803–1868), an early American missionary to Hawaii, was born March 27, 1840 and named for missionary David Brainerd. He moved from Hawaii to the ...

Dorcas Lyman (Plum) MP (1635 - 1725)

Alternate Birth Location: Blockley, , Worcestershire, England -------------------- John Lyman and Dorcas Plumb had the following children: - Elizabeth (born on 6 Nov 1655). - Sarah (born on 11 Apr ...

Dorcas Alvord (Lyman) MP (deceased)

Elias Lyman MP (1831 - 1904)

From the Thomas Rogers Society page on Elias Lyman: Elias Lyman[1] M, b. 5 January 1831, d. 15 December 1904 Elias Lyman was born on 5 January 1831 at Royalton Windsor, VT.[1] He married ...

Eliza Maria Lyman (Partridge) MP (1820 - 1886)

Elizabeth Pomeroy (Lyman) MP (1652 - 1676)

Joshua was the 2nd child of Eltweed and Margery Pomeroy and was born in 1652 at Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut. He married Elizabeth Lyman on 22 Aug 1672. She was the daughter of Richard Lyman (1618 ...

Elizabeth Lyman (Parsons) MP (c.1684 - d.)

Elizabeth Gray Lyman (Otis) MP (1791 - 1824)

Born May 3, 1791 in Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, USA. Died Dec. 20, 1824 in Boston. Daughter of Harrison Gray Otis (1765-1848) and Sally Foster Otis (1770-1838). She married George Williams L...

Elizabeth Lyman (Rande) MP (c.1556 - 1587)

When Elizabeth's father, Peter Rande, died she was his heir according to the custom of the court. She was "admitted in succession to Petfyld, Serleshope, Cashman's Heriett, and to the cottage with 7 ac...

Emma Wilcox (Lyman) MP (1849 - 1934)

Esther Hawley Lyman MP (c.1742 - 1775)

Born between 1742-1749 in Durham, Middlesex Co., Conn. or New Haven, Conn. Death: New Haven or Farmington, Conn.

Eunice Pomeroy (Lyman) MP (1749 - 1788)

Francis Marion Lyman MP (1840 - 1916)

Wikipedia Biographical Summary Francis Marion Lyman (12 January 1840 – 18 November 1916) was a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (L...

Frederick Schwartz Lyman MP (1837 - 1918)

Frederick Schwartz Lyman (1837–1918) was a surveyor, rancher, judge, and politician on Hawaiʻi Island. Life Frederick Schwartz Lyman was born July 25, 1837, in Hilo, Hawaii. His mid...

George Williams Lyman MP (1786 - 1880)

He was born on Dec. 4, 1786 in Kennebunk, York County, Maine, USA and died on Sep. 24, 1880 in Waltham, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, USA. George Williams Lyman, an 1807 Harvard University graduat...

Harriet Lovell (Lyman) MP (1866 - 1946)

Find a Grave Birth: Aug. 17, 1866 Fillmore Millard County Utah, USA Death: Mar. 30, 1946 Oak City Millard County Utah, USA Daughter of Amasa Mason Lyman and Caroline Ely Partridge Married Joh...

Helen Hoyt MP (1887 - 1972)

Helen Lyman commonly known as Helen Hoyt or Helen Hoyt Lyman (January 22, 1887–August 2, 1972) was an American poet. Life and work She was born as Helen Hoyt in Norwalk, Connecticut on Jan...

Henry Lyman MP (c.1490 - 1507)

Henry of Navistoke and HIgh Ongar, County Essex, gentleman, had possession of the estates of Navistoke and Withersfield.

Henry Lyman, Jr. MP (c.1552 - 1587)

Henry and Elizabeth had 6 children with Richard being the third. Henry and Phillis had 3 additional children following the death of Elizabeth. Henry succeeded his father in the possession of the esta...

Hepzibah Dewey (Lyman) MP (1644 - 1732)

To see a close up photo of the monument inscription, go to the Media section. In Source:NEHGR, p. 6:266 (1852)n, "A Record of Marriages, Births and Deaths in Westfield, Mass., Prior to the Year 1700....

