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Lady Herries of Terregies MP (c.1534 - 1594)


Agnes Kent (Maxwell), van Princis MP (c.1569 - c.1612)

Notes Disconnected as daughter of May 2014

Agnes Maxwell of Pollok MP (1353 - 1414)

From ODNB: John Kennedy's successor, Sir Gilbert Kennedy of Dunure (d. 1408x29), who had been a hostage in England for King David's ransom in 1357, appears to have been twice married, first to Marion...

Agnes Maxwell MP (c.1590 - d.)


Agnes Maxwell MP (c.1478 - d.)

Marriage: BY 1500, Scotland to Robert NAPIER of Kilmahew, flourished, 1497, Scotland Child 1: John NAPIER of Kilmahew (ABT 1500, Kilmahew, Scotland - December 1548, Kilmahew, Scotland) [M]: m. Margar...

Agnes de Pollock (Maxwell) MP (1280 - 1372)

Agnes Pollock (de Maxwell) MP (c.1333 - d.)

Alexander Maxwell MP (1663 - 1701)

UK, Extracted Probate Records Text: Maxwell, Alexander, of Terraughtie Jul 1701 Book: Marriages (Marriage) Collection: Dumfries & Kirkcudbright: - The Commissariot Record of Dumfries, Register of Testa...

Barak Maxwell MP (deceased)

Beatrix Maxwell (Douglas) MP (1520 - 1583)

Caroline Harriett Heron-Maxwell (Howard-Brooke), Lady Heron-Maxwell MP (1846 - 1900)

middle name spelling variations are Harriet , Harriette ========================================================================= Links:

Catherine Maxwell of Glamis MP (1408 - 1484)

Christian Maxwell MP (c.1315 - 1367)

David Maxwell MP (deceased)

Egidia Maxwell of Pollok MP (b. - 1384)


Elizabeth Ruth Hustead (Maxwell) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Burnetta Gore (Maxwell) MP (1840 - d.)

Elizabeth Maxwell MP (c.1620 - 1659)

Elizabeth Maxwell (Baldwin) MP (1809 - d.)

Elizabeth Maxwell MP (1335 - 1370)

'Elizabeth Maxwell1 'F, d. before 1 January 1370 Father John Maxwell d. c 1347 ' Elizabeth Maxwell was born at of Carlaverock, Dumfriesshire, Scotland. She married Sir William Douglas, son of Sir...

Elizabeth Gordon (Maxwell) MP (1565 - 1620)

Elizabeth MAXWELL She married John GORDON contr. 1583, son of James GORDON and Margaret CRICHTON. He died 23 AUG 1604. She married Alexander FRASER contr. 1606, son of Alexander FRASER and Beatrix KEIT...

Elizabeth Maxwell MP (1600 - 1664)

Ben M. Angel notes: Lundy's picture of George Seton and his family is in fact not of this family, accoring to the Seton family website: The likely source of the mis-identification, attributed to a ...

Sir Eustace de Maxwell MP (c.1285 - 1342)

From "My Clan": "Eustace, held Caerlaverock Castle as a vassal of the English, but later followed Robert the Bruce to Bannockburn in 1314." SIR EUSTACE DE MAXWELL, son and heir of Sir John, was holdi...

Frank M. Maxwell MP (1835 - 1915)

Gavin Maxwell MP (1914 - 1969)

Gavin Maxwell From Wikipedia Gavin Maxwell FRSL, FIAL, FZS (Sc.), FRGS[2] (15 July 1914 – 7 September 1969) was a Scottish naturalist and author, best known for his work with otters. He wr...

Gavin Maxwell MP (deceased)

George Maxwell of Newark MP (c.1450 - 1478)

Helen de Maxwell (de Pollock) MP (c.1295 - d.)

Henry Simpson Maxwell MP (1821 - 1886)

Sir Herbert Maxwell, Kt., of Caerlaverock MP (c.1366 - 1421)

Name: Herbert Maxwell Suffix: Sir Sex: M Note: Sir Herbert Maxwell was the first Lord Maxwell. He was knighted May 21, 1424 and was Lord Caerlaverock before becoming Lord Maxwell about 1440. Bi...

Sir Herbert de Maxwell, Lord of Caerlaverock MP (c.1305 - 1354)

Herbert Maxwell, 1st Lord Maxwell MP (c.1390 - 1454)

From Darryl Lundy's Peerage page on 1st Lord Maxwell (Herbert): Herbert Maxwell, 1st Lord Maxwell M, #5212, b. before November 1413, d. circa 1454 Last Edited=23 Jan 2008 Herbert Maxw...

James Clerk-Maxwell of Glenlair MP (1831 - 1879)

James Clerk Maxwell FRS FRSE (13 June 1831 – 5 November 1879) was a Scottish mathematical physicist. His most prominent achievement was to formulate a set of equations that describe electricity,...

