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James Maybrick MP (1838 - 1889)

He was a suspect in the Jack-The-Ripper homicides, that never got solved. He was also killed by arsenic, which ended with his wife Florence being accused of his murder. However, after years of invest...

Edwin Maybrick (deceased)

Gladys Evelyn Maybrick (1886 - d.)

James Chandler "Bobo" Maybrick / Fuller (1882 - 1911)

James Maybrick (1838 - 1889)

James Maybrick (25 October 1838 – 11 May 1889) was a Liverpool cotton merchant. After his death, his wife, Florence Maybrick, was convicted of his murder by poisoning in a sensational trial. T...

Stephen Maybrick (1841 - 1913)

Michael Maybrick (deceased)

Susanna Maybrick (deceased)

William Maybrick (deceased)

William Maybrick (deceased)