Hope Stowe Lyman (Hawley) MP (c.1719 - c.1753)

The wife of John6 was Hope Hawley, daughter of Jehiel Hawley and Hope, daughter of Ichabod Stow and Mary Atwater, daughter of David Atwater, of New Haven. That Hope (Stow) Hawley was daughter of Ichabo...

Isabella Lyman (Chamberlain) MP (1838 - 1901)

John Lyman MP (c.1516 - 1587)

John was "a gentleman, eldest son, and heir." He also possessed lands at Ovyngton, Asshe, and Beauchamp St. Paul, County Essex, and Clare and Hylton, County Suffolk which he sold. He was a contributor ...

John Lyman MP (1717 - 1763)

[ ] John Lyman, of Durham and Middlefield. Born 1717, died 1763. Married Hope Hawley, great-granddaughter of Rev. Samuel Stow, first minister of Middletown, also great-granddaughter of David Atwate...

John Lyman, Sr. MP (1623 - 1690)

The house John built in Northampton, MA was adjacent to the original farm of "Rev. Ebenezer Mather the first minister of Northampton. This homestead was past to his son Benjamin, then his son Joseph, t...

Joseph Lyman, Sr. MP (1699 - 1763)

Joseph Lyman, Jr MP (1731 - 1804)

Judge Joseph Lyman MP (1767 - 1847)

Lydia Lyman MP (1743 - 1750)

Margaret Lyman (Gerard) MP (c.1522 - 1580)

Mary Lyman (Benedict) MP (1777 - 1865)

Mary Lyman (Barker) MP (1744 - 1792)

Mary Hall (Lyman) MP (1668 - 1740)

Birth: Jan. 2, 1668 - Northampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts, USA Death: Oct. 16, 1740 - Wallingford, New Haven County, Connecticut, USA The daughter of John and Dorcas (Plumb) Lyman,...

Mary J. Hanks (Lyman) MP (deceased)

Mary Ann Benedict Mead (Lyman) MP (1807 - 1875)

Mindwell Harris (Lyman) MP (b. - 1758)

Nabby Bristol (Lyman) MP (deceased)

Peter Lyman (1521-1592) MP (1521 - 1592)

Phillis Hill (Lyman) MP (c.1611 - 1640)

Summary for Phillis Lyman by Elwin C. Nickerson: Born High Ongar, England (Baptized Oct30,1580) Daughter of Richard Lyman. Richard Lymans wife's name was Sarah Lyman. Bapt. Sept,12,1611. Phillis ...

Phillis Lyman (Scott or Stane) MP (c.1569 - 1587)

Phyllis Hills (Lyman) MP (1611 - c.1648)

'Full text of "The Hills family in America; the ancestry and descendants of William Hills, the English emigrant to New England in 1632; of Joseph Hills, the English emigrant to New England in 1638, and...

Richard Lyman MP (c.1580 - c.1640)

Added by Elwin Nickerson II, My Great Grandfather Arrived in the "LYON" about 1631

Richard B. Lyman, Jr. MP (1617 - 1662)

Richard LYMAN II 32, 33 34, 35 was born about 1617 in High Ongar, Essex, England. Baptized Feb. 24, 1617 High Ongar, Essex, England. He died on 3 Jun 1662 in Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts. Rich...

Richard Lyman, III MP (1647 - 1708)

Richard LYMAN III38 was born on 26 May 1647 in Hartford, Hartford , Connecticut. He died on 4 Nov 1708 in Lebanon, New London, Connecticut. Richard LYMAN III and Elizabeth COWLES were married on 26 May...

Richard Lyman, II (b. 1613) MP (1613 - d.)

Richard Lyman (Immigrant) MP (1580 - 1640)

Richard Lyman came to New England in September 1631. He was the patriarch of the Lymans in New England. He was born about 25 miles east by south from London and was baptized 30 Oct 1580. Biographical...

Rufus Anderson Lyman MP (1842 - 1910)

Rufus Anderson Lyman (1842–1910) was a son of a missionary who became a lawyer and politician in the Kingdom of Hawaii, founded the Paʻauhau Sugar Plantation Company, and had many notab...

Ruth Lyman (Holton) MP (c.1642 - 1725)

'Genealogies of the Lymans of Middlefield, of the Dickinsons of Montreal, and of the Partridges ... (1865) .... It thus appears that the three brothers, Thomas4, Ebenezer4 and Noah4, sons of 'Tho...

