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Ann Eliza McCormick (Miller) MP (1815 - d.)

Catharine F Gearhart (McCormick) MP (1844 - 1916)

Cyrus Hall McCormick MP (1809 - 1884)

Often credited for inventing the Reaper, which was created by a black slave named Jo Anderson. Cyrus McCormick got the patent because slaves were considered property and not citizens, thus could not le...

Cyrus Hall McCormick, Jr. MP (1859 - 1908)

. Cyrus Hall McCormick II (1859–1936) was an American businessman. He was the oldest son of the industrialist Cyrus Hall McCormick (1809-1884). He was born in Chicago on May 16, 1859. He mar...

Eleanor McCormick (Brooks) MP (1852 - 1922)

Francis W McCormick MP (1734 - 1794)

DAR Ancestor #A075616

Hannah McCormick MP (1711 - 1755)

From “Work Family History”, vol. I (1969) & vol. II (1994), compiled by Von Gail Hamilton. Immigrated to U.S. from Ireland; resided in Cumberland County, PA.

Harold Fowler McCormick MP (1872 - 1941)

Harold Fowler McCormick, Sr. (May 2, 1872 – October 16, 1941) was chairman of the board of International Harvester Company. Biography He was born on May 2, 1872, the sixth child of Cyrus M...

Harriett Arledge (McCormick) MP (c.1796 - 1880)

Harriett was the foster daughter of Isaac Arledge and Sally McCormick Arledge. She may have been Sally's niece. According to some sources, Harriett McCormick Arledge's daughter, Mary Ann Arledge Hill...

John Isaac McCormick, Dr. MP (1703 - 1768)

White House Farm . John was born c 1698, near Ballintoy, Antrim County Ireland (Ulster), He was descended from the McCormicks of Scotland, who settled for a period in Northern Ireland, and is thus cons...

Leander James McCormick MP (1819 - 1900)

Leander James McCormick (February 8, 1819 - February 20, 1900) of Virginia was born to the Irish American family of Robert and Mary Anne Hall McCormick in Rockbridge County, Virginia. Leander was a f...

Matilda Jessel (McCormick) MP

Mireille Behrens (McCormick) MP

Missouri McCormick (Barber) MP (c.1858 - 1909)

Sally McCormick MP (1755 - d.)

Sarah Ann McCormick (Bressler) MP (1816 - 1879)

William Sanderson McCormick MP (1815 - 1865)

William Sanderson McCormick (1815–1865) was an American businessman who developed the company that became the major producer of agricultural equipment in the 19th century. The business became ...

William Grigsby McCormick MP (1851 - 1941)

William Grigsby McCormick (1851–1941) was an American businessman of the influential McCormick family in Chicago. He was a co-founder of a college fraternity. Life William Grigsby McCormic...

McCORMICK (deceased)

(McCormick) (c.1817 - 1857)

McCormick (deceased)

MCCORMICK (deceased)

(McCormick) (1856 - 1857)

"In Ireland" McCormick (deceased)

"Mac" McCormick (deceased)

"Nana Reedy" McCormick (deceased)

(Unknown) McCormick (deceased)

? Brittain (McCormick) (deceased)

? McCormick (deceased)

? McCormick (deceased)

? McCormick (deceased)

? McCormick (deceased)

?? McCormick (Houston) (b. - 1952)

?? Ferriss (McCormick) (1797 - d.)

?? MCCORMICK (McEachern) (deceased)

??? Maloney (McCormick) (deceased)

??? Francis Charles McCormick (1906 - 1993)

A D McCormick (deceased)

A. McCormick (b. - 1906)

Abraham McCormick (deceased)

Absolom McCormick (deceased)

Ada Speers (McCormick) (deceased)

Ada Grace McCormick (Sage) (c.1906 - d.)

Ada McCormick (deceased)

ADA MCCORMICK (1888 - 1975)

Ada McCormick (1854 - 1953)

Ada H McCormick (Milks) (1886 - d.)

