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Elazar Avaran Maccabeus (Hasmonean), 4 MP (c.-200 - -162)

Eleazar Avaran , also known as Eleazar Maccabeus , Eleazar Hachorani /Choran(or Horani) (b. ???BCE - d. 162 BCE; Hebrew: אלעזר המכבי...

John Gaddi Maccabeus (Hasmonean), 1 MP (deceased)

John Gaddi (John Caddis in the King James Version) was the oldest of the sons of Mattathias, and brother of Judas Maccabeus. His 'nickname' Gaddi is a Hebrew term, meaning "My Fortune". He was one of t...

Jonathan Apphus Maccabeus (Hasmonean), 5 MP (-188 - -142)

Jonathan Apphus was leader of the Hasmonean Dynasty of Judea from 161 to 143 BCE. The name Apphus (Ἀπφοῦς) could mean = "the dissembler", "the Wary", or "the d...

Mattathias ben Yochanan HaCohen MP (c.-192 - -167)

Mattathias (or Mattathiahu) the Hasmonean Priest of Modiin, northwest of Jerusalem. In 168 BCE the Seleucid king Antiochus IV Epiphanes forbade the practice of Judaism and also decreed that altars to G...

Simon the Thassi Maccabeus (Hasmonean), 2 MP (c.-226 - -134)

Simon Thassi (died 135 BCE) was the second son of Mattathias and thus a member of the Hasmonean family. The name "Thassi" has an uncertain meaning ("the Director", "the Guide", "the Man of Counsel", an...

wife, Jonathan Apphus Maccabeus (Hasmonean) MP (deceased)

Alexander Maccabeus of Judea (deceased)

Simon Maccabeus (Thassi) (deceased)

son #1 of Jonathan Apphus Maccabeus (deceased)

son #2 of Jonathan Apphus Maccabeus (deceased)

son #5 of John Hyrcanus I #5 Maccabeus (Hasmonean) (deceased)

יוחנן הורקנוס הראשון מת בשנת 104 ...