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Somerled, King of the Hebrides MP (c.1113 - 1164)

Somerled, Lord of Argyll Married the daughter of King Olav of Man Somerled, Thane of Argyll married Ragnhild (?), daughter of Olaf, King of Man and the Isles, in 1140. He died in 1164 at near Renfr...

Somerled King of Hebrides (1113 - 1164)

'Somerled' means "summer wanderer", the name given to the Vikings). He took the title Rí Innse Gall (King of the Hebrides) as well as King of Man. After Somerled's death in 1164 three of his sons div...


Somerled, (deceased)

Somheirle / Somerled (Mac GILLEBRIDE) (c.1114 - 1164)