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Ayaan Hirsi Ali (Magan) MP

Ayaan Hirsi Ali Ayaan Xirsi Cali Arabic: أيان حرسي علي‎; born Ayaan Hirsi Magan; Books In 2005, Ayaan Hirsi Ali was...

1 magán (deceased)

Albert Edward Magan (1843 - d.)

Alberta 'Berta' Magan (Johnston) (c.1876 - 1961)

alva magan (deceased)

amar nath magan (deceased)

amar nath magan (deceased)

anisia magan (deceased)

Ann M Magan (1825 - c.1890)

Anna Magan (deceased)

Anne Magan (1632 - d.)

Anne Fetherstonhaugh (Magan) (deceased)

Anne Catherine Magan (Richards) (b. - 1927)

Annie Sheelagh Magan (1906 - 1969)

Antonia Luisa Magán Paniagua (deceased)

Arthur Magan (deceased)

Arthur Magan (deceased)

Arthur Magan, M.P (1756 - 1808)

Arthur Magan (1852 - 1874)

Lt.-Col. Arthur Tilson Shaen Magan (1880 - 1965)

He gained the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel in the service of the Royal Army Service Corps. He fought in the First World War, where he was mentioned in despatches. He was invested as a Companion, Orde...

Captain Arthur Magan (1794 - 1858)

Arvind Magan (deceased)

Augusta E. Magan (Moseley) (1866 - 1948)

Augusta M. T. Magan (Golz) (deceased)

Aurelia Tauber (Magan) (deceased)

Babulal Magan (deceased)

benigno magan (deceased)

Bernarda Bautista Magan (deceased)

Bhagoobhai Magan Hari (deceased)

Bhanu Magan (b. - c.2008)

Bharti Magan (deceased)

BHIGOO MAGAN (deceased)

Bhikhoo MAGAN (deceased)

Bhikoo MAGAN (deceased)

Bridget Magan (deceased)

Carl Magan (1893 - d.)

Carlton Edgar Magan (1949 - 2008)

Carlton Magan, 59, passed away Wednesday, Dec. 31, 2008, at Owensboro Medical Health System. He was born at Hartford, the son of the late George and Martharean Midkiff Magan, on July 26, 1949. He was p...

Charles William Magan (deceased)

Charles William Magan (1927 - 1988)

Charlotte Magan (deceased)

Charlotte Elizabeth Magan (deceased)

Clyde Magan (1887 - 1966)

commie magan (deceased)

Concepción Fernandez Magan (deceased)

Cora Bertha Magan (1884 - 1968)

Domingo González Magán (deceased)

Dora Ellen Magan (Wright) (1886 - 1962)

Dorothy Marie Magan (1923 - d.)

Dr Khandoo MAGAN (deceased)

Edgar Magan (1889 - 1970)

Edna R. Magan (Daniels) (c.1893 - 1971)

Edward Magan (deceased)

Edward William Magan (1835 - d.)

Edward Magan (c.1910 - d.)

Eleanor Magdalena Magan (Marzenkowski) (deceased)

Eliza Magan (deceased)

Eliza Magan (deceased)

Elizabeth Magan (N.N.) (deceased)

Elizabeth Magan (or McGan) (1827 - d.)

Elizabeth Magan (Fox) (c.1810 - d.)

Ellen Magan (deceased)

Ellen Magan (O'Connor) (deceased)

Emily Medlicott (Magan) (deceased)

Ernest Bryan Magan (1896 - 1922)

Esther Lewis (Magan) (deceased)

Eugene Magan (deceased)

Eva Magan (1885 - 1907)

Eva Duff (Magan) (deceased)

Fermín Estrella Magán (1847 - d.)

Flora Emily Magan (deceased)

Francis Magan (1791 - c.1860)

Francis Magan (deceased)

Francis Shaen Magan (1918 - d.)

Francis Magan (1729 - d.)

Francisca Estrella Magán (1844 - d.)

Francisca Estrella Magán (Estrella Martínez) (1844 - d.)

Generosa Magan (deceased)

Genevieve Gallien (Magan) (deceased)

George Coleman Magan (1918 - 1988)

George Coleman Magan (1918 - 1988)

George Cicero Magan (c.1862 - d.)

George Percy Magan (b. - 1857)

Georgina Magan (deceased)

Gloria Magán (deceased)

Gopal Magan (deceased)

Gopalbhai Magan (deceased)

Grace L Magan (Wilbur) (1893 - 1973)

lived in Lakeville in 40's

György magán (deceased)

Harbans Magan (deceased)

Harriet Honoria Magan (deceased)

Harriett Magan (deceased)

Reverend Henry Magan (deceased)

Hasmukhlal Magan (deceased)

Helen Ann Magan Gutherie (deceased)

Hendrik H Magan (deceased)

Henrietta Magan (deceased)

Henrietta Magan (deceased)

Henry Augusta Magan (1832 - d.)

Henry Magan (1831 - d.)

Hirsi Magan Isse (1935 - 2008)