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Arturo de la Rosa Macapagal MP

Arturo de la Rosa Macapagal is a sharp-shooter. He has represented the Philippines at the Olympics in 1972 and 1976, and other international sports competitions: More here: .

Diosdado Pangan Macapagal MP (1910 - 1997)

Diosdado Pangan Macapagal was the 9th President of the Philippines. More here:

Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo MP

Gloria Macaraeg Macapagal-Arroyo was the 14th President of the Phillippines. More here:

??? Macapagal (deceased)

??? Macapagal (deceased)

??? Franco (Macapagal) (deceased)

Abraham Macapagal (deceased)

Abundia Macapagal (deceased)

Abundia Macapagal (deceased)

Alfonso Macapagal (deceased)

Amado Macapagal (deceased)

Amando Macapagal (deceased)

Amor macapagal (deceased)

Amparo Castelo-Macapagal (deceased)

Andres Rivera Macapagal (deceased)

Angel Macapagal (deceased)

Angel Pangan Macapagal (1917 - 1993)

Apolinario Macapagal (deceased)

Araceli Macapagal (1907 - d.)

Source: Araceli Macapagal's Birth Certificate:

Arnaldo Macapagal (deceased)

Asturia Macapagal (deceased)

Barbara Mallen (Macapagal) (deceased)

Ben Macapagal (deceased)

Candida Macapagal (deceased)

Carl Macapagal (deceased)

Carlito Tiamzon Macapagal (1937 - 2001)

Catalino Macapagal (deceased)

Catalino Macapagal (deceased)

Cecilia Dela Cruz (Macapagal) (deceased)

Cipriana Madrid Macapagal (deceased)

Clementina Macapagal (deceased)

Conrado Macapagal (deceased)

Corazon Dabu Macapagal (deceased)

Cornelia Balarag Macapagal (Cornelia Balarag) (1873 - 1953)

Cristobal Macapagal (deceased)

delfin alejandro macapagal (deceased)

Demetrio Macapagal (deceased)

Demetrio Macapagal (deceased)

Diosdado Macapagal (deceased)

Dominador Macapagal (deceased)

Eden Macapagal (deceased)

Elizabeth Macapagal (deceased)

Emeterio Macapagal (deceased)

Emiliano Macapagal (deceased)

Emiterio Macapagal (deceased)

Estelita Macapagal (deceased)

Estella Macapagal (deceased)

Eulogio Macapagal (deceased)

Eusavio Macapagal (deceased)

Fabian Macapagal (deceased)

Felicidad Macapagal (deceased)

Felix Macapagal (deceased)

Ferdinand Macapagal (deceased)

Fernando Macapagal (deceased)

Gabina?? Tumangan (Macapagal) (deceased)

Gregorio Macapagal (deceased)

Hernan Galapon (Macapagal) (deceased)

Ignacia Macapagal (deceased)

Ignacia Macapagal (deceased)

Israel Pangan Macapagal (b. - 1940)

Joaquin Macapagal (deceased)

Jose Macapagal (deceased)

Jose Macapagal (deceased)

Jose Macapagal (deceased)

Josefa Macapagal- Cortez (deceased)

Juan Macapagal (deceased)

juan macapagal (deceased)

Juan Macapagal (b. - 1683)

Don Juan Macapagal was the Datu of Arayat. He was given the title Maestre de Campo General of the natives Arayat, Candaba and Apalit for his aid in suppressing the Kapampangan Revolt of 1660. He furthe...

Juana Joson Macapagal (deceased)

Julia Macapagal (Tiamzon) (deceased)

Julian Macapagal (c.1910 - d.)

Lauro Macapagal (deceased)

Liberata (deceased)

Liwanag Macapagal (deceased)

Liwanag Macapagal (Santiago) (deceased)

Lola Macapagal (deceased)

Lorenza Macapagal (deceased)

Lourdes Macapagal Bautista (22 - 1994)

Lourdes Macapagal Victorio=Aro (Lourdes Macapagal Victorio) (1921 - d.)

Lourdes Pangan Macapagal (deceased)

Lucia Chuongco (Macapagal) (deceased)

Ma. Consulacion Macapagal (Cunanan) (c.1911 - d.)

Macelo Macapagal (deceased)

Mamerto Macapagal (deceased)

Marcos Macapagal (deceased)

Maria M. Macapagal (deceased)

maria franco de guzman (macapagal) (deceased)

Maria Diaz (Macapagal) (deceased)

Maria Cruz Kabigting (Macapagal) (1902 - 1995)

Maria Macapagal (deceased)

Mario Macapagal (deceased)

Miguel Macapagal (deceased)

Myra Macapagal (deceased)

Narcisa Reyes (Macapagal) (deceased)

Nene Macapagal (deceased)

Nestar Macapagal Obispo (deceased)

Nicolas de Tolentino Macapagal (deceased)

Nicolasa Macapagal (deceased)

Nina Macapagal (deceased)

Pablo Macapagal (deceased)