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Marie Delphine Macarty MP (c.1775 - c.1842)

Delphine Lalaurie was born Marie Delphine Macarty, circa 1775 to Louis Barthelemy McCarty and Marie Jeanne Lovable (also listed as the name Vevue Macarty), prominent members of the New Orleans communit...

Victor-Eugene Macarty MP (deceased)

Victor-Eugene Macarty was talented and ambitious. He was born into a society that afforded him privileges that were usually not accessible for men of color. Macarty used these opportunities to develop ...

Alexandre Alphonse Albert de Macarty (1800 - d.)

Augustin de Macarty (deceased)

Augustin de Macarty (sometimes anglicized as McCarty or McCarthy) was mayor of New Orleans from September 7, 1815, to May 1, 1820. He was a member of an influential Creole family allied by marriage to ...

Barthelmy Daniel de Macarty (deceased)

Barthelmy de Macarty (deceased)

Barthelmy Louis Macarty (deceased)

Betty MacDonagh (MaCarty More) (deceased)

Brigitte de Macarty (deceased)

Catherine de Macarty (deceased)

Claudine Le Doux (de Macarty) (1827 - 1871)

Edmond / Edward de Macarty (deceased)

Eugene de Macarty (deceased)

Eugène de Macarty (b. - 1845)

Francisco Delahanty MaCarty (deceased)

Geneviève Gingras (Mc Carthy Macardy Macarty) (c.1755 - d.)

Glenard Earl Macarty (1925 - 2003)

Glenroy Macarty (deceased)

Hanna Malsbury (Macarty) (deceased)

Isabel MaCarty (deceased)

Jean-Baptiste de Macarty (1750 - 1808)

Macarty, Juan Bautista (also Jean-Baptiste), merchant, planter. Born, New Orleans, March 7, 1750; son of Barthélémy Daniel de Macarty and Françoise Hélène Pellerin. S...

Jean-Jacques de Macarty (deceased)

Jeanne-Françoise de Macarty (deceased)

Loy Macarty (deceased)

Marie-Celeste de Macarty (deceased)

Marie-Celeste-Elenore de Macarty (deceased)

Marie-Thérèse de Macarty (deceased)

mary folce (macarty) (1806 - d.)

Mildred Davis (deceased)

Myrtile de Macarty (deceased)

NN Macarty (deceased)

Théodore de Macarty (deceased)

Ursin de Macarty (deceased)