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Alanna Kathryn Mc Kee (Moorhead) (1944 - 1998)

Allen McKee (Mc Kee), Sr. (1762 - 1802)

Amos Mc Kee (deceased)

Anna E. Mc Kee (1878 - d.)

Anna Mc Kee (deceased)

Anne Mc Kee (c.1771 - 1794)

Annie Mc Kee (Sphar) (deceased)

Annie MC KEE (deceased)

Archibald Mc Kee (1847 - d.)

Atten Mc Kee (1762 - d.)

Bert Charles Mc Kee, Sr (1882 - d.)

His family is confusing - has the children listed with both wives; then some are divided between the 2 wives and yet others divided them between the 2 wives listed and an unknown wife. B...

Bessie J. Mc Kee (1898 - 1900)

Catherine Mc Kee (Lutz) (deceased)

catherine Mc Kee (deceased)

Charles Raymond Mc Kee (1943 - d.)

Charles Mc Kee (deceased)

Charles Edward Mc Kee (1887 - 1931)

Claude Lee Mc Kee (1889 - d.)

Edward MC KEE (1869 - d.)

Eliza Mc Kee (c.1854 - d.)

Elizabeth Robison (Mc Kee) (deceased)

Elizabeth Mc Kee (1876 - d.)

Elizibeth mc kee (deceased)

Ephraim Mc Kee (deceased)

Florence Graves McKee (deceased)

George McKee (Mc Kee) (1778 - 1802)

George Mc Kee (1756 - 1776)

Gilbert M'GHIE (McKEE) (deceased)

Grover H. Mc Kee (1884 - d.)

Helena Mc Kee (deceased)

Henry Mc Kee (1817 - 1901)

Hugh Mc Kee (b. - 1795)

Hugh Mc kee of craigy (c.1697 - d.)

Book of McKee, pg 119 gives more on family Copy of booklet from Frank Fox, 229 Belfast Road, Ballynahinch, county Down, No Ireland BT248UP states: "Another son of the pioneer, Hugh McKee, got a large...

Hugh Mc Kee (1800 - 1886)

MRS. CATHERINE McKEE. Hugh McKee (deceased) was a son of John and Mary (Seaborn) McKee, who were natives of eastern Pennsylvania and who moved many years ago to Westmoreland county, Penn., where they d...

Hulda Julie Mc Kee (Nepsund) (deceased)

Isabella Mc Kee (c.1780 - d.)

James Mc kee (1782 - d.)

James H. Mc Kee (1878 - d.)

James mc kee (McKee) (1834 - 1874)

Jim Mc Kee (deceased)

John Mc Kee (1781 - 1849)

John Mc Kee (deceased)

john Mc Kee (deceased)

John Mortimer Mc Kee (deceased)

John Wesley Mc Kee (deceased)

JONATHAN (JOHN R. ) MC KEE (1862 - 1932)

Joseph Ray MC KEE (1889 - 1967)

Judge Edwin R. MC KEE (deceased)

Lola Vivian Mc Kee (Shearer) (1898 - d.)

Lucy D. Mc Kee (1888 - d.)

Margaret Mc Givern (Mc Kee) (deceased)

Margaret Fisher (Mc Kee) (deceased)

Margaret Mc Kee (1832 - d.)

Mariam Mc Kee (1770 - 1842)

Martin Mc Kee (deceased)

Mary McMahon (Mc Kee) (1924 - 2008)

Mary Schell (Mc Kee) (deceased)

Mary Elizabeth Spangler (Mc Kee) (1850 - 1899)

Mary B. Mc Kee (1886 - d.)

Mary Mc Kee (deceased)

Matilda Mc Kee (deceased)

Maud Elenor Gray Mc Kee (deceased)

Maxine Rademacher (Mc Kee) (1925 - 1961)

Melie M. Mc Kee (1895 - 1900)

Miller Mc Kee (1764 - d.)

Nathaniel McKee (Mc Kee), Jr. (1758 - 1780)

Prudence Mc Kee (McKee) (1760 - 1825)

Rachael A. MC KEE (1845 - 1923)

Rachel Stewart Mc Kee (1854 - 1917)

Risdon B. Mc Kee (1882 - d.)

Robert Lee mc Kee, I (deceased)

Robert Mc Kee (1858 - 1897)

Robert Mc Kee (c.1868 - 1895)

Roy Mc Kee (1895 - d.)

Sarah J. Mc Kee (1849 - c.1900)

Sarah Jane Mc Kee (deceased)

Shawanoe Indian Girl Mc Kee (deceased)

Thomas Mc Kee (deceased)

Thomas Mc Kee (1808 - 1884)

thomas mc kee (deceased)

Thomas Mc Kee (deceased)

tom mc kee (deceased)

grandma (verdi hott) mc kee (deceased)

she gave paul and me church water when we dressed up like nuns at ages 10 and 12. we stayed with her and were bored. there were way too many clothes in that silly old barn to go to good waste, so we we...

Wesley Stewart Mc Kee (deceased)

Zealyer Mc Kee (1880 - d.)