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Aristobalbus II King of Judea MP (c.-100 - -48)

Aristobulus II was the Jewish High Priest and King of Judea, 66 BC to 63 BC, from the Hasmonean Dynasty. Family Aristobulus was the younger son of Alexander Jannaeus, King and High Priest, and Alexandr...

Judas Maccabaeus (Hasmonean), 3 MP (-190 - -160)

Judah Maccabee (or Judas Maccabeus , also spelled Machabeus, or Maccabaeus, Hebrew: יהודה המכבי, Y'hudhah HamMakabi, Judah the Hamm...

Yohannan HaCohen (Maccabaeus), High Priest MP (225 - d.)

Alexander Maccabaeus Hasmoen, II (c.-100 - d.)

Alexander II Maccabaeus (deceased)

Alexandra Maccabaeus (b. - -28)

Aristobalus King of Judea (Maccabaeus Hasmoen), II (c.-100 - d.)

Beate Clausdatter Maccabaeus (c.1604 - c.1654)

Bhörn Clausen Maccabaeus (deceased)