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Catherine Bourke (McHugh) MP (1880 - 1912)

On the night of the sinking she is reported to have suggested that the 14-strong in her group kneel in prayer and recite the Rosary. Catherine did find her way, with Mary, into lifeboat 16 and there wa...

mchugh (deceased)

McHugh (deceased)

(daughter) McHugh (deceased)

(Husband 2 ?) McHugh (deceased)

14A. Bob McHugh (deceased)

<Private> Herbst (McHugh) (deceased)

<Private> Harding (McHugh) (deceased)

? McHugh (deceased)

? Dougher (McHugh) (deceased)

? McHugh (c.1840 - c.1870)

? McHugh (deceased)

? McHugh (deceased)

? McHugh (deceased)

? McHugh (deceased)

? McHugh (deceased)

? Croatto (McHugh) (deceased)

Aaron McHugh (deceased)

Abina McHugh (deceased)

Abraham Joseph McHugh (1878 - d.)

Ada McHugh (deceased)

Adrian McHugh (deceased)

Agnes Sweeney (McHugh) (c.1881 - d.)

Agnes McHugh (deceased)

Agnes McHugh (1855 - 1938)

Agnes McHugh (deceased)

Agnes McTernan (1899 - d.)

Agnes Smith (McHugh) (deceased)

Agnes E. McHugh (1882 - c.1950)

Aidan McHugh (deceased)

Aileen McHugh (deceased)

Alan McHugh (1914 - 1987)

Alan McHugh (1932 - 2011)

Albert McHugh (deceased)

Albert Laurence McHUGH (1924 - 1967)

Albert McHugh (1926 - d.)

ALBERT McHUGH (deceased)

Albert Edward McHugh (1890 - 1963)

Alechia McHugh (deceased)

Alexander McHugh (deceased)

Alfred Thomas McHugh (deceased)

Alice Haynes (McHugh) (b. - 2009)

Alice McHugh (deceased)

Alice Walenciak (McHugh) (deceased)

Alice Katherine Howell (McHugh) (1910 - 1989)

Alice Mchugh (deceased)

Alice Murray (McHugh) (deceased)

Alice (Lally) McHugh (deceased)

Alice B. Decoster (McHugh) (1890 - 1931)

Allice Wylde McHugh (Thompson) (deceased)

Allister Edward McHugh (1941 - 2013)

Alvina Catherine McHugh (Charsley) (1919 - 1985)

Amelia McHugh (deceased)

Amelia McHugh (deceased)

Amelia McHugh (Dunn) (deceased)

Amie Magdalen Harris (McHugh) (1907 - d.)

Amy Sophia McHugh (Button) (1882 - 1975)

Amy McHugh (c.1841 - d.)

Andrew McHugh (deceased)

Andrew A McHugh (b. - 1927)

Andrew McHugh (deceased)

Andrew Patrick McHugh (Andrew Patrick McHugh) (24 - d.)

Andrew McHugh (deceased)

Andrew James McHugh (deceased)

Andrew McHugh (deceased)

Andrew McHugh (deceased)

Andy McHugh (deceased)

Angelica Elizabeth McHugh (Cook) (deceased)

Anita Violet Machar (Mchugh) (deceased)

Ann McHugh (deceased)

Ann Howard (McHugh) (deceased)

Ann McHugh (deceased)

Ann McHugh (1832 - d.)

Ann McHugh (Atherton) (deceased)

Ann McHugh (Noble) (deceased)

Ann Doran ( McHUGH or McCUE) (1851 - d.)

Ann McHugh (1835 - 1890)

Ann Jane McHugh (Shields) (c.1847 - 1927)

Ann McHugh (Mittens) (1809 - d.)

Ann McHugh (1835 - 1878)

Ann McHUGH (deceased)

Ann Jane McHugh (deceased)

Ann Ferry (McHugh) (c.1820 - d.)

Ann McHugh (deceased)

Ann Elizabeth McHugh (1884 - d.)

Anna McHugh (Quinn) (deceased)

Anna McHugh (O'Toole) (deceased)

Anna McHugh (O'Donnell) (deceased)

Anna McHugh (deceased)

Anna Gaboury (McHugh) (deceased)

Anna Poe (McHugh) (1892 - d.)

Anna McHugh (Kilkenny) (b. - 1867)

Anna McHugh (Ott) (1904 - 1984)

Anna McHugh (deceased)

Anna McNeil McHugh (deceased)

Anna Bock (McHugh) (deceased)

Anna Murphy McHugh (deceased)

Anna Jerril McHugh (1918 - 1990)

Anna McHugh (deceased)

Anna McHugh (Sprenger) (1909 - d.)