James Maxwell of Breckonside MP (1607 - 1659)

James MAXWELL Birth 1607 Terregles, Dumfries-shire, SCOTLAND Death 13 Apr 1659 SCOTLAND Father John MAXWELL (1583-1613) Mother Elizabeth MAXWELL (1579-1639) Spouse Margaret VANS (...

James Maxwell MP (1460 - d.)

James Maxwell MP (c.1820 - 1857)

Jane Husted (Maxwell) MP (deceased)

Jane Gordon (Maxwell), Duchess of Gordon MP (1748 - 1812)

Island of the Swans is a romantic historical novel by award-winning author Ciji Ware that tells the true story of passionate and flamboyant Jane Maxwell, the 4th Duchess of Gordon (1749-1812). Wiki...

Jane Harriet Poston (Maxwell) MP (1820 - 1882)

Jane Maxwell (Smith) MP (1840 - 1884)

Janet Maxwell MP (1400 - d.)

Janet Maxwell MP (1456 - 1484)

'Janet Maxwell1,2 F Father John Maxwell, Master of Maxwell1,2 d. 22 Jul 1484 Mother Janet Crichton1,2 ' Janet Maxwell married Sir William Carlyle, 2nd Lord Carlyle, son of John Carlyle, Master ...

Jean Douglas (Maxwell), of Caerlaverock MP (c.1397 - 1472)

'Jane Maxwell F Father Sir Herbert Maxwell, Lord Carlaverock d. b 28 Oct 1420 Mother Katherine Stewart ' Jane Maxwell married Sir William Douglas, 2nd Baron Drumlanrig, son of Sir William Dougl...

Jeremiah Maxwell MP (deceased)

John Maxwell, Master of Maxwell MP (1430 - 1484)

Died before his father so he didn't inherit a sequential title. = That is an example of how a celebrated song sung down the years with such affection can become better known in these Maxwell clan...

Sir John Maxwell, Kt. MP (c.1305 - 1373)

Lord of Caelaverock Summoned to Parliament 1373 Present at coronation of Robert II The progenitor of the Maxwell family was Undewyn, or Undwain, a Saxon lord, who lived in the area of Kelso by th...

John Maxwell of Pollok MP (1298 - 1360)

John Maxwell MP (1881 - 1912)

Too many Free BMD Birth Entries to pin point one only. Titanica Name: Mr John Maxwell Age: 31 years Marital Status: Married. Last Residence: at 27 Leighton Road Southampton Hampshire Englan...

Sir John Maxwell, 3rd of Pollock MP (c.1337 - 1405)

Sir John Maxwell1 M, #2433 Last Edited=22 Jun 2008 Sir John Maxwell lived at Pollock.1 Child of Sir John Maxwell and Isabel de Lindsay Agnes Maxwell+ b. b 13581 Citations [S8] Charles...

John Maxwell of Pollok MP (b. - 1400)

Sir John Maxwell of Pollok is the son of Sir John Maxwell of Pollok and Elizabeth de Lindsay.2 He married unknown Montgomery, daughter of John Montgomery of Eaglesham.1 He fought in the Battle of O...

John Maxwell MP (deceased)

Sir John de Maxwell, Lord of Caerlaverock MP (c.1298 - c.1360)

Captured at Battle of Neville's Cross Taken to Tower of London, where he died. ---------------- From the Maxwell Society page on "The Lords Maxwell": In 1333 King David II’s army was d...

John Maxwell, 2nd of Breconside andTerraughty MP (deceased)

Sir John Maxwell of Pollock MP (c.1243 - 1306)

John had from his father the lands of Netherpollok, Dryps and Calderwood in Clydesdale; Governor of Dumbarton Castle. [Burke's Peerage] Sir John Maxwell, Knight, first of Pollok, 1270-1306. Sir Joh...

Sir John Maxwell, 4th Lord Maxwell MP (1450 - 1513)

John Maxwell, 4th Lord Maxwell (died 9 September 1513) was a Scottish nobleman and patriarch of the Border Family / House / Clan of Maxwell. Origins Maxwell was the eldest son and heir of John Ma...

Sir John Maxwell, Master of Maxwell, 4th Lord Herries MP (c.1512 - 1583)

Sir John Maxwell was born circa 1512.1 He died on 20 January 1582/83.1 He was the son of Robert Maxwell, 4th Lord Maxwell and Janet Douglas. He married Agnes Herries, Lady Herries of Terregles, daugh...

Jonet Maxwell MP (c.1470 - d.)

Letitia Maxwell (Carmack) MP (1800 - 1873)

Lucy Maxwell (Taliaferro) MP (1716 - 1748)

Lucy Maxwell (Toliver) MP (c.1766 - 1832)

Marcia Mary Constable-Maxwell (Vavasour) MP (1816 - 1883)

Margaret Maxwell of Conheath MP (b. - 1688)

Margaret MAXWELL Birth Trabzon, Trabzon, TURKEY Death 1688 Carnsalloch, SCOTLAND Father Rev. George Maxwell (minister of Mearns) de AULDHOUSE de Ireland (1640-1677) Mother Annabella STEWART (...

