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Abigail Martha MacKay (Jenkins) MP (1799 - 1897)

Charles Donald MacKay MP (1878 - d.)

Name: Mr Charles Donald MacKay Born: Thursday 10th January 1878 in Southampton Hampshire England Age: 34 years Last Residence: at 18 Milton Road Southampton Hampshire England - Map Occupati...

Donald Mackay, 1st of Scourie MP (1550 - 1590)

Donald Mackay of Scoury died some time p~evioust o the year 1613. He had married Euphernia, daughter of Hugh Munro of Assint in Rossshire, son of the laird of Fowlis," by whom he had three sons and fou...

Donald Hugh (Third) MacKay, III MP (1560 - 1605)

THE SCOWRY BRANCH OF MACKAYS. Donald Mackay of Borley, second son of Donald of Scowry, married a daughter of the Rev. Robert Munro, minister and laird of Creich, his uncle, brother-german of the lai...

Elizabeth MacKay (Corbet) MP (1620 - d.)

Elizabeth Bragg (MacKay) MP (1708 - 1750)

Elsie Mackay MP (c.1900 - d.)

) Elsie Mackay (born c. 1900, date of death unknown) was an American actress on Broadway and films in the 1920s and 1930s. Private life Elsie Mackay became the second wife of actor Lionel Atw...

Euphemia Mackay (Munro) MP (1555 - c.1590)

Biographical Summary " Euphemia , who married Donald Mackay, I. of Scourie, with issue — Hugh, who married Ann, daughter of John Corbet of Arboll, with issue — William Hector Hugh, the ce...

George Chisolm MacKay MP (1803 - 1861)

George William MacKay MP (c.1892 - 1912)

Mr George William MacKay Age: 20 years Last Residence: in London London England Occupation: Butler 3rd Class passenger First Embarked: Southampton on Wednesday 10th April 1912 Ticket ...

Gordon Weatherstone MacKay MP (c.1901 - c.1986)

The family of Gordon Weatherstone MacKay moved to the Philippines in 1882. Together with W. Eric Little, John J. Russell, Frank W. Wakefield and W.P.G. Elliot, Gordon W. Mackay founded the Manila Stock...

Capt. Hugh MacKay, Sr., of Scowry MP (c.1640 - 1719)

THE SCOWRY BRANCH OF MACKAYS. Captain Hugh Mackay of Seowry married, 1st, in 1687, Anna, daughter of Lord Reay, no male issue ; 2d, Jane, daughter and Heiress of Patrick Dunbar of Cyclerhall,issue ...

Hugh Mackay of Scourie MP (1571 - 1667)

THE SCOWRY BRANCH OF MACKAYS. Hugh, who succeeded his father, and was by the Scots parliament appointed colonel of the Reay-countrymen, married a daughter of James Corbet of Rheims, by whom he had f...

General Hugh Mackay MP (c.1640 - 1692)

Hugh Mackay (c. 1640 – 3 August 1692) was a Scottish general best known for his service in the Revolution of 1688. Early military career Mackay was born in Sutherland around 1640, the son of ...

Isak Mackay MP (c.1610 - 1692)

Isach Rolfsson Mackey Bruksförvaltare / Brukspatron. Blev ca 82 år. Far: Rudolph (Rolof) Welamsson Mackey Mor: Anna Swensdotter (1570 - 1636) Född: omkring 1610 Skottland, Storbritannien 1) ...

James Mackay, Jr. MP (1831 - 1912)

The Ngati Paoa Tribe gave James Mackay the power of attorney over the entire tribe so he acted for them legally in the many intricate dealings that were going on. They bestowed the title of Chief on hi...

Jane MacKay (Dunbar) MP (1640 - 1700)

Lydia MacKay (Whitson, 1714-1740) MP (1714 - 1740)

Mary MacKay (Job, b. 1730) MP (1730 - c.1776)

Mary Munro (Mackay) MP (deceased)

In the beginning of the year 16 19, Anna and Mary Mackay, Sir Donald's sisters, were both married at the same time at Tongue ; the former to Alexander Sinclair of Brims, and the other to Hector Munro o...

Mercy MacKay (Borden) MP (c.1707 - d.)

Moses MacKay, Sr. (1708-1780) MP (1708 - 1780)

Patience MacKay Job, (1710-1762) MP (1710 - 1762)

Married Robert McKay, Jr., 27 Mar 1735 in Cecil County, MD; (born 1708 in Freehold Twp., Monmouth County, NJ; died 1796 in Cedarville, Frederick County, VA;) . More About Patience Job: Burial: 17...

Chieftainess Puahaere MP (deceased)

Puahaere later married Reutana Te Ngaro and had Puahaere 2nd...she then had twin boys to Te Popoki Te kurapae.......who left the Ngamotu and Seymour whanaus. Puahaere the 2nd married Te Maraenui Hingat...

Robert MacKay, Jr. (1708-1796) MP (c.1708 - 1796)

Robert McKay, Jr., born 1708 in Freehold Twp., Monmouth County, NJ; died 1796 in Cedarville, Frederick County, VA; married (1) Patience Job 27 Mar 1735 in Cecil County, MD; (born 02 Sep 1710 in C...

Captain William MacKay of Borley MP (1610 - 1660)

THE SCOWRY BRANCH OF MACKAYS. Captain William Mackay of Borley," married a daughter of Corbet of Arboll in Ross : issue three sons, 1st, Captain Hugh of Scowry; 2nd, Donald, a member of the D...

Zachariah "Zachary" MacKay (1714-1797) MP (c.1714 - 1797)

Mackay (1604 - d.)

Mackay (deceased)

Mackay (1604 - d.)

