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Donada 'Anleta' / 'Thora' Mackenneth (ingen Maíl Coluim meic Cináeda) MP (c.985 - 1034)

Donada (Anleta, Thora Donada) was the daughter of Malcolm II. She married Findláich, Mormaer of Moray. Child: Macbeth ___________ DONADA . The primary source which confirms her pare...

Olith (possibly Donada) 'Thora' 'Anleta' MacKenneth (ingen Maíl Coluim meic Cináeda) MP (c.988 - 1034)

Olith ingen Maíl Coluim mac Cináeda was the youngest daughter of Malcolm II. Her name is uncertain (Olith, Anleta, Thora). Parents Malcolm II and his wife (Ælfgifu) Spouse: Sigurd II Digri Orkney...

*Mrs. Malcolm (Mackenneth) (deceased)

Ælfgifu 'Edith' Sigurdsdóttir MP (962 - 983)

Malcolm II's wife was the Lady of Atholl , but her origin is somewhat obscure. She was probably Irish, from Ossory. Her three daughters are Bethóc, Donada, and the youngest who married Sigurd Orkneyjar...

Angus C MacKenneth (1200 - 1278)

Bethóc ingen Mail Coluim meic Cináeda MP (984 - 1045)

Bethóc ingen Maíl Coluim meic Cináeda Parents: Malcolm II of Scotland (Maíl Coluim mac Cináed) and his wife Spouse: Crínán of Dunkeld, Mormaer of Atholl Children: 1. Duncan I, King of Scotl...

Boete (Ruadri) MACKENNETH, Chief of Clan Duff (deceased)

Crinan Thane MacKenneth (c.1000 - 1045)

Donalda Scotland Mackenneth (b. - 1009)

Duncan Earl of Caithness MacKenneth (871 - 910)

E Mackenneth (De Ossory) (deceased)

Gilleoin Og MacKenneth (1120 - 1200)

Gilleoin Mor MacKenneth (1090 - 1160)

Grig MACKENNETH (b. - 1005)

Lord Kenneth Kintail MacKenneth (1150 - 1230)

M Mackenneth (deceased)

Malcolm Mael-Coluim II King of SCOTLAND, MacKenneth (958 - 1034)

Malcolm II of Scotland (Máel Coluim mac Cináeda, modern Gaelic: Maol Chaluim mac Choinnich), known in modern anglicized regnal lists as Malcolm II; died 25 November 1034),[2] was King of the Scots from...

Malcolm Ii Mackenneth, King Of Scots (997 - 1034)

Malcolm II "The Destroyer", King of Scots MP (954 - 1034)

Máel Coluim mac Cináeda , Malcolm II, King of Scots Parents: Kenneth II and his wife the Lady of Leinster Spouses: (name unknown - Ælfgifu "Edith" Sigurdsdóttir of Ossory) Children: He had no s...

Malcolm II MacKenneth (932 - d.)

Malcom III MacKenneth (954 - 1034)

Murdoch Og MacKenneth (1060 - 1120)

Son Of Malcom II Mackenneth (deceased)

Wife MacKenneth (1160 - 1230)

Wife Of Son Of Malcolm III Mackenneth (deceased)

Wife MacKenneth (???) (1217 - d.)