Margaret Maxwell (Vans) MP (1602 - 1659)

Margaret Vans Birth 1602 Blackburn, West Lothian, Scotland Death 13 Apr 1659 Scotland Father Sir John Vance Vans Barnbarroch (1574-1642) Mother Margaret MacDowall (1580-1659) Spouse James...

Margaret Elizabeth Maxwell (Little) MP (1863 - 1931)

Margaret Maxwell MP (c.1563 - 1617)

Encyclopedia Britannica Pg.18 ---- Margaret Maxwell was the daughter of Sir John Maxwell and Agnes Herries, Baroness Herries of Terregles.1 She married Mark Kerr, 1st Earl of Lothian, son of Ma...

Margaret Maxwell of Caerlaverock MP (c.1368 - 1443)

'Colonial and Revolutionary Families of Pennsylvania By John W. Jordan Colonial and Revolutionary Families of Pennsylvania By John W. Jordan

Marion Crichton (Maxwell) MP (1485 - 1527)

Mariota Maxwell of Calderwood MP (c.1430 - c.1472)

Marlot, daughter of Sir Robert Maxwell of Calderwood. [Magna Charta Sureties] ------------ Janet, daughter of John Maxwell, Master of Maxwell, and Janet Crichton, (m. Sir William Carlyle, 2nd Lord ...

Marmaduke William Constable-Maxwell, of Everingham MP (1760 - 1819)

Mary Gates (Maxwell) MP (1929 - 1994)

Wikipedia page: From : Mary Maxwell Gates dies on June 10, 1994 On June 10, 1994, Mary Maxwell Gates, mother of Microsoft co-founder William H. Gates III and a woman widely admired for her civic ...

Mary Maxwell MP (1745 - d.)

Mary Alexander (Maxwell of Southbar) MP (c.1637 - 1701)

Lady Mary Maxwell (Herbert) MP (c.1659 - 1744)

From Darryl Lundy's Peerage page on Mary Herbert: Lady Mary Herbert [1] F, #427624, d. 30 October 1744 Last Edited=23 Sep 2010 Lady Mary Herbert married, firstly, Richard Molyneux, son ...

Mary Maxwell (Stevenson) MP (1821 - 1911)

Michael Fergus Constable Maxwell-Scott, 13th Baronet MP (1921 - 1989)

Nichola Grierson (Maxwell) MP (c.1578 - c.1606)

Nick Maxwell MP

Rhoda Maxwell (Poston) MP (1823 - d.)

Robert Maxwell, 4th Earl of Nithsdale MP (c.1628 - 1682)

Robert Maxwell, Lord of Caelaverock and Mearns MP (c.1340 - c.1409)


Sir Robert Maxwell of Calderwood MP (c.1373 - 1448)


Sir Robert Maxwell MP (1923 - 1991)

Ian Robert Maxwell, MC (10 June 1923 – 5 November 1991) was a Czechoslovakian-born British media proprietor and Member of Parliament (MP). He rose from poverty to build an extensive publishing...

Sarah Baldwin (Maxwell) MP (1799 - 1850)

Sir John Maxwell of Calderwood MP (c.1429 - 1490)

SIR JOHN MAXWELL OF CALDERWOOD is the son of Sir John Maxwell of Calderwood, and his wife,Margaret Borthwick [The Peerage] -------------------- Sir John Maxwell of Calderwood is the son of Sir Jo...

Sir John Maxwell of Calderwood MP (1424 - 1476)

SIR JOHN MAXWELL OF CALDERWOOD is the son of Sir Robert Maxwell of Calderwood, and his wife, Elizabeth Denniston. He is thought to have been born before 1424 [The Peerage] Death Sir John Maxwell ...

Theresa Apollonia Constable-Maxwell (Wakeman) MP (c.1776 - 1846)

Thomas M. Maxwell MP (1799 - 1872)

William Maxwell MP (c.1760 - c.1825)

William Maxwell MP (deceased)

William Constable-Maxwell, 10th Lord Herries of Terregles MP (1804 - 1876)

Citations 1. [S37] Charles Mosley, editor, Burke's Peerage, Baronetage & Knightage, 107th edition, 3 volumes (Wilmington, Delaware, U.S.A.: Burke's Peerage (Genealogical Books) Ltd, 2003), volume...

William Maxwell MP (1711 - 1760)

William Maxwell MP (deceased)

Maxwell (deceased)

Maxwell (deceased)

Maxwell (deceased)

Maxwell (b. - 1875)

Maxwell (deceased)

Maxwell (c.193 - d.)

Maxwell (deceased)

Maxwell (1903 - d.)