Sarah Lyman (Probably Osborne) MP (deceased)

Sarah Marsh (Lyman) MP (1643 - 1706)

Sarah Lyman was born in 1643 in Windsor, CT and died ca 1706 in Hartford, CT. Parents: Richard Lyman and Hepzibah Ford. Married: on 28 Nov 1666 in Northampton, MA. to John Marsh (Born in 1643 i...

Sarah Bridgman (Lyman) MP (1625 - 1667)

Sarah Lyman (b. 08 Feb 1619/20, d. 31 Aug 1688) One source claims Sarah Lyman was the daughter of John Lyman and Medad Pomeroy and was born 08 Feb 1619/20 in High Onger, England, and died 31 Aug 1688...

Sarah Lyman (Joiner) MP (1805 - 1885)

David Belden Lyman From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia David Belden Lyman Founder of Hilo Boarding School Born July 28, 1803 Hartford, Connecticut Died October 4, 1884 Hilo, Hawaii Nationality Un...

Sarah Lyman (Osborne) MP (c.1589 - 1642)

She came to America with her husband, Richard, and all their children in 1631. She died soon after the death of her husband.--------------------Sarah Osborne is the daughter of Roger Osborne, of Halste...

Sarah Benton (Lyman) MP (1741 - 1796)

Theodore Lyman MP (1753 - 1839)

Theodore Lyman (1753-1839) was born the son of a minister in York, Maine. He established himself in shipping before moving to Boston after the American Revolution. He expanded his business interests fr...

Theodore Benedict Lyman, Episcopal Bishop of North Carolina MP (1815 - 1893)

Theodore Benedict Lyman (Nov. 27, 1815 – Dec. 13, 1893), was the fourth Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina.[1] He was born in Brighton, Massachusetts. Father of William Whittingha...

Thomas Lyman MP (1638 - 1643)

Thomas Lyman MP (1649 - 1725)

'Genealogies of the Lymans of Middlefield, of the Dickinsons of Montreal, and of the Partridges ... (1865) .... It thus appears that the three brothers, Thomas4, Ebenezer4 and Noah4, sons of 'Tho...

Thomas Lyman, III MP (1714 - 1761)

Thomas Lyman, II MP (1678 - d.)

Thomas Lyman MP (c.1456 - 1509)

The ancient and honorable lines of Lambert and Umfreville united in the marriage of Sir William Lambert and Johanna de Umfreville, and they became the ancestors of the Lyman family by the marriage of t...

William Lyman MP (1738 - 1827)

William Whittingham Lyman MP (1850 - 1921)

William Whittingham Lyman was the son of the Right Rev. Theodore Benedict Lyman, D. D., LL. D., of the Episcopal Church, now bishop of North Carolina.  He was born in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, Ju...

Jack Lyman MP (1885 - 1983)

William Whittingham Lyman Jr, (January 3, 1885 - November 8, 1983) also known as Jack Lyman, was an American writer and academic, primarily in the field of Celtic studies. Life and work Lyman was...

Lyman (deceased)

Lyman (deceased)

Lyman (c.1584 - d.)

Lyman (deceased)

Lyman (deceased)

Lyman (c.1596 - d.)

Lyman (deceased)

? Lyman (deceased)

? Lyman (deceased)

Aaron Lyman (deceased)

Deacon Aaron Lyman (1705 - 1788)

Was one of the first settlers in Belchertown, Mass. He was in the third generation from Richard Lyman, the ancestor of all the Lymans of colonial times in America.

Aaron Lyman (1705 - 1780)

Aaron J Lyman (deceased)

Aaron Lyman (deceased)

Aaron Lyman (1794 - 1873)

Abel Lyman (deceased)

Abel Lyman (1752 - 1823)

Abiathar Lyman (1758 - 1842)

Abigail Lyman (c.1788 - 1868)

Abigail Lyman (Starr) (1778 - 1855)

Abigail Lyman (Coles) (1757 - 1841)

Abigail Lyman (Starr) (1778 - 1855)

Abigail Lyman (Lewis) (1701 - d.)

Abigail Fitch (Lyman) (1753 - 1842)