Adam McCormick, II (deceased)

Adam McCormick (deceased)

Adam McCormick (deceased)

Adam McCormick (deceased)

Sources: Repository: Name: Family History Library Salt Lake City, Utah 84150 USA Title: International Genealogical index Author: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-...

Adam McCormick (1735 - 1791)

Daughters of American Revolution Ancestor #: A075606 Service: PENNSYLVANIA Rank: SERGEANT Birth: 1735 LANCASTER CO PENNSYLVANIA Death: 12 Jul 1791 HOPEWELL TWP CUMBERLAND CO PENNSYLVANIA Servic...

Addie McCormick (c.1862 - d.)

Addie McCormick (1886 - d.)

Addie Wester McCormick (deceased)

Adela (Lillian) Lillian McLaughlin (McCormick) (1888 - 1948)

Adelaida McCormick (deceased)

Adelaide McCormick (Gillis) (deceased)

Adeline Georgina McCormick (Sloan) (1893 - 1914)

Obituary THE LATE MRS. McCORMICK. The funeral of the late Mrs. Adeline Georgina McCormick, wife of Mr. Edward John McCormick, of West Midland, took place on Tuesday afternoon, and was attended by a ver...

Adeline Marie Bellis Mowery (McCormick) (1898 - 1952)

Aginous McCormick (c.1876 - d.)

Agnes McCormick (Hogan) (1887 - 1981)

Noted that at death, Agnes was called Agnes Murphy, and that her date of birth was shown as 5/5/1887. From 1900 census (Brooklyn NY-766 Dean St.) -head of household = Jane McCormick, 43, b. Ireland J...

Agnes McCormick (deceased)

Agnes Snyder (McCormick) (deceased)

Agnes Brown McCormick (b. - 1928)

Agnes Ellen Brady (McCormick) (1887 - 1971)

From findagrave: It is said that Agnes was born on the train going from Syracuse, KS to Colorado. She lived in Kansas until 1899 when the family moved to Waukomis, OK. Agnes Ellen McCormick married F...

Agnes McCormick (c.1868 - d.)

Agnes McCORMICK (b. - 1891)

Nancy Foreman (1828 - 1913)

Agnes Stewart Meads (McCormick) (deceased)

Agnes McCormick (1781 - 1841)

Agnes McCormick (Land) (deceased)

Agnes McConchie (McCormick) (1795 - 1882)

Agnes N. Hogge (McCormick) (1822 - 1894)

Agnes McCormick (Adams) (deceased)

Agnes Hayes (McCORMICK) (1854 - d.)

Agnes MCCORMICK (1805 - d.)

Agnes McCormick (b. - c.1965)

Agnes McCormick Williams (deceased)

Agnes Irene McCormick (Dukes) (1926 - 2006)

Agnes Jones (MCcormick) (1867 - d.)

Agnes "Nancy" McCormick Patterson (c.1733 - 1807)

Agnes (Dolly) Napier (McCormick) (c.1895 - 1955)

Aileen Mary Charlotte Gowring (McCormick) (1905 - 1987)

Al McCormick (deceased)

Alan Patrick McCormick (deceased)

Albert McCormick (deceased)

Albert ('Mac') McCormick (deceased)

Albert Holford McCormick (1885 - 1970)

Albert McCormick (deceased)

Albert (Medley) McCormick (1912 - 2003)

Albert McCormick (1894 - d.)

Alby E. McCormick (deceased)

Alcinda McCormick (Meekens) (1825 - 1888)

Alec McCormick (1878 - d.)

ALEJANDRO McCormick (deceased)

Alejandro McCormick (deceased)

Alex McCormick (deceased)

Alexa McCormick (1860 - d.)

Alexander Agnew McCormick, Jr. (1897 - 1918)

. Alexander Agnew McCormick, Jr. (15 December 1897 – 24 September 1918) was an officer in the United States Navy during World War I. Biography Born in Chicago, Illinois, McCormick was the ...