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Golda Meir 4th Prime Minister of Israel (Mabovitch) MP (1898 - 1978)

" I have seen my five grandchildren grow up as Jews, in a country that is their own. Let no one have any doubts about this. Our children and our children's children will never settle for anything less....

. Mabovitch (deceased)

. Mabovitch (deceased)

. Mabovitch (deceased)

. Mabovitch (deceased)

. Mabovitch (deceased)

Bluma Mabovitch (deceased)

Bluma Mabovitch (Neiditch) (b. - 1951)

Bluma Neiditch (d. 1951)

Gershon Mabovitch (deceased)

Golda Meir (Mabovitch) (deceased)

Ida Gassman (Mabovitch) (deceased)

Moshe Itzhak Mabovitch (deceased)


Moshe Itzhak Mabovitch (b. - c.1945)

Moshe Mabovitch (d. 1944 or 1946)

Sheyna Korngold (Mabovitch) (deceased)