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Abraham Jaffe (Margolioth), of Bohemia MP (1455 - 1535)

ou bien né en 1456 et décédé en 1536? ou encore né en 1470 à Bologne et décédé en 1533?1913-1996- Eger Family Association- pg. 31913-1990-...

HaRav Mordechai Margolioth MP (c.1713 - 1735)

הרב החסיד המפורסם מוה׳ מרדכי �...

Harav Moshe Mordechai Halevi Margolioth MP (c.1540 - 1616)

Moses Mordecai ben Samuel Margolioth : Talmudist and cabalist; born probably at Posen, where his father was rabbi, about 1540; died at Cracow Nov. 21, 1616. On the death of Joseph Katz (1591) Moses Mor...

R' Ephraim Zalman Margolioth of Brody MP (1762 - 1828)

-------------------- Zalman Margolis (December 19, 1762–August 24, 1828) (Hebrew: אפרים זלמן בן מנ...

R' Shmuel Margolioth A.B.D. Posen MP (c.1512 - c.1585)

Margalioth Family Jewish Encyclopedia Margolioth/Posen In a document which was issued by Sigismund I., dated Aug. 6, 1527, R. Samuel Margolioth of Posen was confirmed as chief rabbi of Great Poland...

Margolioth (deceased)

The A.B.D. Dobromil (deceased)

? Perles (Margolioth) (deceased)

Wife of the A.B.D. Dobromil (deceased)

? Margolioth (Lupatiner) (c.1713 - d.)

? Margolioth (c.1713 - d.)

Abraham Naftali Margolioth (1913 - 1992)

Aharon Rokeach - Margalios (Margolioth) (c.1690 - d.)

Chassidic Belz, Poland Ukraine video

R' Alexander Sender Margolioth, A.B.D. Przeworsk, Zbaraz and Stanislaw (b. - 1802)

--------------------R' Alexander Margolith was born in Presburg on 3 January 1802.Their descendants constitute the Teomim family - Branch B.=Source=The Unbroken Chain - Neil Rosenstein (1990) Volume 1,...

R' Alexander Asher Margolioth (deceased)

R' Alexander Sender Margolioth of Satanow (deceased)

R' Alexander Sender Margolioth (deceased)

האברך אשר נקטף בעודנו באבו הח�...

Aline Irene Margolioth (Radian) (1949 - d.)

Anton Margaritha (Margolioth) (c.1490 - d.)

Areyah Leib Auerbach Margolioth (deceased)

R' Aryey Liebus Margolioth, A.B.D. Zmigrod (deceased)

Avraham MiBrest Margolioth (deceased)

Avron Hirsch Margolioth (deceased)

Baruch Mordechai Margolioth (1909 - 1968)

R' Haim Judah Leib Margolioth (1800 - 1829)

Chana Tzirel Bombach (Margolioth-Smuckler) (deceased)

Chana Jona-Taub (Margolioth) (b. - 1991)

Chaya Friedman (Margolioth) (deceased)

Dana Margolioth (1982 - d.)

Daniel Zvi Margolioth (1940 - 1986)

Daniel Margolioth (deceased)

Daphne Beck (Margolioth) (1952 - d.)

David Isaac Margolioth (b. - 1941)

Deborah Bloch (Margolioth) (deceased)

Deborah Halberstam (Margolioth) (deceased)

Edel Margolioth (Frankel) (deceased)

Edo Margolioth (deceased)

Ehud Joseph Margolioth (1949 - d.)

R. Eleazar Margolioth of Zurawno (deceased)

Elhanan Margolioth (1893 - 1943)

Eliakim Getzel Margolioth (Margulies) (1827 - d.)

Eliezer Margolioth (deceased)

eliezer margolioth (deceased)

Eliyahu Margolioth (deceased)

R' Elyakim Getzel Margolioth (c.1765 - d.)


R' Ephraim Zalman Margolioth of Brody (deceased)

R' Ephraim Zalman Margolioth of London, England (deceased)

R' Ephraim Fischel Margolioth (deceased)

Ester Leah Margolioth (Janish) (1890 - 1967)

Feiga Mintze Heschel (Margolioth) (deceased)

Gitel Margolioth (Shapiro) (deceased)

Gittel Margolioth (deceased)

Goldle Margolioth (c.1593 - d.)

Hadas Devorah Weintraub (Margolioth) (deceased)

Hadassah Margolioth (Shirion) (1927 - d.)

R' Haim Mordecai Margolioth, A.B.D. Dobyasser (deceased)

R' Haim David Margolioth (deceased)

HaRav Chaim Mordechai Mordecai Margolioth, A.B.D. Dubno (deceased)


Harav Menachem Munish Margolioth (Meinish) (c.1695 - d.)

HaRav Menachem Meinish Margolioth (c.1740 - 1829)


Hirsh Hinker Margolioth (deceased)

R. Isaac Margolioth of Jaslowiec (deceased)

R. Isaiah Margolioth (deceased)

Israel Menacham Margolioth (deceased)

Israel Margolioth (deceased)

Ita Deborah Margolioth (Gunzburg) (deceased)

R. Jacob, A.B.D. Tolstoye or Tlust (deceased)

Jacob Moshe Margolioth (Margalit) (1938 - 1993)

Jacob Joseph Jaffe-Margaliot (Margolioth) (1430 - 1490)

ABD Izenshtat. because of his mother's piety Yaakov added the family name Margolios.* This was the first Margolios name.,* Av Beis Din Nirenberg, AB"D Nuremburgou Yaacov Margaliot1913-1996- Eger Family...

R' Joel Margolioth (deceased)

Jonah Lipman Margolioth (1882 - 1970)

Jonathan Menachem Margolioth (1992 - d.)

R. Joseph Margolioth-Shmuckler (deceased)

R' Joseph Margolioth, A.B.D. Zmigrod (deceased)

keila margolioth (deceased)

Leah Margolioth (deceased)

Leyzer (Elazar) Margules (Margolioth) (c.1802 - 1915)

His name on wife's tombstone is Elazar, where it is noted that he was for 40 years the Gabbay of the Jewish Hospital. Jehiel Michel Joseph is the name in Niel Rosenstein's The Unbroken Chain.

Maria (Maryem) Margules (Margolioth) (Folman) (c.1829 - 1915)

Maya Ronen (Margolioth) (1976 - d.)

Meir Margolioth (b. - 1790)

Meir Margolioth (b. - 1790)

R' Menachem Meinish Margolioth, A.B.D. Mazev, Porisk and Horochov (deceased)

Menachem Mendel Margolioth (1922 - 1990)

Mintze Gottlieb (Margolioth) (deceased)

Miriam Rebecca Chechik (Margolioth) (1916 - 2012)

Mordecai Margolioth (c.1713 - 1735)

R' Mordecai Margolioth, A.B.D. Satanov (b. - 1818)

R. Mordecai Zvi Hirsch Landman (c.1840 - c.1910)

Mordecai Asher Margolios (Margolioth) (deceased)

R' Moses Levi Margolioth of Uhnow, near Lvov (deceased)

moses ze'ev wolf margolioth (deceased)

R' Moshe Margolioth of Brody (c.1804 - d.)

Mrs Yoel Faivish Margolios (Margolioth) (deceased)

Mrs. Arye Lieb Margolioth (deceased)

Naftal Margules (Margolioth) (c.1863 - 1865)

R' Naftali Zvi Hirsch Margolioth of Lvov (deceased)

Nechama Reizel Teomim (Margolioth) (deceased)

NN Margolioth (deceased)

NN Margolioth (deceased)

NN Margolioth (deceased)