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Adela Malvar (deceased)

Agustín Garrido Malvar (deceased)

Amelia Quintero Malvar (deceased)

Ana Bermúdez de Castro y Malvar (deceased)

Antonio Cleto Malvar (deceased)

Antonio Malvar (deceased)

Antonio Malvar (deceased)

Antonio Malvar (deceased)

Aurelia Maloles Malvar (deceased)

Aurelia Boyboy (Malvar) (deceased)

Balbina Garrido Malvar (1879 - d.)

Bautista Iglesias Malvar (deceased)

Benigno Iglesias Malvar (deceased)

Benita Malvar (deceased)

Benito Malvar Martínez (c.1826 - 1901)

Benjamin Iglesias Malvar (deceased)

Bernabe Malvar (deceased)

Bernabe Malvar (deceased)

Bernabe Malvar (deceased)

Bernabe Maloles Malvar (deceased)


Camilo Garrido Malvar (deceased)

Carlos MALVAR (1920 - d.)

Crispina Maloles Malvar (deceased)

Digna Malvar (deceased)

domingo Malvar (deceased)

Eddie Malvar (deceased)

Emilia Cardoso Malvar (deceased)

Ernesto Malvar (deceased)

Erundina Garrido Malvar (c.1897 - 1982)

Estefania Malvar (deceased)

Fernando Cardoso Malvar (deceased)

Filomena Malvar (Lasala) (deceased)

Firmina Leopoldina Iglesias Malvar de Vidal (Firmina Leopoldina Iglesias Malvar) (1891 - 1966)

Francisco Malvar (deceased)

Francisco Malvar (1920 - 2006)

General Miguel Malvar (deceased)

Graziela Patrocinio (graziela de jesus malvar) (deceased)

Gumersinda Garrido Malvar (1885 - 1962)

Isabel Maloles Malvar (deceased)

Joana Rosa Malvar (de Carvalho) (deceased)

Joana Pinheiro Braga Malvar (1912 - d.)

Joaquim Malvar (deceased)

Jose "Bex" Malvar (deceased)

Jose Joaquim Malvar (deceased)

José Malvar Sanmartín (deceased)

José Malvar (deceased)

José Malvar Gomez (deceased)

Juan Malvar, Capitán (deceased)

Juanita Malvar (deceased)

Julian Malvar (deceased)

Justo Malvar Gomez (deceased)

Luz Constancia Maloles Malvar (deceased)

Manoel Iglesias Malvar (c.1900 - c.1940)

Manuel Malvar (deceased)

Manuel Malvar Sanmartín (deceased)

Manuel MALVAR (1880 - d.)

Manuel MALVAR (deceased)

Manuel Garrido Malvar (deceased)

Manuel Malvar (deceased)

Manuel Augusto Malvar (deceased)

Marciano Marciano Malvar (deceased)

Margarita Malvar (Fiel) (deceased)

Maria Cleto Malvar (Ramos) (deceased)

Maria Laura Malvar (deceased)

Maria Elena MALVAR (1910 - d.)

Maria Esther MALVAR (1913 - d.)

Maria Rosa Malvar (deceased)

Mariana Malvar y Sedeño de Alba (deceased)

Mariquita Maloles Malvar (deceased)

María Alcira Garrido Malvar (1918 - 1977)

María Dolores Malvar Cortizo (1890 - 1967)

Max Malvar (deceased)

Maximo Malvar (deceased)

Maximo Abella Malvar (deceased)

Maximo Malolos Malvar (deceased)

Miguel Carpio Malvar (1865 - 1911)

Miguel Carpio Malvar was elected as capitan municipal of Sto. Tomas, Batangas. He was a Filipino general who served during the Philippine Revolution and subsequently during the Philippine-American War....

Miguel Maloloes Malvar (deceased)

Pablo Maloles Malvar (deceased)

Paula Malvar (Paula Maloles) (deceased)

Paula Maloles Malvar (deceased)

Pilar Iglesias Malvar (c.1900 - c.1982)

Pilar Malvar Sanmartín (c.1853 - 1924)

Potenciano Carpio Malvar (deceased)

romulo malvar (deceased)

Rosa Iglesias Malvar (deceased)

Sergio Braga Malvar (deceased)

Teresa Malvar (Vidal) (deceased)

Teresa Brandao Malvar (deceased)

Uncle Malvar (deceased)

Unknown Malvar (deceased)

Vicente Iglesias Malvar (deceased)

victor malvar (deceased)