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Henry Mancini MP (1924 - 1994)

He was an American composer, conductor and arranger, best remembered for his film and television scores. He won a record number of Grammy Awards (20), including a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 1...

Achille Mancini (deceased)

Adamo Mancini (1881 - 1948)

Adélaïde Diane Hortense Mancini (deceased)

AGNESE Mancini (1680 - d.)

Amneris Mancini Visconti (deceased)

Anastasia Mancini (1848 - d.)

Anna Tubach (mancini) (1925 - 1971)

Anna Tubach (Mancini) (1925 - 1971)

Annamaria Mancini (deceased)

Annunziata Iafrate (Mancini) (deceased)

ANNUNZIATA Mancini (deceased)

ANTONIA Mancini (deceased)

ASSUNTA Mancini (deceased)

Augusta Mancini (deceased)

Beatrice Pollicela (Mancini) (deceased)

Camillo Mancini (deceased)

Carlantonio Mancini (deceased)

Carol Christie Mancini (deceased)

CAROLINA (Caterina) Mancini (deceased)

Caterina Mancini (Volponi) (1850 - d.)

Catterina Mancini (deceased)

Civita Mancini (deceased)

Civitella Mancini (1910 - c.1997)

Concetta Troiani (Mancini) (deceased)

David Mancini Alcorta (deceased)

Diane Adélaide Zéphirine Mancini (1726 - 1755)

Diane Gabrielle Victoire Mancini (1672 - 1716)

Elio Mancini (deceased)

ELISABETTA Mancini (da Chiusi) (c.1778 - d.)

Elpidia Mancini (1886 - d.)

Fabrizio Mancini (deceased)

FEDERIGO Mancini (1856 - d.)

Felix Mancini (deceased)

Fernanda Cowley (Mancini) (deceased)

Filippo Mancini (1850 - d.)

Filomena Ranalli (Mancini) (1885 - 1968)

Florindo Mancini (deceased)

Francesco Mancini (deceased)

Francesco Mancini (deceased)

Francesco Mancini (deceased)

Francesco Mancini (deceased)

Francesco Maria Mancini (1606 - 1672)

Francesco Maria Mancini (20 October 1606, Rome – 1672) was an Italian cardinal of the Mancini family. He was made a cardinal by Pope Alexander VII, in reward for contributing to Alexander's election ...

Genevieve Mancini (1914 - 2010)

GIACOMO Mancini (deceased)

GIOVANNI Mancini (deceased)

Giovanni Mancini (deceased)

GIOVANNI Mancini (deceased)

Giovanni Mancini (1903 - 1973)

Giulia Mancini (deceased)

GIUSEPPE Mancini (c.1859 - d.)

Goldie Mae Mardis (1923 - 1983)

Guido Mancini (deceased)

Helen Angelo (Mancini) (1911 - 1996)

Hortense Mancini (deceased)

Hortense Mancini (1646 - 1699)

Hortense Mancini, duchesse Mazarin (6 June 1646, Rome – 9 November 1699, Chelsea), was the favourite niece of Cardinal Mazarin, chief minister of France, and a mistress of Charles II, King of England...

Hélène Julie Rosalie Mancini (1740 - 1780)

Jacques Hyppolite, marquis Mancini (deceased)

Jacques Hyppolite Mancini (deceased)

Jennie Mancini (.....) (1882 - d.)

John P. Mancini (1875 - 1948)

The below narrative regarding "Mangin/Mancini" surname is from Lori Anne Benacci--Mary Mangin's daughter and John Mancini's granddaughter. ______________________________ ______________________________ ...

Joseph Adam Mancini, Sr. (1911 - d.)

Laura Mancini (1636 - 1657)

Laura Mancini, duchess of Mercoeur and Vendôme (6 May 1636 – 8 February 1657) was a niece of Cardinal Mazarin. She was the eldest of the five famous Mancini sisters, who along with two of their femal...

LEOPOLDO Mancini (deceased)

Leucio Mancini (1697 - 1787)

Lillian Mancini (Greeno) (1912 - d.)

Lodovico Mancini (deceased)

Loreta Mancini (c.1776 - d.)

Louis Jules Mancini-Mazarini, III. duc de Nivernais (1716 - 1798)

Louis-Jules Mancini-Mazarini, Duc de Nivernais - Wikipedia Louis-Jules Barbon Mancini-Mazarini, duc de Nivernais (16 December 1716 – 25 February 1798) was a French diplomat and writer. He was the s...

LUCIA MANCINI (deceased)

Lucia Trafficanto-Mancini (deceased)

Luigi Mancini (deceased)

LUIGI Mancini (deceased)

LUIGI Mancini (1828 - d.)

LUIGI Mancini (deceased)

Luis Mancini (deceased)

LUISA Mancini (1852 - d.)

MADDALENA Mancini (1826 - d.)

MARGHERITA Mancini (deceased)

Maria Mancini (deceased)

MARIA Mancini (deceased)

MARIA Mancini (deceased)

Maria Loreta Guglietti (Mancini) (deceased)

Maria Raffaela Mancini (1853 - d.)

MariaRaffaela Mancini (deceased)

Marie Mancini, 1st love of Louis XIV (1639 - 1715)

Marie Mancini ( August 28, 1639 – May 8, 1715) was the third of the five Mancini sisters, nieces to Cardinal Mazarin, who were brought to France to marry advantageously. Along with two of their femal...

Marie Anne Mancini, Duchesse de Bouillon (1649 - 1714)

Marie Anne Mancini, duchesse de Bouillon (1649 – 20 June 1714), was the youngest of the five famous Mancini sisters, who along with two of their female Martinozzi cousins, were known at the court of ...

Martha Jane Dowden Mancini (c.1856 - 1927)

Mary Mancini (Galeazzi) (deceased)

MAURA Mancini (deceased)

Michele Mancini (Manchini) (deceased)

Michele Mancini (deceased)

account deleted (deceased)

Michele Lorenzo, barone Mancini (c.1610 - 1650)

Lorenzo (1602–1650), Roman baron, necromancer and astrologer, married Girolama Mazzarini, Cardinal Mazarin's sister. After his death, his widow took their children to Paris in the hope of using her f...

Monica Mancini (c.1714 - c.1816)

Mr. Mancini (deceased)

Natalina Mancini (deceased)

Nicholas Mancini (deceased)

Nicola Mancini (deceased)

Nina Mancini (deceased)