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Alexander MacDonald (MAC DONALD), 10th Earl of Ross MP (c.1398 - 1449)

(unknown) Mac Donald (deceased)

Agnes Mac Donald (1415 - d.)

Alex Robert Mac Donald (deceased)

Alexander Mac Donald Mac Donald (deceased)

Alexander (deceased)

Alexander A Mac Donald (1353 - d.)

Alice Mac Donald (c.1879 - d.)

Alastair Carragh Carragh MacDonald MP (1365 - c.1440)

Angus Mac Donald (deceased)

Angus Mac Donald (c.1740 - c.1818)

Angus Mac Donald (deceased)

Angus Mac Donald (1465 - d.)

Angus Og MacDonald of the Isles MP (1272 - 1330)

Angus Og MacDonnell Lord of the Isles, Kintire and Bute Also known As ANGUS Macdonald, son of ANGUS Lord of the Isles & his wife --- (-Finlaggan Castle, Isla 1330). He succeeded his brother as Lo...

Aonghas Mor mac Domhnaill, Lord of Islay MP (c.1248 - 1296)

Angus Mor, being the son of Domhnall, took on the surname of MacDomhnall, and was the first to use that surname which later has taken on it's many forms, i.e. McDonald, MacDonald, McDaniel, MacDonnell,...

Archibald Mac Donald (c.1680 - d.)

Opmerkingen / Notes de bruid was dienstmaagd. Brides occupation , maid/servant Bron/Source DTB Rotterdam Trouw Schotse regimenten Archive Rotterdam, Scottish regimental marriages

auguste mac donald (deceased)

Carl Arvid Mac Donald (1873 - d.)

Catharine May Mac Donald (Dafoe) (1883 - 1927)

Catherine Mac Donald (c.1785 - d.)

Catherine McLeod (Mac Donald) (deceased)

Christine Mac Donald (deceased)

Christy Mac Donald (deceased)

Colin Mac Donald (c.1791 - d.)

Donald Mac Donald (c.1792 - d.)

Donald Balloch MacDonald of Dunnyveg and the Glens MP (1407 - 1476)

Domhnall Ballach From Wikipedia: Domhall Ballach MacDonald Title 2nd Clan Chief Predecessor John Mór Tanister Successor John Mor MacDonald, 3rd of Dunnyveg Domhnall Ballach, also known as Donald Ba...

Donald Glas Mac Donald (deceased)

Elise von Mac Donald Krampf (deceased)

Elizabeth MAC DONALD (Seton) (c.1398 - d.)

Elizabeth Margaret Mac Donald (deceased)

Ellen,Marie 'Ellen' Mac Donald (deceased)

Eugene, Prince of Cumberland of Mac Donald, Prince (899 - d.)

Flora Nicholson (Mac Donald) (deceased)

Flora MacMillan (Mac Donald) (1825 - 1898)

Georges Roy William Mac Donald (1853 - 1951)

Hjalmar Leonard Mac Donald (1882 - d.)

Hugh Mac Donald of Glentilt, Thane of Glentilt (deceased)

Isabel Livingstone (Mac Donald) (c.1780 - d.)

Isobel Mac Donald (Campbell) (deceased)

James Mac Donald (b. - 1678)

James MacDonnell of Dunnyveg and the Glens MP (c.1501 - 1565)

James Mac Domhnaill or MacDonald in Scotland, 6th of Dunnyveg (died 1565), a Scoto-Irish chieftain, who was the son of Alexander MacDonald, lord of Islay and Kintyre (Cantire), and Catherine MacDonal...

James Mac Donald (1160 - 1200)

Janet Mac DONALD (1733 - 1761)

Jean Mac Donald (1199 - 1297)

John Mac Donald (c.1794 - d.)

John Ban Mac Donald (1823 - 1891)

Ian 'John Mór' Macdonald, Lord of the Isles MP (1360 - 1427)

John Mór Tanister From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia John Mór Tanister MacDonald Title Clan Chief: MacDonald of Dunnyveg Successor Domhnall Ballach John Mór Tanister (Scottish Gaelic: Eòin Mò...

John Mac Donald (c.1879 - d.)

John MAC DONALD Lord Of Ross (c.1415 - d.)

John Mor de Insulis Mac Donald (1445 - 1494)

Juan Alejandro Mac Donald (deceased)

Malcolm I, King of Scots MP (c.900 - 954)

Máel Coluim mac Domnaill (anglicised Malcolm I) (c. 900–954) was king of Scots (before 943 – 954), becoming king when his cousin Causantín mac Áeda abdicated to become a monk. He was the son of Domnall...

Marcus (deceased)

Margaret Patterson (Mac Donald) (deceased)

Margaret Mac Donald (Mac Eachern) (deceased)

Margaret Mac Donald (c.1568 - d.)

mary mac donald (deceased)

Mary Mac Donald (c.1491 - d.)

Mary Mac Donald (deceased)

Mary Mac Donald (1875 - 1915)

Mary Mac Donald (deceased)

Mary Mac Donald (deceased)

Mary Anne Ashley Mac Donald (deceased)

Mary Mae Ronan (Mac Donald) (deceased)

Mattie Mac Donald (c.1850 - d.)

May Camille Mac Donald (Dezarnaulds) (1900 - 1987)

Norman Mac Donald (deceased)

Olof Mac Donald (1844 - d.)

Owen, 'King' of Strathclyde III Caesarius Subking Of Strathclyde (899 - 937)

Ranald Bane Macdonald of Largie (b. - 1476)

Biographical Summary "I. Ranald Bane , younger son of John Mor Tanister, progenitor of the Clann Iain Mhoir, and of Marjory Bisset, his wife. Hugh Macdonald, the Sleat historian, bastardizes Ranald, ...

Roberto Lacourt Mac-Donald (deceased)

Rory Mac Donald (deceased)

SADIE EVELYN MAC DONALD(Stanford) (deceased)

Sarah Mac Donald (c.1780 - d.)

Sarah Mac Donald (deceased)

Thomas Mac Donald (deceased)

Wilhelmina Sofia Mac Donald (1876 - d.)

William Mac Donald (deceased)