MacKay (deceased)

(Rev) Alexander Bisset MacKay (1842 - d.)

? Mackay (b. - 1795)

Died in childbirth of Angus Mackay 29th January 1795

? Mackay (deceased)

? Mackay (deceased)

? Hay (Mackay) (deceased)

[-?-] Murray or Moray (Mackay) (deceased)

Scottish peerage lists her as "1. a daughter, who was married to Hugh Moray of Aberscross, and to whom she bore Hugh, son and heir of Hugh Moray of berscross, and grandson, and one of the heirs of, Joh...

?? Mrs Agnus or Hugh McLeod (Mackay van Strathnaver) (deceased)

Iye-Roy was twice married, (see p. 99, and had two sons, and two daughters. His sons were, 1st, John, who succeeded him, and died without lawful male issue ; and, John had two daughters, ...

?? Mackay (deceased)

?? Mackay van Strathnaver (deceased)

?? Mackay van Strathnaver (deceased)

?? Mackay van Strathnaver (deceased)

?? Mackay van Strathnaver (deceased)

?? Mackay van Strathnaver (deceased)

Hugh (deceased)

Florence Macleod (Mackay van Strathnaver) (deceased)

?? (deceased)

?? Mackay (deceased)

Niel-Naverach Mackay van Strathnaver (deceased)

[-?-] Alexander Sutherland (Mackay van Strathnaver) (deceased)

"Alexander Sutherland," Sir Robert states, a had, by John Mackay' sister, a son named John; whose son William married a daughter of Gilbert Gordon of Garty, by whom he had Alexander Sutherland of Kilph...

?? Mackay (deceased)

?? Mackay (deceased)

??? Ross (MacKay) (deceased)

[-?-] Du Mackay (Mackenzie) (deceased)

[-?-] Mackay (Murray) (deceased)

Abigail Evans Kirkley (Mackay) (1879 - 1959)

Abigail (1807 - 1897)

Adam A. MacKay (1864 - 1896)

Adam MacKay (1822 - 1876)

Adam (c.1705 - 1793)

Adriana Mackay (b. - 1912)

Aed Earl of Moray Mackay (deceased)

Aeneas Mackay (1734 - 1807)

Col Aeneas Mackay, mar. Baroness Ursulina Philippina van Haeften van Wadenoyen, and had issue: 1c. Capt Donald Mackay, of Mackay's Scots Regiment (d. 1787) 2c. Ensign Frans Mackay (d. 1787) 3c. B...

Aeneas Mackay van Ophemert, 10th Lord Reay (1806 - 1876)

Biographical Summary "X. Baron Aeneas Mackay of Ophemert in the Netherlands, succeeded his cousin as tenth Lord Reay . He was a Minister of State, Vice-President of the Council of State, and a G.C. o...

Aeneas Mackay (1734 - 1807)

Brig Gen Hon Aeneas Mackay (1666 - 1697)

Col-Proprietor of the Mackay Scottish Regiment in the service of the Netherlands 3. Brig Gen Hon Aeneas Mackay, Col-Proprietor of the Mackay Scottish Regiment in the service of the Netherlands (d. 16...

Æneas Mackay, of Melness (1666 - 1697)

THE MELNESS BRANCH OF MACKAYS. THE Hon. Colonel Aeneas Mackay of Melness, the first of this branch, second son of Donald, first Lord Reay, by his first wife, the Hon. Barbara Mackenzie, daugher of Lo...

Aeneas Mackay (1872 - 1932)

c. Aeneas, born 1 January 1872 ; married, 2 March 1899, Hermina Clasina den Bee Poortugael, with issue : (a) Daniel ,bornl6 June 1900. b) Reinhard Alexander, born (c) Louisa Wilhelmina Elizabeth Avia...

Agnes E L Mackay (1882 - d.)

Agnes C. MacKay (1874 - 1895)

Agnes Mackay (deceased)

Agnes MacKay (1863 - d.)

Agnes MacKie or MacKay (1784 - d.)

Agnes Mackay (deceased)

Agnes Mackay (1902 - 1975)

Agnes Hamilton (Mackay) (deceased)

Agnes Anderson (MacKay) (deceased)

agnes hamilton (mackay) (deceased)

Agnes Isobella Mackay (1899 - 1987)

Agnes Russell (deceased)

Agnus Mackay (deceased)

THE BIGHOUSE BRANCH OF MACKAYS. Angus Mackay of Bighouse married, Ist, Jane Elphinston, neice of Lord Elphinston, and cousin-german of the Countess of Sutherland; issue, William, who succeeded hi...

Agnus (deceased)

Ailsa Helen Mackay (1920 - 1988)

Alan John Francis Mackay (1919 - 1999)

Alan Alexander Mackay (1906 - 1950)

Alan MacKay (deceased)

Albert Carlisle MacKay (1918 - 2001)

Albert Mackay (deceased)

Albert Mackay was shipwrecked off the coast of Manabi in the 1750's.

Albert Mackay (deceased)

Albert Calder MacKay (1891 - d.)

Albert Thomas MacKay (1871 - 1871)

Alexander (Rev.) L. MacKay (1866 - 1924)

Alexander George MacKay (1868 - 1952)

Alexander MacKay (1769 - d.)

Acording to Auntie, he joined the 78tg Frasers Highlanders in 1757 and fought at Louisberg in 1758, at Montmorency and hte Heights of Abraham in Sept 1759. Returned to SCotland in 1763, returned to Pic...

Alexander Mackay (1732 - d.)

Alexander MacKay (deceased)

Alexander Howard MacKay (1848 - 1929)

Alexander Mackay (deceased)