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Antoine Martel MP (1681 - 1759)

Charles I Martel d'Anjou MP (1271 - 1295)

Charles I of Hungary From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Charles I King of Hungary[1] Reign 12 July 1312 – 16 July 1342 Born 1288 Birthplace Naples, Kingdom of Naples Died 16...

Ela Martel MP (c.1273 - 1308)

Ela Martel married Peter fitz Reginald, Lord of Chewton, son of Reynold fitz Piers, Lord of Blaen Llynfi, and Lady of Chewton Joan de Vivonia, before 1295. Ela was recorded as living in 1306/7. She...

Emiliana Adriazola Martel MP (deceased)

Presidenta de la Sociedad de Beneficencia de Señora y diversas otras obras

Hiltrud d'Austrasie, Duchess of Bavaria MP (c.716 - 754)

Ben notes: Accepted names in different languages (from Wikipedia) include: German: Hiltrud von Bayern French: Hiltrude de Bavière English: Hiltrud of Bavaria Italian: Hiltrude di Bavie...

Honoré Martel (Martel dit Lamontagne) MP (c.1632 - c.1714)

Isidore Martel MP (deceased)

Jean Martel dit Lamontagne MP (c.1615 - 1668)

Jean-Baptiste Martel, I MP (c.1685 - c.1762)

Joseph Martel MP (c.1726 - c.1798)

Luisa Martel y Ortiguren MP

Madeleine-Rosalie Martel MP (c.1759 - c.1833)

Marguerite Brassard (Martel) MP (c.1756 - d.)

Marguerite Martel (L’Amirault) MP (c.1644 - 1706)

Marguerite was a Filles du Roi

Marie-Anne Martel MP (c.1711 - c.1749)

Marie-Anne Martel MP (1689 - 1782)

Marie-Barbe Martel (Duchesne) MP (c.1615 - 1674)

Marie-Elisabeth Martel MP (1750 - d.)

Marie-Elizabeth Martel MP (1730 - 1795)

Marie-Josephe Martel MP (c.1761 - c.1800)

Pépin III "le Bref", King of the Franks MP (c.714 - 768)

From the English Wikipedia page on Pepin III The Short: and in French: Pepin or Pippin (714 – 24 September 768), called the Short, and often known as Pepin the Younger or Pepin III,[1] was...

De Martel (1280 - d.)

MARTEL (740 - d.)

(Joseph Charles) Philippe Martel (deceased)

(Joseph Gabriel) Roland Martel (deceased)

(Joseph Maurice Alide) Jean Martel (deceased)

(Joseph) Paul-Émile Martel (deceased)

(Marie Armande) Micheline Martel (deceased)

(Marie Carmen) Laurette Martel (deceased)

(Marie Florence) Colette Martel (deceased)

(Marie Lucille Pierrette) Claudette Martel (deceased)

(Marie Rachel) Gabrielle Martel (deceased)

(Marie) Madeleine Martel (deceased)

? Martel (deceased)

? Almaraz (Martel) (deceased)

???? Martel (deceased)

Nõmme Hans (c.1780 - 1814)

abielu 1799 1795 HL Vaida vabadik N2 ---> Paju kõrts, Vaida vabadik N10 1811 HL Paju kõrts, Vaida vabadik NX ---> Nõmme N8

A Martel (deceased)

Abel Martel (deceased)

Abel Martel (deceased)

Abel Martel (deceased)

Abel Martel (deceased)

Abraham Martel (deceased)

Abraham Martel (deceased)

Adam Mardel (Martel) (1921 - d.)

Adelaide Duchess of Lower Lorraine (Martel) (c.955 - d.)

Adelaide Martel (1783 - d.)

Adelaide Martel (deceased)

Adelaide-Josephte Martel (c.1820 - d.)

Adelard Martel (1903 - d.)

Adele Martel nee priaulx (deceased)

Adele (deceased)

Adeline Martel (deceased)

Adeline Marie Sophie Duval (Martel) (1847 - 1917)

Adolf Martel (1931 - d.)

Adolfo Merelles Martel (deceased)

Adrien Martel (deceased)

Adrien Martel (c.1827 - d.)

Adrien Martel (deceased)


Adrienne Amanda McMicking (Martel) (1912 - 2005)

Adèle Tremblay (Martel) (c.1833 - d.)

Adélard Martel (deceased)

Adélard Martel (deceased)

Adélaïde Doré (Martel) (deceased)

Agathe Martel (1733 - d.)

Agathe Martel (deceased)

Agathe Fournier (Martel) (1764 - 1787)

Agathe Martel (Labelle) (deceased)

Agnes Martel (Kennedy) (1913 - 1985)

Agnes Martel (Kennedy) (1913 - c.1985)

Agnes Martel (Lalonde) (deceased)

Agnes Margret Martel (deceased)

Agnus Martel (deceased)

Agnus Ozzane Martel (Roussel) (c.1874 - 1948)

Agnès Martel (deceased)

Agnès Martel (Belay) (c.1815 - d.)

Agustin Martel Barbabosa (1831 - d.)

Agusto Martel (Schulenburg) (deceased)


Aime Martel (1918 - 1984)

Aimé Martel (deceased)

alamiro de àvila martel (deceased)

Alaric Martel (deceased)

Albert Martel (1906 - d.)

Albert Martel (deceased)

Albert Martel (deceased)

Albert Martel (deceased)

Albert Martel (deceased)

Albertine Martel (St-Hilaire) (deceased)

Albertine Crotty (Martel) (deceased)

Albina S. Martel (1875 - d.)

ALBINA MARTEL (1880 - d.)

Albina Poirier (Martel) (deceased)

Alcibiade Martel (c.1820 - d.)

Alda Or Aude Aldana Martel (c.740 - d.)

Aldina Martel (Lacelle) (deceased)

Aldonza Martel (deceased)

Alejandro Martel (deceased)

Aleric J Martel (1890 - 1983)