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John Maugridge MP (1639 - 1700)

John 4 Maugridge (Robert5 Mogridge) was born in Bradnich, Devon, England 1630 and died November 1700 in Bradninch, Devon, England, at 70 years of age. His body was interred 21 November 1700 in Bradninc...

Mary Maugridge Boone MP (1669 - 1740)

If ANYONE has any doubts about birthdates or questions about this The Boones or family linage, PLEASE refer to the Discussion Board and check the Boone Family History and Genealogy for an actual family...

Mary Maugridge (Milton) MP (1647 - 1697)

Mary was born in Bradnich, Devonshire, England, Great Britain 1647. Mary was the daughter of Mr. Milton and Miss. Mary died AUG 1697 in Bradninch, Devonshire, England, at 50 years of age. She was chris...

Dorothy Maugridge (Lovering) (c.1602 - c.1690)

Jane Maugridge (c.1659 - d.)

John Maugridge (c.1649 - c.1700)

John Maugridge (deceased)

Mary Maugridge (Milton) (c.1649 - d.)

Mary Boone (Milton Maugridge) (deceased)

Mary Milton Boone (Maugridge) (1669 - 1740)

Mary Milton Maugridge (deceased)

Mary Milton Boone (Maugridge) (c.1669 - 1741)

Nicholas Maugridge (c.1664 - d.)

Robert Maugridge (Mogridge) (1623 - 1640)

NOTE: I don't think these dates (May 1622-May 1640) are correct. Does anyone have his correct or documented dates. Sources?

Roger Mogridge (Maugridge(Mogridge)) (b. - c.1593)

William Maugridge (MOGRIDGE) (1666 - 1678)